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Thread: Suba Games Fan Fiction Contest

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    Here's my entry

    Suba Games Fan Fiction Contest – Dawn Prophet VS Sun Commissioner (Lucent Heart)

    I sat there, twirling the scepter in my hand just staring at the orange gloomy sky. Heart of Fire… I looked around glancing at the inferno surrounding the rock walls. Usually the intense heat would lower a person’s HP but I was using my healing aura so it does not concern me.
    The mechanical enemies roam around, minding their own business or searching for random players to pass by. Months have passed since I have been trapped in Lucent Heart. There was a glitch when I logged in and somehow I can’t seem to get out. All the other players also have the same problem but they are convinced the Game Moderators will get us out of here.

    How foolish they are to believe in such things. If it is true that the Game Moderators can get us out then why haven’t they done so? Those dreamers should just give up and try to get out on their own. But I know it’s pointless. I have been trying to get out of here ever since we were told the game is has glitches.

    I let out a sigh and stood up, dusting imaginary dust from my armor. My pink colored butterfly wings flutter every so often as I pulled on my gloves a bit tighter. Time to do dailies. With that in mind, I grabbed my Nuclear Star Scepter and called on my Warg. The dark demonic wolf bows his head at me before I climbed on his back.

    I patted his fur and led him forward, towards Hephaestus Tableland. The swirling light dances around the portal platform. With a soft kick my Warg jumps through the portal, successfully landing on all four on the other side.

    I always loved using the portals. The lights were so mesmerizing and it always felt like you’re being surrounded by millions of tiny fairies. I was snapped out of my reverie by a shrill shout. I looked up and gasped. A boy probably around my age was fighting with an Exo Beast. Their hard scaly skin deflected any fire based spells.

    My Warg disappeared when I climbed off of its back. The boy still hasn’t seen me yet so I took cover behind a huge boulder. Hephaestus Tableland wasn’t surrounded by fire so touching the rock didn’t burn my hands.

    I don’t know why but I felt drawn to whoever this boy was. The way he moved to dodge flying fire rocks, the way he swiftly casts a shield, the way he sends ice shards flying towards the Exo Beast when he found an opening. I loved everything about him yet something in the back of my mind keeps nagging at me to not trust him.

    With one final blow, the Exo Beast perished and the boy huffed in victory. That’s when I looked up and saw his name, Aryeon. Weird user name but then again, most user names used here are weird. Aryeon was too busy checking his backpack that he didn’t notice me staring at him from behind the large boulder.

    I crept towards him slowly but still stayed hidden in case he tried to hurt me. When he still didn’t notice me, I opened up his profile information and found out he is a Sun Commissioner from the AeternaSonata guild. I growled under my breath and left him.

    How could I not notice it before? He is from that guild! I was so angry and I needed to vent out my anger on something before I blow up a mountain. I saw a Coal Cinder monster. Its whole structure was made of rocks and it had two burning holes as eyes.

    When it saw me, its boulder-like hands produced fire as it came running towards me. I quickly pulled out my scepter and shot it with my earth base spell, Faultline. When my spell hit it I cast another one this time a fire base, Divine Fire. I looked at its HP bar and saw them diminishing. With one final attack I hit the monster with my Flaming Orbs of fire.

    Its’ being crumbled and fell down on the burnt ground. The fire has long distinguished and I was breathing heavily. My anger quickly washed away as I finally got my breathing steady and even.

    As I turned to go back to Minotsize City I was stopped by a Burning Element. The Burning Element resembles a lion but triple in size. Its tail was on fire as was its mane. The Burning Element snaps its sharp canines at me and starts to stalk me like the predator it is.
    I gulped and looked around but still had a good view of the lion-like beast. The Burning Element lunges at me as it extends its claws that are also on fire. I yelped and dodged, hiding behind a rock. Okay, you might be calling me a coward right about now but it’s not my fault. What would you do if you were faced with a lion four times your size and it is on FIRE!

    I snapped out of my thoughts as the lion got closer, trying to sniff me out. I backed away slowly but I didn’t notice another Burning Element coming from my right. I looked to my right and left and saw both lions eyeing me like a piece of meat. Technically I am meat but that’s not the point!

    I quickly placed a physical enhancement shield around me and then cast another magic resistance shield because the lions often shoot fireballs at people.

    I took deep breaths and cried out as I jumped from my hiding place. The lions lunged at the same time I jumped out of the way, they collided with each other. One of the lions regained its balance and shot a fireball at me.

    I quickly repelled it with my shield and cursed the lion with my Omen of Misfortune. I quickly casted my most powerful spell, Omen of Destruction and with one critical shot, the lion was down. The other lion just woke up and started growling at me.

    I guess it doesn’t like the fact I killed its little friend. I smiled nervously at it before running away. I could see the portal not too far but the lion was gaining on me.

    Come on, think… think…

    I snapped my fingers and stopped running abruptly. I turned and ran towards the lion in full speed. The lion growled and ran towards me as well. Its claws scratched the dry soil as its fiery mane flew in all directions.

    If I wasn’t in a life threatening situation right now I might have taken a picture. Oh well. I gripped the cane of my scepter and jumped over the lion. Once I saw its defenseless back, I shot its back with my Faultline and the lion went down with a huff.

    I couldn’t do a victory dance yet because the lion got back up again. I really hate killing these things, they are just so difficult to kill. I waved my scepter around and casted spell after spell at the lion. After every curse, I dodged a fireball thrown towards me.

    Eventually the lion finally died. I let out a sigh of relief and started walking towards the portal. The swirling vortex of light consumed me again and I opened my eyes to see the ever glowing orange red sky and burning walls. The trees looked dead and burnt but I ignored it. I walked a few feet away from the mechanical monsters because I am exhausted.

    Once I reached Minotsize City I quickly walked towards one of the Inns there and checked in. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and going to sleep.

    I woke up the next day, refreshed and ready to kill more monsters. After checking out of the Inn I used my Teleportation Scroll and teleported to the middle part of Hephaestus Tableland. The sickening feeling of being sucked through a straw came and went in a blink of an eye.

    I gasped and breathed in heavily. I can never get used to that feeling.

    From the corner of my eye I could see a Sacrifice Spirit. Have you ever seen those Indian movies where they dance around a fire with giant tribal masks? Well, a Sacrifice Spirit takes the shape of those tribal masks. The masks are white and pale as the moon as the outline glows royal purple. The Spirits always roam around this very area during certain times.

    Most players try to avoid them because they are powerful ghost-like monsters. Melee players have trouble taking them down because their magic defenses are low.

    I changed my healing aura to a magic defense aura. It comes in handy whenever I go against ghosts. I took a deep breath and struck the monster with my Omen of Misfortune which quickly follows by a Faultline. I gathered my magic and struck the spirit with my Flaming Orbs. The earth element of Faultline weakens the spirit’s fire defense. I casted another set of Flaming Orbs towards the spirit and it got critically hit, killing the monster.

    That was fast. I chuckled but then I heard someone clap their hands. What the… I turned around and glare at the person when I saw Aryeon standing there with admiration shinning in his eyes.

    I scoffed and rolled my eyes at him. “What do you want?” I asked harshly. Aryeon didn’t seem fazed by my harsh treatment and gave me a heart stopping smile, “Just came to watch you kill off a Sacrifice Spirit.” He shrugged his shoulders innocently.

