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Thread: Suba Games March Madness - Poetry is in the air!

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    Default Suba Games March Madness - Poetry is in the air!

    Greetings lizards, marsupials and robots of all shapes and sizes,

    March is not a month where we have wonderful holidays to excite us and bring us closer, but it does mark the change from winter into spring! As the snow melts and the sun begins to beam down on the world again, it's hard not to be overcome with a sense of warmth and happiness, and eagerness for the fresh new season!

    To celebrate, we'd like you all to indulge in your softer sides: that's right, it's a good old-fashioned poetry contest in celebration of spring! To participate in the contest, simply write up a poem... about just about anything at all! The Suba Games team will select their favorites from all submitted poems and declare the winners!

    Poems must be written in English, of a reasonable length, and should not include offensive (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) content of any sort. Your poem can be about Suba Games or your favorite game in our collection, it can be about the beauty of spring, the stinkiness of your little brother, the tastiness of your favorite treat, or the mysteries of the universe... or anything else, really!

    The prizes will be:

    • Grand Prize: 20,000 Suba Points
    • 5 Runner-ups: 5,000 Suba Points each

    The deadline for submissions is April 8th.

    And since we had some shenanigans in the past, we should make it absolutely clear that you are only allowed one entry per person... not per account. Yes, we're on to you!

    We look forward to seeing what your creative minds bring us this time!
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    wow. deadline? and where we will submit it?

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    Why do i play priston tale?

    Pristontale.. Such an old game,
    Its so buggy and the grinding is just the same.

    Why do we even play?
    I know a good reason..
    We have nothing better to do everyday!*

    But the real reason for me are my friends,
    Everyday i login to chat with them about things that make no sense!*

    I have a fighter and he's very sexy,
    Red armor, yellow axe and hair all messy.

    The favorite thing i do is PVP,
    My character is tough,*
    so try kill me!

    This game makes me relieve stress..
    Even though its old,
    Even though it lacks,
    I have a family in game..*
    So God bless!

    I am bad at writing a poem,
    So i'm gonna stop,
    *and drive myself home.

    <BR>Roses are red, Violets are blue, Most poems rhyme, but not this one..

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    My idea or is this a coincidence? Anyway I will post later.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurdurderp
    why do mgears need weapons?

    its not like you can shoot while your tabbed into your other gear anyways.

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    Bawoos are red
    S-kits are blue
    All you do is QQ
    Just gtfo and die, will you?

    The radar blinks red
    My barrier is blue
    If you have too much defence
    I WILL deck on you.
    Why does suba butcher this fine image?

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    Bawoo's & pilots

    Taking care of my bawoo is a challenging job.
    This is especially true if you are its pilot and trying to figure out what she wants.
    Pilot and weapon are a different species with different needs.
    How can we hope to care for each other in the way that we would like to?
    The truth is that it is impossible. Misunderstandings are inevitable.
    You cannot avoid stepping on each other's inventory spaces.
    The only thing you can do is to be as considerate as possible and
    apologize when you have equipped her wrong.

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    Prisontale Oh Pristontale
    Sometimes I just feel like I'm in jail
    So addicted to this game there is no leaving but yet i feel some shame
    I don't know who to look to but i guess it's you to blame
    I log in to talk to friends every day
    I just feel too lazy to level and play
    Many look at me and say go level up
    I just like to talk, so whatsup?
    The forums are full of people chattering and making fun
    but then you get the occasional I'm leaving post, I'm done
    We say hello we say goodbye
    and the occasional stupid remarks, oh sigh..
    We blame the company for not doing their job
    Sometimes they do but when they dont many just sob
    Hackers galore whats there to do
    Hopefully soon there will only be few

    ~ A poem by MirMir
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    MirMir 110 OHxR3B1RTH
    Cheri 113 FairyLand

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    Years ago when man turned on man
    A legend flew with the rest of them
    His missiles roaring through the heavens
    His eyes ablaze with the fires of liberation.

    And thus began the great crusade
    Countless brothers were slain at his command
    As ideals and bloodshed further fueled the rebellion
    His fame soared through the sky.

    Although the rebellion was a success
    Nothing could relieve his tortured soul
    For he was haunted by the ones who fell before him
    His arrow of death covered in the blood of brothers.

    The rebel hero seeked redemption
    Embracing a challenge far above any other has seen
    That night he left his post
    Leaving a note behind.

    He first challenged the two headed beast
    Evading the brutal attacks with unmatched elegance
    A blindling flash of light erupted as his arrows pierced the flesh
    In the final reckoning, the beast is slain.

    Return to duty he did not
    For his brothers have suffered enough
    Another challenge was to be faced
    This time, the three guardians.

    The red guardian exploded in crimson debris
    And the blue guardian soon followed
    But the hero was worn out by the impossible fight
    Legend goes that he perished in peace.

    Ceremonies were held after his final sight
    The rebel hero was sent on his final flight
    Cannon volleys saluted and poems were written
    The envelope was opened, and his final speech was announced.

    There he said his arrow of death
    Was buried inside the mightiest of beasts
    His soul finally in peace
    Awaiting the day of return.

    Years went by and on went the flow of time
    With man still fighting man
    A graceful comet was sighted in the distant sky
    Awaiting the day when man is united once again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hurdurderp
    why do mgears need weapons?

    its not like you can shoot while your tabbed into your other gear anyways.

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    For the sake of clarity, the theme is Ace Arrow, a Unique item in Ace Online that states that it was once used by a long forgotten legendary pilot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurdurderp
    why do mgears need weapons?

    its not like you can shoot while your tabbed into your other gear anyways.

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    WAW i love it Mir u so talented on this <3
    wish u all thebest !!!
    go on !!!

    and lvl up ^.*

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