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Thread: [IMPORTANT] Sending tickets!

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    Default [IMPORTANT] Sending tickets!

    It has come to our attention that some players that send tickets regarding their concerns only provide minimal information about it.

    We would appreciate if you can provide a brief description of your issue as well as the necessary details of it.

    Please provide the following when sending tickets regarding the following issues:

    Missing Items
    • Brief description how you lost the item.
    • Exact date the item went missing.
    • Item Name
    • Current Age
    • Specification
    • Stats
    • Screenshots (If any)
    • Always leave a reasonable amount of space in your inventory for item restoration.
    • If you already know that the item failed in Aging. Please do not send a ticket anymore.
      (We have ways to check if it failed or not. )

    Reporting a player
    • Brief description on why you are reporting a player.
    • Screenshot or Video (Recommended)

    Did not receive Suba Points for "Liking" the Suba Fan Page.
    • Provide a screenshot of your account "Liking" the Suba Fan Page.
    • Upload it to a trusted image hosting site like Photobucket or ImageShack.
    • Provide the link to us.
    • Sending the links generated by your Facebook Account cannot be viewed by us especially when you activated your Privacy Settings! That is why we need you to provide a link from an image hosting site.

    Reporting a bug
    • Instead of only typing "My item is bugged!", "My skill is bugged!" or "My character is bugged!" please provide us more details.
    • Provide the name of the skill and why you think it's bugged.
    • Provide the name of the item and why you think it's bugged.
    • Provide details why you think the character is bugged.
    • Provide a screenshot or a video(Highly Recommended)

    We will be adding more guidelines for other issues.

    In order for us to hasten the processing of your tickets, we need you to help us as well to avoid back and forth messages.

    Thank you.

    How to send a ticket
    Go to this link:
    Select the appropriate option.

    How to view your ticket responce
    Go to:

    Everything you need is there.

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    Default Item Lost Policy

    This is regarding the Item Lost policy, as the support staff are constantly flooded with tickets relating to item lost. The staff has compile a set of rules to quickly manage the tickets.

    General Lost Item
    • All modified or corps images of the item are consider invalid evidences.
    • Small illegible screenshots are consider invalid evidences, so stop giving us shrunk down 240x126 pixel screenshot images as evidence.
    • Item Lost must be reported within 30 days of it's occurrences to be considered valid.
    • Item Lost cause by player's action will not be restored. This include dropping the item, or accidentally selling the item to npc.
    • Item Lost cause by aging failure will not be restored.
    • Item Lost cause by server wide problems such as confirmed glitches and confirmed bugs will be restored.
    • Item Lost cause by trading will be investigated, and if confirmed, the item will be restored.
    • Item Lost cause by unlisted issue will be investigated, and if confirmed, the item will be restored.

    Aging / Mix Items
    • Unless supported by an authentic screenshot, Lost Item will not be restored with Lv/1 spec but by the best of 5 item created by the GMs command.
    • Screenshot with the date covering the item aging stats information are consider invalid proof for the item's age.
    • Item Lost will not be restored with perfect stats. If provided with a valid screenshot, we can only restore the item with stats as close as the original as possible. If you want specific stats to be priorities over another during item restoration, let us know ahead of time.
    • Item Lost cause by disconnection during the aging process, will only be restored if the server log does not declare the aging has failed.

    Note: It is recommended that you screenshot the item you are planning to age, mix, or respec ahead of time.

    Policy may be subjected to change.

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