    I narrowed my eyes at him and turned to leave but he grabbed my forearm, stopping me. “Let. Go.” I said through gritted teeth. Aryeon had a stubborn expression on his face and shook his head, “Not until we talk.” I pulled my arm out of his grip and turned to leave, “Just leave me alone.” I growled.

    He just shook his head and let out a sigh, “Why are you so mad at me?” I froze. I slowly turned around to face him and he had regret in his eyes, “Why don’t you tell me. What would you be feeling when the person you’re supposed to be with, to trust, betrays you and leaves you alone to fend for yourself!” I was full on screaming at him.

    I could feel anger boil inside me. I couldn’t stay. I took out another Teleportation Scroll, “Thereall City.” I said out loud. The sickening feeling returned with a vengeance but then it’s gone again. I opened my eyes to see I was in the Earth Plaza. I saw a Virgo statue and softly run my fingers over the rough edges.

    When I heard a ‘pop’ sound I turned to see Aryeon standing there. I ran before he could see me. I saw a Plaza Currier, “Send me to Water Plaza.” I breathed. The Currier nodded and quickly transported me to the Water Plaza.

    I didn’t stop running. I ran up the ramp that leads up to a floating island. On top of the island was a shop that said ‘Thereall’s Magic Shop’.
    I squeezed me way through the small opening towards the back of the shop. Once I made it to the other side, I breathed in and out heavily. Why am I running? I paused and slowly straightened my back.

    Why was I running? I shouldn’t be afraid of Aryeon. I’m stronger now, faster and better in controlling my spells.
    I gripped my scepter and quickly changed my armor along with my accessories. If I’m going to take out Aryeon I should equip my damage dealing armors. Aryeon is a Sun Commissioner. What I learned about that class is that they focus solely on healing. Most of their attacks consume time so I have speed on my side.

    I may be a healer myself but Dawn Prophets are more offensive than Sun Commissioners. With determination, I enhanced my physical defense and jumped off of the floating island. The pain was bearable so I ignored it and made my way towards the middle of Thereall City.
    Aryeon was standing next to a Beast Tamer, probably buying treats for his Spiritual Pet. I opened up my his profile and quickly sent him a message, telling him to come up Thereall Tower where we can settle this without being disturbed.

    I saw him nod to himself so I made my way to one of the electric Cable rides. The NPC called out, “All aboard.” And I barely just made it.
    The ride was slow and each second passed I felt myself growing more anxious. My palm was sweating and my heart was beating a mile a minute. Can I actually do this?

    I slapped my cheeks and shook my head… I can do this. I kept chanting in my head. The Cable ride finally stopped moving so I stepped out. The tower was very tall and I could see all of Thereall City from up here. The east side shows the Thereall Bridge that leads you towards the Training Masters and Breezing Land.

    The south part of Thereall is where the Earth Plaza lays. In the middle of Earth Plaza sat a circular platform that rises and falls. The north part of Thereall is where the Water Plaza and Magic Shop locates at.

    The west part of Thereall City is the Knight Regiment where Apollo stands, directing knights and giving out quests. Everywhere I look NPCs were walking about. There weren’t many players lingering here because this place is mostly for Beginners and low levels.

    With that in thought I made my way up the stairs towards the middle of Thereall Tower. Aryeon was there, without a weapon, he was just standing there staring at me with a blank look on his face.

    I raised an eyebrow at him and gripped my scepter closer to me, “I won’t start unless you equip a weapon.” I spoke. Aryeon didn’t move a muscle. He just kept staring at me and I started getting annoyed, “Pick up your weapon.” I glared at him.

    Aryeon let out a sigh but took out his scepter anyways. We circled each other. I cast an ice shard at him and he dodged it perfectly. “Can’t we talk this out?” He pleaded. I ignored him and sent a flaming orb his way.

    He barely put up a shield as he stared at me with wide eyes. “You want to talk? Let’s talk.” I growled and shot an explosive rock at him. He shot an ice shard and it exploded together, sending tiny shards of rock and ice everywhere.

    “Where were you when I needed you the most?” I asked him, or more like shouted at him. He huffed and barely managed to dodge a fire ball, “I told you, I was helping out my guild.” He yelled back at me. I narrowed my eyes at him and shot the ground underneath his feet.
    He jumped out of the way and we started circling each other again, “You promised me you would help!” I cried out, sending a wave of fire his way. He casted a healing rain around him. “I did come to help you!” He replied.

    I only saw red. He is lying. He never came. I was all alone. He never came. “You never came!” I screamed at him. He looked stunned for a second before he composed himself and gave me a hard stare, “I did came back to help you. You were already unconscious when I came back to help. It’s not my fault you don’t remember any of it.”

    I froze as his words registered in my mind. He came… He came? He actually showed up to help me?


    I was standing alone in the dark cave, staring at the huge Very Strong leveled monster. Aryeon was supposed to come and help me but he wasn’t here. I went ahead to see if the monster was alone but he sensed me and now I’m trapped.

    I almost got hit by the monster’s glowing mace as I dodged and hid behind a large boulder. I panicked and looked up to see the ceiling being near to collapsing. With a wave of my scepter, I sent a fire ball towards the ceiling, making them crumble and fall.

    I guess I wasn’t thinking this through, the falling rocks were about to hit me so I ran out of the cave. Dust particles fill the air as I struggle to see where I was going. I tripped and fell. I lost my grip on my scepter and it went flying across the ground.

    I looked up and saw the rocks falling, about to hit me. I screamed and covered my head with my arms. I felt my body being flattened and pelted by thousands of huge rocks. It felt like hours until the cave finally stopped moving. I was going in and out of consciousness.
    I could hear a distant voice calling out my name but I was being consumed by darkness. The last thing I remembered was seeing Aryeon’s frantic face, as he tried to dig me out from under the rocks.

    End of Flashback

    I lost my grip on the scepter in my hands and it fell down on the ground with a loud thud and clank sound. “You… came to… help me?” I whispered. Aryeon was in front of me instantly as he held me close to his chest.

    “Yes, I came back to help. The Guild Master wanted me to help out with recruiting new members so I was late. When I felt an earth quake coming from the cave you were in I ran as fast as I can. I heard your scream and it was the most agonizing sound I ever heard. I thought I was going to lose you but when I saw your eyes flutter open and close I knew I still had a chance to save you so I took you to a powerful healer.”

    He was stroking my hair now. His soothing voice lulled me and calmed me down as I let my arms dangle at my sides. “I never left you. I could never leave you, Hime.” He spoke softly, using the nickname he gave me.

    I nodded and hugged him close to me. I no longer felt angry at him for leaving me weeks ago. I now understand that it was entirely my fault for jumping to conclusions. I didn’t remember his face when I woke up. I couldn’t even listen to his explanation because I was mad at the time.

    I never questioned how I got to the healer’s and I never asked what he was doing there. I am such a fool. I let my emotions get the best of me. I gripped Aryeon’s biceps and placed my chin on his shoulders, “I’m sorry.” I whispered.

    He nodded and continued to hold me. We were just standing there, holding each other, trying to compensate all those days of being separated.

    “I love you, Hime.” Aryeon whispered softly in my ears. I could feel heat rushing to my cheeks and I bet I looked like a freaking tomato right now.

