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Thread: Uploading pictures and screenshots

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    Default Uploading pictures and screenshots

    How to link pictures in your posts.

    1. Upload your picture to a host website.
    Your country may not allow you to use certain websites, so you will need to find one suitable for your area. Suba Games does not recommend any specific uploader, it is up to you to choose one. Use your favorite search engine to search "picture upload" or a similar phrase to find one you can use.

    2. Follow that website's instructions for uploading your picture.
    Saving to JPG format seems to be best. PNG files tend to be too large for the forums to accept. You may want to experiment to see what the best format is for how you want your picture to look and what size works best for you.

    3. Copy and paste the link to the Suba Games forum as follows:

    Type [*IMG][*/IMG] (remove * in your post and have no spaces in the link)

    4. Preview your post to be sure the link is correct and your picture shows the way you want people to see it.

    5. Save your post.

    If you prefer to use the Insert Image link:


    Chose From URL Tab:

    Copy and Paste Link From Your Chosen Upload Website:

    Be sure to uncheck Retrieve Remote File and Reference Locally button

    Click Preview Post to be sure your picture looks the way you want it to be shown.

    Click ok and save your post.
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