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Thread: HELP! Newbie here!

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    Default HELP! Newbie here!

    Hey guys, I'm really new here with the game. The reason I downloaded this game because it's AWESOME game-play. I'm really interested on how to play this game and become one of those pros (I wish). But I don't have any idea on what gear should I take. I mean for beginners like me.
    So please help me guys and give suggestion about the gears and their pros & cons.
    Oh, and one more thing. I don't like M-Gear (no offense) I just don't like being a support that's all.
    But please share your idea about the M-Gear, for you know. Additional knowledge about the game
    Thanks in advance guys!

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    IGear and BGear are the easiest gears to start and to play.
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    Hehe Thanks Sir IronEye for the quick replies
    Well, I created first an IGear and yeah it's easy to play.
    But I'm kinda envy those AGear, dunno why, I just like their cannons haha.

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