    “W-w-what-t?” I stuttered. Aryeon chuckles at my flustered look and plants a kiss on my forehead, “We have plenty of time for you to get used to that.” I nodded and buried my face in his chest. I could get used to this.

    I suppose being trapped in Lucent Heart won’t be so bad since now I had my Aryeon back. I smiled at the thought. I would be with him until we go back to the real world. I smiled mischievously at Aryeon and he gave me a worried look, “I know that smile. What are you up to?” He asked, his face turning pale as he gulped.

    “Well, we will be spending a lot of time together until Lucent Heart gets fixed so, I just had a crazy thought in mind.” I said innocently. Aryeon didn’t believe me for one minute, “What are you up to?” He asked again.

    I laughed and waved my hands around dismissively, “Nothing to be worried about.” He gave me an incredulous look, “You expect me to believe that?” He said bluntly. I shrugged my shoulders and gave him a wicked smile.

    His eyes widen but it was too late. I had already escaped from his embrace and was now standing on the edge of Thereall Tower. “Hime, what are you doing?!” Aryeon cried frantically. I laughed and looked at him in the eye.

    “Catch me if you can, Sun Commissioner.” With that I jumped off the edge and I just barely hear Aryeon yell, “You won’t beat me, Dawn Prophet.” I laughed as I saw Aryeon’s falling figure.

    He grabbed hold of my arm and starts casting a shield around us, “Got you.” He said.

    I smiled inwardly. “Not for long.” With that I ducked under his arm and changed into my Zodiac Armor. I stare at the ground below and made the ground as soft as a pillow to catch me.

    “Dawn Prophet wins.” I yelled as Aryeon landed on his butt on the ground. Since he was using his shield, it didn’t hurt as much but I knew it still hurt in a way. “Whatever.” He huffed but I could see a small smile playing at his lips.

    The End!!

    Completely written by AoiTenshi. Almost all I wrote in this entry is real in Lucent Heart. Almost everything. The names of characters, guilds and monsters are based on my memory of the game. That includes the maps and how the monster looks like. I hope you guys like it just as much as I enjoyed writing this. Oh, almost forgot, this entry consists about 3,599 words.

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    I enjoyed the read can't wait to read more entries.

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    Part 1: The Burden of the Good
    One thousand years after the war between the sister goddess Theia and Cadena started, the suffering of the people of Lucent Hearts had started to grow gravely darker. Most of the major cities were surrounded by flames, unsettling fog and dark clouds. But, worse of all were the creatures of corrupted darkness; such as wolves, witches, and even mermaids. They would kill all who dared venture out for help or supplies needed to live, such as medicine and food. The kind goddess Theia could no longer ignore the cries of sadness from her hungry and ill people that were almost void of all hope, and In response to these cries, despite her fathers and advisors wishes, she decided to take matters into her own hands and descend to Lucent Heart herself to personally help the people. Hiding her true identity she first traveled to Thereall bringing the gift of peace, then to Goldport bringing the gift items to trade, and finally to Anteacar bringin the gift of music and dance. These three gifts were enough to start to raise the spirits of the people of lucent hearts and even encouraged some to wear their wings of hope for the first time in over a decade, but Cadena would not let this happiness last.
    Soon after Theia left, Candena went to these cities and in place of a Theia’s kindness she would replace it with a curse. To Thereall she would bring wrath among the people by tricking them into hating each other. To Goldport she would bring greed by making the people to fear the loss of their items and refuse to sell to anyone. Lastly to Anteacar, she would bring sloth by cursing the city to be no longer hear anything so as to no longer hear the music they once danced to and loss there will to have fun. Theia, in compete sadness upon hear of here peoples new found misfortune, seeks her sister at once. Cadena only have one thing to say with a dark serious expression on her face,
    “For every act of good you do, I will bring an act of evil. For this is our destiny to always be at odds with each other and I will not lose to you. So do as much good as you want, but in the end you will only hurt them as much as you help them as long as I am around to see that it does.”
    At that moment in her sister’s eyes, Theia could see the faces of all the people she had just tried to help fill with pain and hopeless defeat. The horrible sight of what she had done was too much for the kind, sweet Theia, and she ran off and hid herself away in an abandoned ship in the frozen, dark ocean in Misty Storm, never wanting to be seen or heard from again.

    Part 2: The Goddess is found
    5 years had passed since there was any sign of Theia and her allies were losing all hope of her return. Cadena’s monsters still ran wild but without the resistance of Theia’s soldiers, who were either looking for her or lost the will to fight, the chaos and death of the people of Lucent Heart was at its darkest peak.
    Out in the cold tundra of Misty Storm at daybreak during a weak but persistent snow storm, a woman with dark brown hair and eyes is wondering around in light gunner armor holding on to a single flower and a gun strapped to her back seemingly looking for something.
    “LEO! LEO MINOR WHERE ARE YOU!? Darn that stupid pet never listens to me.”
    At that moment a blue wolf with golden lightening shaped markings on it jumps out of where right in front of the woman with a determined look in its eyes and the woman yelled out in surprise.
    “AHHH!” the women jumped back and pull out her gun quickly, but after seeing the wolf a look of relief and frustration pasted her face “Storm! Didn’t I tell you not to sneak up on me like that a million time, I thought you were one of the corrupted ones and almost shot you.”
    The Wolf named Storm just tilted his head in confusion as a response.
    “Sigh, never mind, Have you picked up Leo’s sent yet?”
    At that Storm pointed his nose in the direction up ahead towards a wreaked ship in the distance, and the woman pats his head.
    “Good boy Storm. You’re the best partner ever”
    She and Storm run towards the ship and once there she enters and continues to call out for the pet she was looking for
    “LEO! ARE YOU IN HERE? John and Hally arewaiting at home for you and a storm is coming so you better get your little green butt out here now or were leaving without you!”
    Just then a tiny green Leo Minor comes rushing up to the woman and starts to pull on her clothes trying to lead her somewhere
    “Fine fine, I’m coming, but this better be good and quick because we need to head home before the blizzard.”
    Leo lead the woman to the center of the wreaked ship and then ran up to a pile of ice and snow and kept digging at it.
    “What are you doing?” said the woman with a heavy sigh while heading over to help
    Finally after the three dug a bit more they saw a strand of long light blue hair, and the woman yelled out in a paniced voice
    After few more minutes the full body was uncovered to show a strange looking girl whose skin now, from the cold, looked almost as blue as her hair. The woman checks her pulse and signed with relief
    “Well she’s alive, I guess we better take her back home with us till she wakes up and can tell us where she comes from.”
    Putting her gun around Storm she lifted the girl and started to walk back towards her town with a sleeping Theia on her back.
    They arrived at a small town in the corner of the Misty storm region where the snow was much lighter and easy to walk on then in the middle region where it snowed more often. The woman with Theia still on her back walked into a small but well-built hut that looks similar to many of the others in the town, but all had no residences in them as if abandoned soon after being built.
    “Hally I’m back. John get out here and help me, I brought home a present.”
    A man with green hair and blue eyes walks out with a welcoming smile on his face
    “Welcome home Mary, you’ve…”
    It was then that he noticed the body Mary was placing on the couch
    “W-WHAT IS GOING ON, WHO IS THAT?” John said in a shocked tone
    “Your present, what you don’t like it Johnny? *sigh* and after all the trouble I went thought to get it for you” Mary said with a fake hurt and then look at the girl again “I found her out in a abandoned ship in the Blizzard area. I don’t know who she is but I’m sure glad that shes light or I never would have made it back in time because of your stupid pet.”
    As if right on cue the Green Leo Minor came in and jumps into John’s hands
    “Aww, were you a bad boy for Mary again Leo? You better watch it, or one of these days she will cook you alive with that temper of hers.” John says with a smile while laughing and petting Leo
    “I don’t know what you’re laughing about John, You’re the one that told me to bring that ungrateful pest because you though he could help find me the flower faster” Mary said as she pulled out the shining bright yellow flower that looked like a rose mixed with a lily from her bag
    “Is that it? Is that the pretty flower that will cure me mama” came a tiny voice from behind the curtain leading towards one of the connecting bedrooms
    Peeking out from the curtain was a young girl with long dark blue hair and sweet brown eyes wearing a tiny pink and purple bow in her hair
    “We can only hope it will Hally” Said Mary with a sad smile
    Hally’s eyes set eyes on the girl sleeping on the chair
    “Mama, Papa, whos that pretty lady?” Hally said looking up at them confused and amazed at the same time
    “We’re not sure yet sweetie, mama just found her while she was out looking for the flower for you medicine” said John with a kind smile
    Hally walked over to the girl and held her hand
    “Will she wake up soon? I want to play with her. She’s so pretty, maybe she’s an angel that was sent to make me better again” she said in a hopeful, innocent voice never looking away from the girl
    “I don’t think so Hally, but that what we have this flower for right?” said Mary with a big smile holding up the flower in her hand

