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Thread: Skill List Reference Guide?

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    Default Skill List Reference Guide?

    Hi all,

    I'm curious if someone has spent the time to make a skill list for all characters? I know ept.blogspot or w/e has one, but it is long since updated (example link below). This would be very helpful when planning which skills to rank up (for indecisive people such as myself)
    Priston Tale: Magician Skills

    Thank you,

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    The Suba guides have not been updated in a long time. From what I understand, they are supposed to be "soon" and that could actually be soon!

    You can be pretty sure that someone will be coming along with an updated guide here on the forums. There is already one for the Atalanta, just posted this evening. Since it's only been a few hours since the rank up quest went live, that's pretty fast!

    Is it mage skills you are most interested in?

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    Yes I am mostly interested in magician, been thinking about using a mech more since I like them a lot too, so it would be nice to know where I'm headed before trying to get there!

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    Splim's post from here has a lot of good info on the tier 5 skills for all classes
    From the 3 classes I've ranked up so far, it checks out. Also from what I read, most (if not all) of the info in the original post should be accurate. Seems a lot of people are referrencing it as its at 6k + views as of this post. Hope that helps ^^.
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