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Thread: Lucent Heart Suggestions.

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    Hey I was thinking of putting in a SP shop item that would allow players to revert their tarot pets back into a trade-able card item.
    It would make it so the pet is only level 1, had no abilities, and whatever other base form it would be in. But in doing so it would allow players to trade the pet, that they thought they wanted, away for a pet they actually might want. The item should cost more then the New Life Skills Book (5,400 SP).
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    My Suggestions are

    1. Lets maintain Tarot Pets rarity and special of it. Tarot Pets should not display all. Like there's a certain time each of them when they will see there availability. So tarot will maintain there special of it. Lets prevent saying. "Aw your pet is too old dude o.0"

    2. Lets add more Leveling helpful items. Like double exp item, weapon temporarily enhancement system (like 1day for additional increase of its stats) and others armors and elemental defense too that can endure grinding in other maps.

    3. Gacha pay2win system. Lets add some 3 items to choose if ever you fail on getting real prize on it. At least the player satisfy what he/she gets on it.

    4. SP Shop event. Maybe you should tab add discount system maybe once in a week of once in a month.

    5. Gold Gacha. I dont think this will worth. But in some major monitoring. Players sell them there sp to make gold. Then lets try to applied it here. Gacha that you can get a random amount of Gold.

    6. SP Gacha. I dont think this will work too, but when it comes pay2win. its really like this.

    7. Try to expand more Expansion System. As the game more updates more to collect we need a lot of expansion. >.<

    8. Battle Pets. If pets has possible buffs why dont we include charm item for battle pets too.

    9. Palette System. I think we should try this too. Enable a player to customize specific color for its item. (likewise theres a certain item applicable for this)

    10. Times Customes. Other players cannot afford specific amount of sp on it. and other players wants to try it too. Maybe we should add timed customes that enable to wear on time bases. like 1D,7D or 30D as well the price goes decrease too.

    Thats for now for today >.<
    i was passing by and heard.."why so many aoi in this game?"
    and im thinking that is it forbidden to use my real name? they are just fan lovers eventually.

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    It would be awesome if you add cat ears and a cat tail in the item mall. I love cats so much and I will really like if you add these things. Thanks =^w^= meow

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    Can you guys add duel wielding in the game

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    I think if there is a sp to gold system in im, it would avoid the increasing rate of sp/gold and the rate will be fixed

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeJoseph3 View Post
    I think if there is a sp to gold system in im, it would avoid the increasing rate of sp/gold and the rate will be fixed
    That might actually cause sp price to raise because those without access to credit cards would be forced to offer more gold than say an I.M rate might provide, just to get someone to sell it to them. It is a good idea though.

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