    Part 3: The Shining Star in the Sea of Darkness
    A few days past and Theia has yet to show any signs of waking up, but still Hally would take every chance she could stay by her side and talk to her about all kind of things about her life, her family, the games she liked to played, and even about her illness.
    Hally had been ill since the day John and Mary found her abandoned while on a quest in Pegasus field five year ago. They had taken her in as their own and even took her with them when they had to abandon their home in Goldport after the horrible fights of greed and increase in monsters started to cause too much danger for them to handle. So they took off with a small group of fellow travelers that could fight almost as well as Mary and made it to a small safe town far away from danger. Almost all the other travelers either left soon after staying to look for even better land or died along the way. Despite her illness, which John as a well-known dawn prophet believes to be a new unknown poison, Hally still very young at the time was able to almost magically survive the harsh journey past the blizzard lands. Today, now at the age of 7, she is still fighting to get better. Together she, John, Mary, Leo, and Storm have become a family in this small peaceful town. Her low energy and coughing attacks, that sometimes show blood, prevent her from doing a lot of things outside the house most days. Some days even walking is too much for her. Despite that she still grew up a kind, spirited and intelligent girl who always kept hope.
    A few days before the finding of Theia, John found out in a book about a flower called “The Shining Star” located in the blizzard area of Misty Storm and only blooms in the middle of the night during the night of the new moon where it can shine the brightest. Hearing that it has unknown healing properties Mary, being the strongest, insisted that she go while John stays to keep Hally in stable condition till she returns.
    Two week had passed since Mary had returned home with the flower and the sleeping girl. Hally was sitting and holding her hand while talking to her as usual.
    “So, mama and papa call this town North Star because it’s in the north regian of Misty Storm and it’s the place that gave us light in the darkest of nights” Hally said with a sweet and innocent smile. “Our very own little shining star in the sea of darkness that gives us hope that maybe the goddess will come to help us someday like people believe she did a long time ago”
    At those words the sleeping girl’s eyes flew open and she took a deep breath in, as if coming up for air when being under water for a very long time. Hally jumped up shocked and let go of her hand
    “Papa, Papa she’s up, she’s up!” Hally yelled to John who was working on her potion by the fire place
    He stood up and rushed over as the girl continued to breathe heavily while her eyes looked around fast taking in her surroundings
    “It’s ok Miss, we won’t hurt you. You’re safe here. Could you tell us your name?” John said in a strong but comforting voice
    “I’m…” Theia had to pause for a second to think. Finally she remembered the horrible visions of her people suffering because of what she thought were good deeds. She felt it best to keep her real identity from these people, or else they would surely hate her
    “My….my name Tina” she said in a quiet voice
    “May I ask what happened to you?” Asked John with a welcoming smile
    “I…was upset, so I ran away and got lost and found that ship for safely” She said speaking half the truth
    “Upset at what? And what did you need safty for?” Asked Hally
    “Um…well a….a bear…was uh” Theia struggled to lie
    “Oh! A bear was it?” came a voice from the door
    Everyone turned their heads fast towards the door where Mary was standing carrying two bags filled with food
    “I almost shot down a bear today for dinner, but that beast was a wimp and ran off before I was even able to aim” said Mary as she stepped inside the hunt and put the food down on the flood
    “Who are you?” Theia said a little confused at the entry of this new person
    “The person who found you and carried you all the way here. I hope you have a big reward for me” Said Mary teasingly as she holds out her hand
    “Mary, don’t tease. She’s still in a bit of shock over the whole thing.” Say John as he turns back to Theia “My names John, feel free to stay here as long as you like Tina”
    “I’m Hally! We can play together once you feel better okay?” Hally said with a big smile
    Theia taken in by all there kindness could only nod and smile in return
    After 2 days of recovery Theia, to John’s surprise, was fully recovered again.
    “I don’t know how, but you look like you’re in great condition already, better than me even.” John said with a happy laugh “how long did you say you were out there again?”
    “oh um…im not sure, I guess a um..days or so” Theia said hiding her eyes
    “Well then you must have some great heck of a strong body.” He smiled
    “Good thing too, Hally has been really excited to play with you. She barely left your side and she even has been talking to you about all kind of things when you were asleep” Mary said laughing while putting vegetable in a bowling pot for dinner
    “Mama!” Hally shouted at him being a little shy “I just thought it would be fun for both of us is all” she claimed blushing
    “Mhm, it sure would be” Theia said smiling at Hally “What kinds of things would you like to play?”
    Hally smile brightly “Mama, Papa, Can I take her outside to show her around?”
    “Sure, but be careful, and don’t push if you’re feeling weak” said John
    “And don’t get back too late or I’m eating both your servings of food” Said Mary with a sly grin
    “WE WILL!” Hally said in a panicked tone and took Theia by the arm and ran off
    Hally lead Theia to a small field right outside.
    “Look Tina.” Hally said pointing to a group of cute furry fox like creatures with big bushy tails. “I call them Fluffy Tails, there so cute aren’t they” said said smiling and started to head over towards the group
    “Wait!” Theia said grabbing her hand. “Arnt they corrupted like all the other creatures? Wont they hurt you?”
    Hally looked up at Theia and just smiled knowingly and went off to take some berries from a nearby bush. She took Theias hand again and lead her over towards the group with her. Once they got close Hally kneeled down signaled for Theia to do the same. Hally cupped her hand with the berrys and made a noise that sounded like a “tick, tick, tick” while shaking her hands. At once one of the Fluffy Tails ears propped up and it made its way over slowly to Hally and Theia. It sniffed Hally’s hand and started eating the berrys happly out of it.
    “See Tina.” Hally smiled kindly “ Not all the creatures are corrupted. Some still can be nice like fluffy here. We shouldn’t loss hope right? At least that’s what mama and papa always say.”
    At that moment a bunch of the Fluffy Tails jumped on top of Hally and Theia in hopes of more food. They both laughed with pure joy as there big tails tickled their faces and they stayed there and played with them until John called them in for dinner.
    Seeing this simple act made Theia feel something she hand not felt since her sister cursed those cities…Hope.

