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Thread: Suba Games March Madness - Poetry is in the air!

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    Come all come all
    From far and wide
    And listen to thy tale
    Of a young guard's fail...

    Once was he a fair lad
    He who was like any other
    He swung his sword
    And shouted with glee
    As the troll's head split like a pea.

    Wild was he as he killed for joy
    Maiming many strange creatures
    The lad travelled far
    From the sky fortress
    To the depths of the sea
    Brave was he against any storm
    Till one day, his ship gone awry
    And he sank to the dark abyss...

    Waking up he found himself
    Surrounded by many creatures
    Of all who's faces were blackened
    To be revealed as the ghosts of long gone.

    Oh why oh why, why he cried
    To the spirits did he plea

    "Why must I be in this land,
    A land filled of the dead"

    For the light had faded from his eyes
    And only a voice could be heard,

    "You've killed many innocents,
    My people, my home, my life.
    Thus I banish you to wander here
    Forever among the dead..."

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    A black light
    But a white shadow

    An ominous sight
    For these beggar fellows
    Who spent their eternal nights in the gallows

    But I wished I weren't the light on those fateful night

    Cuz of my blackened light
    And body wrapped in white

    For, my life, I can only take away these beggars black light

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    Ah, do POETRY
    It is an ART
    Ah, do POETRY
    Poetry DISCOVER
    Poetry SAY
    Poetry DO
    Poetry FEEL
    Poeisa of AMAR
    Ah, do POETRY
    It let the LIFE
    Weave each point
    In every corner
    Ah, do POETRY
    You know the world
    Unfolding each row
    Ah, do POETRY
    It is Mabel
    It is Veloso
    It is
    It is having
    Ah, do POETRY
    It is time to say
    We are the WORD
    At each time ranging

    My poem ! /002 IGN anDaBoY
    ola sou o INFEST e vou-me tornar no melhor deste jogo..

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    Thanks for all your awesome and amazing submissions everybody! We will announce the winners shortly!

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