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Thread: Newbie tips (yes, for you newbies)

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    Default Newbie tips (yes, for you newbies)

    If you happen to be here, you are part of the small minority that looks around for info (or somehting), so without further adeu (always wanted to say that), follow this tips:

    - Don't spend money on weapons or armors untill you hit 9x, wich is easily doable on the grind maps (Maelstrom desert, Infected area and Ruined City), if you do that, those weapons will soon be obsolete for you if you get them at lvl 80 or below (you will dash trough levels).

    - Save your lvl 87 pandea Mission, because the warp it gives to sunshine born is awesome, also pandea missions give like 3% of a level (only at the level they are, because is a fixed amount of exp), wich is nothing with Ruinec City around.

    - Go to every War Point giving event and do arena as often as you can, even if you lose all the time, War Points will give you a big help on crafting your own equipment later on (as I sais, lvl 9x, or more specificaly, 98... or 100 if you are going for the tackle, rapid, rigid or revival armors in the wp shop)

    - If you have any doubts, always ask ingame first, or try to think a little bit and figure it out AND also ask around to see if your deduction on whatever you are doing is right, don't be an ass and ask "WHERE BG GRIND AT X LEVEL" every time you level up (pleaseee)

    - EXPLORE THE DAMN GAME every time you have the chance, so you are not lost wars or something.

    - As in every mmo, you can't expect to be on par with other people withing a week even if you hit 101 that fast, equipments take time, and learning to properly fly your gear and be good with it might take months (it does take months).

    Some glosary:

    MS: Mothership, there are mothership wars that are scheduled, wich you can see on the town's central tower (click on it and screw around)

    OP: Outpost war, same thing, if you are not sure what to do, veteran players do, do what they say and it all will be all right (outspoken people are not always veteran, knowing who is a veteran player that knows what he is doing is also kind of hard lol); Can also mean Orina Peninsula, a BCU map.

    IF: Infinity field, some PvE thing, also refers to Invading Force, a weapon.

    AC: or purple stick of death, Asteroid Cluster, AG's main weapon.

    IE: Insanity edrills, some event weapon for IGs.

    CoH: Call of Hero, an MG skill that warps you to the MG's location, you have to be in formation with said MG (so don't ask COH ME PLEASE in warchat, is annoying).

    RE: Reverse engine, an MG skill

    BB: Big Boom, BG's self-destruct skill.

    GBM - ABM: Ground and Air Bombing Mode, BG main skills.

    BMM: Back Move Mach, BG and IGs skill where they "fly backwards"

    TA: Turn Around, BG and IG skill that makes them do an 180° in a sec (or something).

    FR: Full recovery, MG skill that you sholdn't be asking around for it.

    GS: Ground siege, AG's main skill

    GA: Ground Accelerator, AG skill that makes them go zoom zoom in the gorund.

    TP: Town portal or Teleport, town portals for towning, the item, Teleports you will see in MS wars.

    RD: Reduce Damage, BG/IG skill that cuts damage done to shileds, even if you see a 1000 dmg, they only recieve 650 if they have the 35% RD on.

    And do on, others might feel like contributing, I sure could have used some of these when I sarted.

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    Key points for new players:

    Don't beg people for stuff! Talk to people, ask questions.. Don't beg or act stupid.

    Participate in every way you can, you get your name out there.. People will be more willing to help you with missions and so on.

    Use the in game FAQ. It can help, believe it or not.

    Save your mats (materials) Chrome, Aluminum, Zirconium steel green, Zirconium metal blue, DNA, DNA cores.. There's plenty that are useful. (Don't let people talk you out of them)

    Don't waste your free membership caps right away.. Save them for times when you KNOW you'll be getting lots of War points. Trust me on this.

    NEVER!!!! I say again.. NEVER use normal WEAPON gambles on good weapons (IF weapons, slot weapons,etc.) It's stupid. Just don't.

    If you spend money, regular ARMOR gambles are just as good as their "super" variant, don't be fooled.. The rates of good fixes are not much better... Your money would be better spent on wipes to keep re-fixing with regular ARMOR gambles until you achieve the desired results.

    Save your War Points until you're high enough level.. 9X +. You'll regret wasting it later, trust me. (As previously mentioned.)