    Part 4: The Goddess Rises Again
    A couple of months passed and Theia was enjoying her time with the Hally and her family. She thought of leaving and returning home, but could not bring herself to leave them and releave herself just yet. During the days she and Hally would play games, like hide and seek or who can find Leo first. Somedays when Hally wasn’t feeling well Theia and her would make up stories or songs together as they layed in bed. When Hally was resting Theia would spend time Gathering food with Mary and Storm as Mary told her funny tails about her adventures and training as a Comet Marksmen. Other times she would help John try to brew Hallys potions or cook dinner.
    “Hey Tina?” John spoke up one day while they were brewing
    “Yes?” said Theia questioningly, John doesn’t talk much while busy with Hallys potions
    “Are you an angel?” He asked
    “W-what?!” Theia asked turning towards him in surprise
    “Haha, I’m just kidding. Hally seems to think you are though. She was telling me the other day when you were out how no one but an angel could be that pretty and that you’re here to be her own private guardian angel” John said Laughing “Though, I don’t blame her for hoping, we sure could use one”
    After a moment of silence Theia spoke up “But, arnt you mad at the goddess who tried to help you before, I mean her good deeds cause you all that trouble in Gold Port” she said shyly
    “How could I ever blame her for that?” John Said almost shocked “The goddess did everything to help us, it’s not her fault things turned out a mess. Also we all really miss her, sure North Star has become a great place to live in these times, but it’s one a speck on the big dark sky out there, We could really use a Goddess to spread this light right about now.”
    Theia thought for a second “Maybe…maybe your right”

    A few more days passed. Mary and Storm were just returning home from hunting and Hally was play with Theia as usual. Theia was just about to talk to them about her leave when John excitedly jumped up from the fire pit and turned to them with a big smile on his face
    “It’s done! I finished the potion” he said
    “Are you serious John? You said it would almost a year or two to get it right” said Mary with a mix of surprise and happiness
    “Well I’m not known as the John the Great Healer for nothing” john said with a wink
    “Don’t get ahead of yourself Mr. Great Healer” Mary said as she took the potion from him as John laughed “I’ll only agree to that once I see this stuff works, you ready Hally” she said with a big smile
    “Yes mama yes!” Hally said getting up running over to Mary with a look of pure joy and excitement lighting her face
    Hally drank the potion fast and gave a big smile. A few seconds later she started to fall to the flour before John caught her. They placed her on her bed with worried looks.
    “Whats going on John?” Asked Mary with a hard voice
    “I-I honestly don’t know Mary” he said shaking his head
    “What do you mean you don’t know! This is our girl were talking about!” Mary yelled angrily
    everyone remained silent for what left like a life time . It was three hours later that Hally finally woke up.
    “Papa, Mama, Tina” she said in the weakest voice she has ever used “I…I don’t feel better” She then started coughing up blood in large amounts.
    “WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING JOHN!” Mary almost screamed
    “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what happen!” John said in complete horror
    At that moment Theia push pasted them and sat right next to the pain filled Hally still coughing blood.
    “Tina…” said both John and Mary at the same time
    Theia just put up one hand to silence them, then slowly placed the other on Hally’s head. Her hand started to glow and Hallys eyes started to glow as well the biggest blue color. Bright Blue light filled the whole hut and slowly died down.
    “Wait…was that?” asked Mary looking around in shock
    Hally who was also in shock, then slowly gave a hugh smile “I-I FEEL GREAT NOW!” she then turned to Theia “You really are my angel arnt you!? I KNEW IT!!” she jumped up and hugged Theia tightly “Thank you Tina, thank you sooooooooo much!”
    “Who are you?” said John in shock
    Moving away from Hally and standing before them Theia turned and spoke slowly and calmly “I am really… the Goddess Theia who has been lost for many years only to found and taken in by you and your kind family, you have taught me so many things, and I think now it is my time to go back out into the world and spread the light I have found here.”
    John and Mary both looked at each other in shock, then after a few second they slowly smiled and nodded at Theia in complete understand and acceptance.
    “Thank you Goddess, Thank you so much for all you have done and all you will do, You have my faith” Said John with a smile
    “And mine as well.” Said Mary in agreement “to think I saved a Goddess” she laughed
    “NO!” can a strong and powerful yell from Hally “Tina can’t go, shes my angel she cant leave me!” tears started to flow down her cheeks
    “Hally” said John in a sad voice “we al wish she could stay but she has important things to do now”
    “I know, but…but” she started to cry even harder
    “Would it be better if I stayed the night and after we play a little said a proper goodbye tomorrow instead?” said Theia
    Hally nodded thought her tears and Theia went over and hugged her. They spent the night with Hally sleeping in Theia’s arms, and she knew how much it would hurt to leave this little girl, but she understood she must.
    The next morning Theia and Hally walked out to the field were the fluffy tails are and they sat and said there goodbyes..
    “Are you really going to make the light go everywhere?” Asked Hally
    “Im going to do everything in my power to, that’s a promise” said Theia
    “Then I’m going to help you.” She said in a determined voice “When I’m older and stronger, I’m going to go to a big city and spread all kinds of light to everyone and everything, North Star is just the start and we will make it so everyone is happy again” she smiled and looked out into the distance hopefully then turned to look up at Theia.
    “Yes, with you at my helper, im sure we will” Theia said smiling back
    After a very long hug and a few tears they said goodbye and headed back towards the hut. When they got there though, Theia turned paled at the site she saw before her.

    Part 5: The Duty of the Good
    Standing at the Door of the hut was Theia’s sister Cadena looking more hateful then she has ever been before.
    “Nice of you to finally show up, too bad I’ve already finished what I need to do here. I told you you should stop trying to play hero, this is the cost for that girl’s life. So long sister” she said with an evil smirk and disappeared
    From inside the hut they heard the scream of Mary and ran in. Mary was kneeling on the floor and right in front of her was John lying on the floor, not moving an inch. Mary started crying hysterically
    “I…can’t, once a soul is taken...I-I can’t even do something about it” Theia said through tears of her own
    “Pa…pa” Hally stood still where she was unable to move at all at first, then jetted over and joined Mary in her begging and crying
    “I…I should never have come back…” Theia said in horror and started to run off to hide again
    “NO!” Mary screamed at me not taking her eyes off John but that one word seemed to have a command over me “You will not leave things like this.”
    “I told you I cant do anything” Theia said though tears
    “yes you can” she said in a hard, shaky voice staring at me now with Hally crying in her hands “You can do what John always wanted you to do. Beat her!” she said with more determination in her eyes then ive ever seen
    “I-I don’t know if I can” Theia said completely void of confidence
    “YOU WILL!” she yelled though her still flowing tears “and if you can’t beat her by killing her, then at least beat her by doing your F-ing job. Make this world better, Stop all these curses and deaths! DON’T YOU DARE LET HIS DEATH GO TO WASTE!”
    There was a long moment of silence as Theia and Mary stared at each other, where all that could be heard was Hally’s sniffling tears in Marys chest.
    “I promise you, I WILL beat her, and the light WILL start fighting back TODAY!” Theia proclaimed finally like the goddess she was, and without one word of goodbye left the hut to fulfill her duty as the Goddess of goodness and light

