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Thread: LH Introductions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrunaLH View Post
    Welcome back to Acadia!

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    I'm serial5228, I'm a noob, thanks

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    Figured I'd boot this thread back up and maybe inspire some new players to introduce themselves on the forums. I go by Coresant in game, and I'm 26 in real life. I got into this game after a buddy of mine who works out of state got coerced into playing by his fiance of 5 years since they could play/interact while we works away. Me and my fiance of 5 years joined shortly after, and while they no longer continue to play regularly, we still do. I like the socializing.. some days, the great outdoors, building websites, social networking (legitimately, not just checking my facebook lol), and my continuous efforts of building a small online media empire. I'm interested in a little of everything.. I can be sporadic in nature at times, just try to look past that..

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