    Grind in the grind maps, seriously, that's what they're for.. They have no item drops (Save for the ones from gold named mobs in MD and IA) but insane EXP (that goes up as you level) and decent SPI drops.

    Currently on weekends we get insane happy-hours.. Use them to either level up or farm for items (kits, mats, etc)

    HAVE FUN! This is the main thing.. This game can be rough, though I admit Suba and Masang have made it far easier than it used to be. Regardless.. Just enjoy yourself, don't get wrapped up in the dramatic bull**** and do what you will get the most enjoyment out of.

    Lastly.. Watch out for scammers.. Never give ANYTHING to ANYONE that you don't trust very highly.. Because chances are, you won't get it back. IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE.. IT IS!!

    I'll probably add more later
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    You forgot Air Siege. Understandable, considering so few AGs actually use it.

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    Whoever moved this, is a wiener.

    Should be a locked sticky of just FACTS on every section, because people can't read.
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    this is a good tips for ppl! nice one

    Quote Originally Posted by DeadImpact View Post
    Key points for new players:

    Don't beg people for stuff! Talk to people, ask questions.. Don't beg or act stupid.
    this one is like this:

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    Another tip: if you want to ask players things, don't start with "sir" or "bro", you get auto rejected by a lot of players coz it's so gay.

    If you are planning to spend real money in the game, not everything in the credit shop is as good/useful. Here are the best ones listed:

    Membership: best thing you can buy, gives you more inventory/warehouse space, double warpoints, free item capsule everyday(stack them up till you have like 50,then open them at 86(bg) or 96(mg/IG)), shared warehouses between all of your gears on 1 account.

    Goggles: I personally love these, they give a 20% bonus range on your weapons, they cost like 10k for 90 days, so worth it

    Blue mountain coffee: especially for mgears these are useful, this will give you a small regen bonus on the spirit, mgears use a lot of spirit and combined with a sp bonus on your armor and some other free bonuses it can save you a lot of time/money to buy all the sp.

    Pierce/prob/def/eva charms: there are 10% godcharms of each of these. 1 and 5 hour ones, they are very useful, but don't use them all the time(only for large wars or sp/ms wars where you need them the most)

    Contours: those items are rather expensive in the creditshop, but players sell some of the contours for around 200-350 mil SPI, SPI is a lot easier to get, so if you want a contour try to buy it from other players.

    Supergambles/wipes/eprotects: those are also in the warpoints shop, but if you don't want to wait a decent amount of time till you have a lot of wp saved up, you can use the creditshop as a shortcut.

    How to make fast SPI for newbies:

    Just grind your gear up till 101, at lvl 92 you get a exp capsule you can sell for 350mil SPI, at lvl 100 you get a essc, which go for 550m?

    Farm wp capsules and sell the wp to other players if you need SPI quickly, wp ratio is about 1:15 these days, 1 k wp = 15 mil SPI

    Farm the burning temples in ash lane, in the weekends(or the whole week for <87) they give 60-100k SPI a kill and they are really easy to kill, no nations that can kill you there and they respawn quickly.

    I someone can give more ideas, go ahead
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    Quote Originally Posted by IronlEye View Post
    Another tip: if you want to ask players things, don't start with "sir", you get auto rejected by a lot of players coz it's so gay.
    Ah I hate when players: "Hey sir can I....?"

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    Normal Type: (from town armor shop):Nobody uses this unless it's a EXP or Drop dual fix about 40% from 2 fix.

    WP Slot:From WP Box, tradeable at all levels keeps fix/enchant upon upgrade. Mainly used as a HP armor (BG Big Boom armor:type R) has a tiny more evade/def vs WP armor from WP shop in D/E type. Note: Do NOT open WP boxes to get them (VERY low drop rate), thanks to server merge long ago among other things there's a ton of these in the game, as is it is a waste of WPs. They run you about 70-100mil at level 48 anyway, so no big deal.

    WP armor:From WP shop(10k WP, cheaper to upgrade vs WP slot as is it only uses materials not WP upgrade cards (tradeable at all levels, does not keep fix/enchant upon upgrade).

    CS(Cash Shop)Armor: Only tradeable at level 48, avoid if you do not CS (keeps fix/enchant upon upgrade).