    Part 6: Under the North Star
    Many years have passed since Theia took her official stand against her sister. Gathering up as many warriors, mages, gunners, and healers as she could find she lead a full assault on her sisters corrupted creatures. Although she was not able to directly fight her sister, the control she had over lucent heart has greatly decreased. Although monsters still roamed and people still had to fight, light was returning to the cities and all the land. Thereall became the central city of peace, and in this city as well as others, people were free to live, dance and love as they wished.
    A Strong Female Moon Flame envoy comes running down the bridge of Thereall
    “Darn it my guild is going to kill me for being late to the meeting I told them to be at” she said under her breath
    Finally she got to the meeting place where all her guildies were waiting for her and saw them all laugh as she came up
    “What kind of guild master is late for her own meeting huh” mocked one of the members
    “I bet she was out questing again and lost track of time like always. Don’t you ever take a rest? I’m sure the goddess would forgive you” another laughed
    “Come on you guys” Said the guild master embarrassed
    “Don’t worry they’re just teasing you. You know were always with you. We know questing has help you ever since you mom passed away” said her best friend and vice master with a kind smile
    “Yup, and she would be happy to see how great you’re doing at helping the goddess in her mission” said her other friend and one of her most trusted Officers
    “Yeah” she nodded, happy to have such great and understanding people at her side “and that’s what North Stars all about” the leader said with a smile “now let’s head out and get that boss monster Medea!”
    “NORTH STAR SHINES FOREVER” the whole guild chants proudly in unison as they all start to ride off on their verity of mounts
    The Guild Leader stays back for a second and summons her white horse she can battle on and a pet frog she uses for healing
    “Let’s go Mary and John” she says referring to her mount and pet
    She then looks up to the sky and sees a light blue figure fly over her.
    “Thank you Tina” she says with a smile
    “COME ON HALLY” her best friend calls out from up ahead
    “COMING!” she riding off after her guild Imperfection is Beauty

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    "United we stand, divided we fall."
    It began on that one day. I was doing dailies with my friends Takata, Pachirisu, Bonzai, and Apalm when we saw an announcement for an event; supposedly it would bring all the players together. My friend Bonzai immediately said:
    "OH FINALLY! Something to do! I wonder what event they have this time. I say we charge in and find out for ourselves!"
    My other friends agreed to it too, jubilant in spirits and already making plans for their team, buffs and strategy. I snuck away, not wanting to linger any longer. I detested events, mostly cuz I always died, and I rarely had to attend them anyway. I debated whether I was going to the so-called "event" when I noticed I was being followed.
    "Thought I'd find you here..." said Takata, my closest friend.
    "Takata..." i replied while blushing.
    "So you thinking about this event too? Could be fun." asked Takata.
    "I don't know..." i replied back, wanting to resume my dailies. I utilized my march formation buff and walked.
    "Wait!" Takata shouted.
    "Come on, one event. What could happen?"
    "Fine," I grumbled. "I'll go..."
    Takata and I continued our dailies in Icarus Rift, one of the best locations, the lush landscape, cute monsters, and the music filled with nostalgia making me want to sleep. I got hypnotized and it was moments later I realized I attracted the attention of the Boss Mic, and he pummeled me. I didn’t even have time to utilize my shield cannon. So I laid there, dead. Takata couldn’t help but laugh.
    “You’re a terrible tank.” Takata chuckled. With a poof, He disappeared.
    “TAKATAAA!” I cried.
    “Get back here and revive me!”
    “No.” said Takata.
    “You can just meet up at Antecar. It’s where everyone else is at.”
    I went to Antecar, where I saw all my other friends.
    ”Rehmaa! My twin!” cried Pachirisu.
    I chuckled and smiled at her.
    ”Did I miss much?” she asked.
    ”No, just Takata being a jerk again,” I told her. Apalm laughed.
    ”That’s Solar Guardians for you."
    ”What did I miss?” I asked.
    ”not much,” said Bonzai.
    The five of us were standing in front of Brad trying to get our KRE’s when an announcement came up.
    ”Attention! Those who wish to join today’s event whisper the GM’s and meet up in the Events Arena.”
    The five of us did as we were told and entered the arena. I took note of the vast amount of players here. The room was overflowing with people shouting for teams.
    ”LEVEL 60 MFE!”
    ”Looking for team!”
    I got with my team and awaited further instruction. I noticed there was a GM there, staring at us. Then with a sudden flash, everything went white. When we came to, we glanced around, looking at our surroundings. The arena was colored light brown, like coffee; there were statues too, and they were ginormous. Luckily I managed to find my team in time. The GM that poofed us here looked at everyone and said,
    ”Everyone ready?”
    ”Yeah!” we shouted.
    ”Good!” replied the GM. Then he leaped toward one end of the room. Next thing I knew I saw hordes of monsters, cute at first though.
    ”Woohoo!” yelled Apalm as he shot a fireball toward a horde of sprouts.
    It was then the monsters started to look bigger, and scarier. I grew unsure of where to go, mainly trying not to die and buff my team. However I lost sight of them. Too many people. I saw a huge horde of purple wolves, not as high as my level but they were very strong. I was tanking one when I heard a scream. It was Pachirisu, who somehow got a horde of wolves around her.
    ”REEHMIEE!!” she shrieked.
    I ran toward her and used my shield cannon. Pachirisu created a ring of fire with her scepter while I shot bullets from my shield. It was an adrenaline rush. I noticed more monsters emerge, this time as robots. Then we noticed a huge lightening bolt come toward us, and we barely dodged it.
    ”Sorry, I thought this was GVG,” apologized Bonzai as he ran toward us.
    I glared at him but put aside my aggravation, for the event was not over yet. Still I couldn’t wonder, Where was Takata? We continued to fight: Pachirisu healed while I tanked, and Apalm and Bonzai blew up stuff. I kept running out of Mp only to be saved by Bonzai, who summoned a giant nebula explosion to cover me. Then in an instant, we were all frozen. I couldn’t speak, but I saw the GM look around from the debri. He sulked.
    ”That was way too easy… Congrats! Now for the final part!”
    Everything went white again. When we came to I couldn’t help but feel light-headed, I wanted to faint and float in limbo. As more people resurfaced, including everyone in my team, I searched for Takata, but to no avail. I got back to my team and rebuffed them. I noticed this time we were in a colossal building,n I realized this was the same building I had become a knight, way long ago. The GM reappeared and started speaking.
    ”So guess who you’ll fight next?” the GM asked.
    ”Justin Bieber?”
    “Nyan cat?”
    ”A giant bird?”
    “Nope.” The GM replied. “Each other! And with that he vanished, and I heard a large air horn go off. I stood there, unsure of where to begin, I realized my team was gone. I watched countless players fly back n forth, fire rings and ice shards glowing everywhere. I ran into a room and hid. I was amazed, and looked at the giant pile of players. The final round wasn’t even half over and already half the people died. I contemplated my plan when I felt a sharp tap. I jumped only to find Pachirisu, Bonzai, and Apalm behind me.
    ”This is intense.” I complained.
    ”But it’s fuun!” replied Apalm. “LETS RIOT!” Unfortunately a random player had sent Apalm crashing into the wall.
    “There goes another,” sighed Bonzai.
    “What should we do?” whimpered Pachirisu.
    “Run,” I replied, due to the fact that I noticed hordes of players heading toward us.
    We ran, and as I ran with my team I watched my friends get killed by random players. I was the only one remaining now. I was in another corridor and I noticed a door. I tried to open it but no luck. I looked around and noticed a chest. I opened it and I found a key. I took the key and opened the door. I stepped inside. It was dark; I knew this was another corridor. But then I heard a voice.
    “Hello…Rehma…” It was Takata.
    “Takata! Where’ve you been?!” I asked.
    “Same places you’ve been including today.” Replied Takata.
    I relayed all that had happened so far.
    “I know, I’m the one that killed Apalm.” said Takata.
    I stared at him, appalled by his blatant disreguard for his friends.
    “Why?!” I asked, demanding to know.
    “You may never know, but I do know, but I do know you’re next.” Takata replied, snickering.
    I whipped out my sword and gunshield.
    “Lets fight!” I yelled.
    Takata and I charged toward each other.
    I stunned Takata with my Vengeful Blade and used Relentless Assault on him, pounding him each time. I stunned him again using Shield Slam, using my whirlwind after that. Then I fired a bullet from my gunshield. I watched as Takata staggered back, surprised at my strength. His health was low and I felt confident, though I ran out of mana. Takata regained his strength, this time using Vengeful Blade on me; My defense depleted. I tried dodging his attacks, getting slammed to the wall with each attempt. My health was lower than his. It was then I used my Zodiac. I shrank down and hit Takata from behind, unfortunately he also used his zodiac. It was a long and intense battle, our zodiacs receded but we were still alive.
    “Not bad Templar…” mocked Takata.
    I felt the ground beneath me shake, and it grew hot. Fire spurted out from the walls. I decided to run, heading towards the way I came, but the door was gone. I was trapped! I looked but Takata had left. With the place about to be destroyed I decided to run. It was as if I was floating, but then I was gone…
    I opened my eyes and realized I was back at Antecar, with Apalm, Bonzai, and Pachirisu looking at me.
    “REHMA!!” they shouted, happy that I was alive. I was relieved.
    “How’d I get back here?” I asked, confused, and still foggy from my escape.
    “Pachirisu resurrected you.” Explained Bonzai.
    “And I kicked Takata for you!” exclaimed Apalm.
    I expressed my thanks and we all traveled to Throne of Heroes to relax and enjoy ourselves.

