1. Introduction

Magicians manipulate their magical power to harm their ennemies. They have excellent understanding of every single element and study how to turn magical power into a fatal attack. Magicians who belong to a certain class even have power to move earth and stars as they wish.

2. Basic Information

Magician can use two types of weapon. Either a one hand weapon (Wand) or a two hands weapon (Staff)

Initial stats: Strength 16 - Spirit 29 - Talent 19 - Agility 14 - Health 21.

The more spirit you add, the more attack power you will have.
But this doesn't really matter because your attack power affects only your basic attack (but you will always use your skills attack: see part 3 to get the formula).

If you add 1 point in health, your HP will be increased by 2.
Each point in health and strength will add 2 weight and each point in agility / spirit / talent will add 1 weight.

3. Magician skills

Tier 1: Magician

Tier 2: Wizard

Tier 3: Royal Wizard

Tier 4: Arch Mage

4. Rank up guide

To get a detailled guide about the 3 rank up quests, see the link below:
Rank up quest guide

5. Side quest guide

To get a detailled guide about the side quests, see the link below:
Side quest guide

6. Spending your stat points

The way you spend your stat points depends on your build. Here's my actual stats distribution:

Strength: enough for 102 gear (minimum is 75, max is 80)
Spirit: Every other points
Talent: 81 for 108 staff
Agility: enough for 102 gear (minimum is 72, max is 77)
Health: what you need to tank (i have 100 points in health at the moment but i'm waiting for the Event Girl to get back to base health)

7. Different Mage Builds

1) Hybrid Mage

Strength: Enough for 102 gear
Spirit: As high as possible
Talent: Minimum needed for robe and wand / staff (81 for 108 staff)
Agility: Enough for 102 gear
Health: Base or enough for tanking

This is the build I'm using and a lot of mages use nowadays.

2) Normal “Pure” Mage

Strenght: Enough for a wand/staff
Spirit: As high as possible
Talent: Minimum needed for robe and wand/staff (81 for 108 staff)
Agility: Base
Health: Base or enough for tanking

I believe this is the second most used build. But I have to say I prefer to have more Defense and Absorb and that way having a better ability to tank.

3) Shield Mage

Strenght: 98 for lowest str AS 102 Shield or 102 for lowest AS 108 shield
Spirit: As high as possible
Talent: Minimum needed for robe and wand/staff (81 for 108 staff)
Agility: Base or enough for 102 gear
Health: Enough for tanking

This should be I'd say the third most used build. But I tested shields and I didn't feel I was tanking better than with an orb.

4) BC Mage (PvP)

Strenght: Base
Spirit: Base or share points with Health
Talent: Base
Agility: Base
Health: All or share point with Spirit

This is basically a PvP build when the only thing you want is to be unkillable and be a pain to your ennemies with your skill Distortion. But you basically can't kill anyone doing PvP.

5) Pure Spirit Mage

Strenght: Base
Spirit: All
Talent: Base
Agility: Base
Health: Base

This is a build I use on my noob mage for Ricarten SoD (1-79). I never lose but i'm very weak and if i'm not careful I die. So I don't think this is a viable build when you'll be high level.

8. Skill builds

1) Damage build

Agony: 5-10 according to your level and need of mana
Mental Mastery: 10 always nice to have more mana.
Energy Shield: 5-10 or according to your mana and tanking ability.
Diastrophism: 5, 8 or even 10 for damage and range.
Spirit elemental: 10 for damage buff.
Distortion (or Flame Wave): 3 and then as high as possible after Meteorite is 10.
Meteorite: 10

A build for leveling. You can choose Flame Wave if you want to deal more damage, or Distortion if you want to tank a bit more.

2) Tanking build

Agony: 5-10 according to your level and need of mana
Mental Mastery: 10 always nice to have more mana.
Energy Shield: 7-10.
Diastrophism: 1 for fast casting and stopping mobs hitting you more often.
Spirit Elemental: 10 for damage buff.
Flame Wave: 1
Distortion: 10 for slowing and weakening mobs.
Meteor: Rest of EP points for damage dealing.

For tanking. Damage is lower, but you can tank higher monsters.

3) Choosing your Diastrophism Level

Here's the differences between a low level Diastrophism and a high level.

Low level:
+Faster, flinches ennemies often stopping their attacks.
+Free skillpoints, you can get higher ES, SE and MM.
-Much clicking
-Less damage
-Less range

High Level:
+High range, you can hit melees further and low range ranged mobs without moving. (a must if specialized in SoD)
+Less clicking.
+More damage
-Less monster flinching, you get hit more.

9. Leveling guide

To be honest the beginning is pretty boring (but fast) till you get your first AoE skill Fire Ball at lvl 17 (AoE = Area of Effect). Then everything start to be better once you can spam your AoE skill (you need to train each skill to be able to spam them. The percentage of training can be seen in the skill window). Then it's pretty fast, but you get your best AoE skill at lvl 43 (Diastrophism). It's basically the only attack skill you will use to train. My advice is to leave it lvl 1 till you reach 80, because you can only spam it at lvl 1 (the delay at lvl 2 is short though). But well like I said in the skill list, everything depends on your playstyle.

There's one way to train very fast when you start with the last update we had, just take every Mirotic Crystal that drop from ennemies and when you're level 10 go to Ruinen HellSpawn or Cursed Land HellSpawn and summon 2 or 3 crystal at a time and just run around to lure ennemies and pick crystal that drop (check Priston Tale Maps to see every map and their Hellspawn). If you do that, take enough life potions to be able to survive.
If you prefer, you can also sell Mirotics Crystal by setting a shop. You can sell one for about 2-5kk (2 000 000 / 5 000 000 gold) to easy get gold.

Once you have Diastrophism and you're able to spam it. The training will be much easier. The stuff you have, don't age it before 80 but mix it with a HP formula (see Priston Tale Mixing to check mixing formulas). And once you have more than 40 Absorb, you can go to Ricarten SoD(Survive or Die) till 80.

You can also check Priston Tale Suitable Maps to see which map will bring you better experience according to your level. ept1.net also contains information about every weapons and defense items.

10. Some things to know

Use “/camera_wave_off” command to chat to disable rocking camera while casting Diastrophism and Meteorite. Easiest is to make it a macro and bind it to Ctrl+F1 hotkey for example, that can be done in settings before you start the game. To make the effect back on, use “/camera_wave_on”.

Training Diastrophism to 100% is slow, don’t do it every level. If you’re gonna go for Diastrophism 5 for example as soon as possible, save skillpoints and buy points from 1 to 5 at once. You’re gonna save time by not training 2, 3 and 4 to 100%, you can use that time to gain exp!

EPT1.net is the website you need to remember. It contains almost everything about the game.