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Thread: Summer 2013 Tournament

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    Default Summer 2013 Tournament

    Summer MAT Tournament 2013

    This is a 5 v 5 tournament; all teams will be picked at random.

    There will be no AP, Gloves, Fast Reload, backpacks, Head, Eye, Ear, Mouth or Arm gear allowed.
    No Ammo, Riot, Grenade packs, or C4 toolkit cards.
    No Dance cards, or Subtle.
    You may only wear default clothing.
    You may however keep Honor and silver cards on your person, since they do no give you an advantage while playing.
    Anyone caught using any item to have an unfair advantage against their opponents will disqualify their team.

    Guns you may use are all default which includes AK-47, MP5, G36, M24, M4A1, and M3.
    Secondary pistol you may use only default G17.
    Melee weapon you may only use default Machete.
    Grenade you may use only default M67 (HED), M18 Smoke Grenade, or CTS Flashbang.

    This Tournament will be 8 teams of 5 players, and will be a single elimination. Each team will have 2 subs as back up.
    Teams must be online 15 minutes before the first match to check in.
    You must register for the event on the Suba Forums, registration will Close 1 week prior to the tournament please provide your user name and ID #.

    List of the teams will be posted on the Suba Forums 1 week prior to Tournament.
    The tournament will be held on June 18, 2013 at 4pm EST.

    The winners of the 1st round will then move on to the 2nd round, the winning team of the second round will them move onto to the Semi-finals, the winners of the Semi-finals will move on to the Final match.

    1st place each team member will receive items or mpoints equaling up to the amount of 20,000 gold.
    2nd place each team member will receive items or mpoints equaling up to the amount of 13,000 gold.
    3rd place each team member will receive items or mpoints equaling up to the amount of 6,000 gold.

    For any more Questions Contact Netty.

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    It will be Bomb mode tournament

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    I approve this message and event, it is supported by SubaGames.

    GM Tranzor

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    Do i need to register here ? Just say my acc name and its all ?

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    but yout in game name and ID #

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    For Example.... User name: Netty ID#: 244905

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    iMisterAkiro ID# 239674 and My Wife iMistressAkira ID# 242155

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    xUrAnUs id#: 96331

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    Darkapple id:129127

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    Default Summer 2013 Tournament

    MrJustoang and ID:119484 and i wanna be Sub (Back Up) please n.n

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