    This fanfic is about 6-8000 words, hard to tell from my word count lol, but i hope yall enjoy <3
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    oh, for those tht are readign this, i meant 1483 words >_< my bad ignore tht 6-8000 word mark
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    Default The Scorpio's Fountain

    This is my favorite spot in all of Acadia. It’s so quiet over here, away from all of the craziness that happens in the main plaza of Thereall. This small grassy spot with a cute fountain with a scorpion statue sitting on a platform in the middle just seems so peaceful to me. It’s really nothing fancy, not like The Waters of Illusion where I’ve heard the beach has sand so soft and pillowy, you can fall asleep without any trouble at all and with water so crystal clear you can see the very bottom or like Sacred Forest where the snow is so light and fluffy and the sunsets are so orange and beautiful. This place is just… simple. There’s nothing wrong with simple. I could sit here for hours and just watch the water fall from the fountain as the cool breeze lifts my short blue hair from my shoulders.

    I come here every day to relax after a long, hard day of questing in Hercules Hill and Breezing Land, but today I’ve come here for something special. I’ve come here to wait for the young man Cupid has matched me with. I’m so nervous! I hope he likes me! What if he doesn’t like me?! Or what is he thinks I’m weird?! No no I can’t think like that! Just take a deep breath, everything will be just fine! A confident smile spreads across my face. I can’t help it, I’m still nervous. I think with a small sigh.

    Then out of the corner of my eye, I see someone walking toward me. I turn to see who it is. It’s a tall, handsome young man with shiny, white hair that falls over his right eye and a rifle strapped to his shoulder. That must be him! Okay calm down everything will be fine… no everything won’t be fine! I’m a wimpy level 11 Wizard and he’s a strong level 38 Comet Marksmen! He’s not gonna wanna hang around and talk to a newbie like me! He looks so cool in his black t-shirt and black jeans. He’s gonna think I’m lame with my poofy purple armor dress with the dumb square purple hat. Okay well at least take off the hat. Maybe that’ll do some good. I took off my hat and rise to my feet and face him.

    “You must be Kirai.” He held his hand out to me. Wow he looks even more handsome up close. I reached out to shake his hand. “Umm that’s right… I’m Kirai.” I sound so dumb...

    “I’m Melancholy.” He said with a cute smile. Melancholy? What a silly name. I smiled back. “So you weren’t here long were you? I didn’t keep you waiting, did I?”

    “Oh no! You didn’t keep me waiting!” I’m actually surprised you showed up at all actually. “Okay well that’s good I guess… so umm…” His eyes started shifting, looking at everything but me. “You have any quests to do? I can help you with them if you want.” His gray eyes finally landing back on my, most likely, red face and I can see his cheeks turn a very light shade of pink. “Oh yeah I do have a few actually and I really wouldn’t mind the help.” And so we were off, on our way to the Breezing Land.

    And that’s how things went for a few months. Mel would make the long trips from the underwater city of Anteacar all the way to Thereall to see me and give me a hand on the quests that were assigned to me. Eventually we went to other parts of Acadia together, Golden Apple Hill, Ancient Ruins, and Melody Valley. I felt kind of bad that he did all of this for me, but I couldn’t do anything for him. His level climbed just as fast as mine did, probably faster. I just have to pick up the pace!

    When I finally got to around level 28, I was able to gain access to Golden Sand and Waters of Illusion! Finally I was going to get to save him the trip to Thereall, but when I got there, I found out that his dailies are all the way in Sacred Forest and Coast of Siren which is all the way across Acadia. Just when I thought I’d caught up to him, he just keeps getting farther and farther away. So I sit on the beach of Water of Illusion and bury my feet into the soft, pillowy sand. Wow they were right, this sand is really soft. That’s practically all I do these days. I don’t even go back to my scorpio fountain anymore. I just sit on the beach by myself after I finish my dailies with my two friends, Cherish and Miaka, and think about what I should do next, but I never come up with anything that’ll make me feel better or that’s even worth doing.

    I haven’t seen him in over a week now. He never said anything to me about leaving. I really hope he’s alright. That’s all I can think about as I sit here on the beach. I should just go. This salty air is ruining my hair. I stand up and dust the sand off of the back of my pink armor skirt, and pick up my staff. Just as I begin to walk back toward Golden Sand, someone behind me calls out my name. “Kirai!” I turn around and I see Mel standing there looking red and out of breath like he ran frantically to get to me. Mel… “MEL!” I drop my staff and run to him. As I jump into his arms, he twirls me around. Landing me softly back onto my feet, he hold me tight to his chest.

    “I’m so sorry.” He whispers onto my hair. “I’m so sorry I left without telling you.” He holds me close and strokes my back. “Where did you go?” I really hoped my voice wasn’t as shaky as it felt. “You don’t have to worry about that. I’m here now.” He runs his fingers through my rough, salty beach hair. I pull away. “Why won’t you tell me where you were?”