    BG: From whatever level you can one hit mobs with GBM (Ground Bombing Mode) you should use Bawoos only, say 30+ shooting normal becomes mostly useless. As a low level BG you should look for Bawoos with a single normal/SG(Super Gamble) prob (Probability/Accuracy) fix x-10+ prob and enchant 5 them for Prob if you can afford it from level 30+ on wards. The main goal and focus of BG grinding is to one hit mobs with GBM.

    IG: As Ig when you get +1 Frenzy (level 38) you need to start to think about a new weapon, IG uses 1x2 or 1x4 weapons, Example: Edrill or Arrow. At some point when the yellow starter weapons become more and more useless, it's time to switch. At around level 38 with +1 frenzy you should start looking for a arrow type weapon, prob fix is best then e5 prob, use normal gamble if it does not have pre/suf same goes for BG.

    MG: MG grind weapons are all Reatk, and really is the hardest of all to grind. They use MS type weapons volley vs shots 2x2 (Meteor Shower, Eliden,Tongpah). The more you shoot the better, with a high reatk, prob boost is also very good.

    AG: AG is also like MG hard to grind past the yellow starter weapons, a ideal AG weapon is a AC(Asteroid Cluster) with 2 Reatk fix and 2 prob boost at or over e10, example: -48 to 44 (Enchant 10 reatk) reatk +14 prob. Common route for AGs is to get a BS (Bigsmash) E10 reatk with 2 reatk fix -44-50% reatk and legend it with a script, higher level BS=Higher legend rate, example level 95 (Big smash final)=90%ish.


    Normal 1-10.xx% is normal (excluding reatk which is 12-15% for SG).

    Super Gamble:Anything above 10.xx+% may include bonus, example 11% prob and -5 reatk. (Pretty sure values change depending on type of boost, prob 11.xx%+,atk same%, reatk SG caps at 12-15%)

    Super Gamble With Boost: Same as above only with a boost range/prob/reatk/atk min/max/overheat etc. Example -15% reatk +7% prob.

    Hyper Fix (Good): Two fixes, a really good fix. Example 15% prob and 13% atk.(A true hyper fix gives 11% or higher of two stats, excluding reatk which is 12% or higher)

    Hyper Fix (Bad): One fix and a partial fix. Example 12%atk and 5% prob.(Also can be confused with a fix with bonus)

    War points: Used at WP shop to buy items, WP are awarded from ingame events like SP,MS,BW(Strategic points, Base Wars and Mother ship) and arena - when it's fixed. In SPs WP are given in the map closet to Bark/Sun Shine Born and SP map, depending on the map chain. Example: There is a Redline SP and WPs are given when the SP dies/despawns, in only Den of site B and Redline. I don't think this is 100% accurate sorry, I got WP in Atus for Edmont SP as a example(so many game changes, derp). Base war is simply the bases map and the adjacent map - Bark, Mid air - SSB, Corona - Mesos floor, Rocks Nest top. For MS the same rules apply as they do to SPs, however in a defense Mothership WP are awarded in ANY map upon destruction of the enemy nations Teleport. In MS Despawn/Destruction of MS will award WPs.

    Correct me if Iam wrong and Iam bored of this now, going to drink more now. Must stop posting while drinking...ahhhhhh.
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    A bit of what I know:

    Be economical. Don't spend all of your cash on shiny stuff until you hit about level 9x-100+.

    Spend your stuff on equipment that's just enough for you to kill monsters and survive (example: S-1 armor enchant 5 energy) and a weapon that can kill something fast (doesn't have to be very good, but good enough to kill something).

    Go to all the WP events. Easy money. I would keep them for later use (level 9x-100+).

    Make SPI. The simple rule: buy stuff at low price, sell stuff high (but not too high or else people don't buy).

    Consider keeping or selling the weapons you drop while grinding. You might want to keep weapons you need (BigSmashes, bawoos, arrows, etc.). Even better if they're hyperfixed or supergambled.

    Upgrade your weapon first, armor last. If you have a good weapon but a bad armor, you'll be fine. Of course you'll want an armor good enough to at least survive a few more hits.

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    Oh man, this thread was sent here to die.


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