    “It doesn’t matter.” His gaze pierces mine. “All that matters is that I’m here now.” He tries to reach for me, but I just take another step back. “I want to know where you were.” A single tear falls down my cheek. I was really trying not to cry, but I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.

    “Kirai…” He sighs and looks down at the sand. When his eyes return to mine, I can see how hurt they are. “Please Kirai… don’t worry about it, okay? Can you just forget about it? Please?” There is so much hurt in his eyes. I want to know, I really want to know. Did something bad happen? I want to ask… but I don’t. “Fine…”

    A few more weeks went by and we stopped questing together. He doesn’t do his dailies anymore while I continue to climb the ranks. Somewhat slowly, but surely. We spend most of our time sitting on the beach, talking. “I’m finally level 36! Do you think maybe you could help me get through the job change dungeon with a few of my friends?” I’ve been craving to go questing with him again. “Sure I’ll help you tomorrow.”

    The next morning, in Argos Bay, I wait outside the dungeon with my friends, Hallea, Artheon, and Ordan, for Mel to show up. “Kirai, how about we do your job change now.” Hallea, a level 48 Moon Flame Envoy says. “Yeah let’s go I guess.” I want to keep waiting for him, but I don’t want to keep everyone else waiting too. The dungeon was extremely hard to get through, even with my friends help, but we were able to overcome the pirates, bandits, and wolves that lurked its halls. Upon my return to Gold Port, I become a fully recognized Moon Flame Enovy. Afterwards I go and sit in Waters of Illusion and waited for Mel to appear out of the blue again, but… he never shows up.

    I spent the following months, sad and alone. Even my fellow Alpha-Wolf-Clan guildies couldn’t lift my spirits and as time went on I gave up. I no longer spent my days sitting alone on the beach. I don’t even go back to my favorite spot anymore. My days consist of staying in my quiet, little house. No longer practicing my magic, not going to Master Wizard, Heather for my occasional visit, armor, staff, and shield hung up and out of the way. Sometimes I go to the bakery and get some pudding tarts, but that’s all really.

    A month went by and I stopped talking to my friends Cherish and Miaka. I wish I stayed in touch with them. I really miss them. I’m still in the Alpha-Wolf-Clan guild, but it seems like no one wants to talk to me anymore ever since I became a hermit.

    I spent three months cooped up in my tiny house. I can’t take it anymore! I have to stop being such a bum and get back out there! Once I finally pulled myself together, I discovered the Alpha-Wolf-Clan guild had been disbanded. Oh no I wonder what happened. I wish I could’ve said goodbye to my dear friends. Unfortunately, I never got to find out what happened. Hallea’s the only friend I had left around here. I asked her if there was a chance of me joining her guild. She wasn’t about to leave me hanging! From now on I am a loyal member of NorthStar! I’m going to get my bearings and get back into doing my dailies and climbing the ranks even higher!

    And that’s exactly what I did! Day after day, daily after daily! From Waters of Illusion to Whispering Grave! Whispering Grave to the Sacred Realm of the Gold of War! Sacred Forest! Cost of Siren! Then it hit me… Coast of Siren… this is the area Mel’s dailies were in before he disappeared. Maybe there’s something here that caused him to leave. I continued with the dailies in this area, but I couldn’t find a clue on as to why he would leave. I finally was able to catch up to his level… level 49. I wish he was here to share in the happiness, but I just kept on trucking.

    Things started turning out for the better for me, I was made Chief of NorthStar! I got a new boyfriend too. His name is Kylian. But then things started going bad for me again. Kylian and I didn’t work out. I was the one that decided to end it. There were others too, but they also never worked out! One didn’t even last 24 hours! Oh well. Move forward!

    Level 60. I made it to the big leagues! Dailies are harder and the work is long, but it’s worth it! I still hang around Thereall with a lot of new friends and guildies, but I very rarely visit my fountain. I decide to take a walk down there just for old time sake. I take my time. No need to rush to get there. When I get close, I see someone sitting on the edge of the fountain. It’s not uncommon to find other people here, but this person had white shiny hair that fell down the right side of their face, black glasses clung to their face, a rifle slung over their should, and was wearing black khakis and a back blazer. The person looked up at me. I was wearing a dark blue tube-top dress with white lace, glasses that constantly slide down my nose, black stockings, black heels with a single red rose attached on the left one, and a big burgundy bow tied into my short, blue hair. Oh yeah this definitely beats the first time he saw me. I walk over to him slowly. His eyes wash over me with every step I take. Okay just keep calm. Don’t get all crazy girlfriend that needs to know of his whereabouts every minute of every day on him. And smile. Come on smile!!!

    “Hey there, stranger.” Good, good plain and simple now just keep your cool. “Kirai I-.” He starts frantically.

    “Mel…” I hold up my hand to cut him off. “Hold on… I know… that there was a reason that you left for so long. I’ve waited for you for… how long has it been, five or six months? I know there’s a reason, but right now, I don’t really care. The only thing that’s important right now is that you’re here and you better kiss me right now.” There were no arguments on that one. When his lips touched mine, it’s like I completely forgot the last six months even happened.

    Not too long after, we got married! We didn’t have a big wedding, mostly my guildies, Hallea, Kazusa, Jay, Lyner, all of my amazing friends.

    You know, when we first met, I thought there was no way this would ever become real and this is as real as it gets. Eventually he told me that all this time he was training in Titan Ruin with the most advanced knights in all of Acadia. Apparently they wouldn’t let him communicate with the outside world. They thought it would be too much of a distraction or something, but you know what? Fine! I’m just happy I have I him back!

    “I love you, Kirai.” He whispers into my ear as we sit cuddled in front of my scorpio fountain.

    “I love you more.” <3

    I'm really not much of a writer, but I still hope you enjoyed it (: This story has a total of 2,287 words.

    And I kind of just noticed by previewing it that the italics don't show up very well, but they're there! O-O
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    Default I the only one who isn't writing about the game itself? xD I just used like names and the Cadena-Theia-Hecate-Acadia War story. I wonder if I need to write about the game itself e.e

    Btw loved all of your stories guys :3 Now I kinda feel like quitting >w<
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrunaLH View Post I the only one who isn't writing about the game itself? xD I just used like names and the Cadena-Theia-Hecate-Acadia War story. I wonder if I need to write about the game itself e.e

    Btw loved all of your stories guys :3 Now I kinda feel like quitting >w<
    Aww thanks bruna and lol just write what comes to ya sides, i havent played any subagames other than LH XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrunaLH View Post I the only one who isn't writing about the game itself? xD I just used like names and the Cadena-Theia-Hecate-Acadia War story. I wonder if I need to write about the game itself e.e

    Btw loved all of your stories guys :3 Now I kinda feel like quitting >w<
    NOOOO you have to keep going i really want to see as everyone's entries D: write however you like i didn't really write about the game itself and every story is so unique and awesome to read so please don't quit, everyone here has done great work and im sure yours will be great too ^_^ Imperfection is Beauty

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    Quote Originally Posted by HalleaLH View Post
    NOOOO you have to keep going i really want to see as everyone's entries D: write however you like i didn't really write about the game itself and every story is so unique and awesome to read so please don't quit, everyone here has done great work and im sure yours will be great too ^_^

    Damn chu Hallea Q.Q XD I'm soooooooo lazy. I have to translate all the story to ENG so I think its gonna take a while for me to post ma entry ^^,
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