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Thread: Bring Wonderking back!

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    Greetings fellow MMO enthusiasts~

    I would like to share with you why I believe WonderKing would be worth the initial investment. Even though I only had a brief experience with the game (as I unfortunately started less than a month before shutdown), I certainly enjoyed a majority of the available content and features. When I first began playing WonderKing, considering I've been searching for a primary MMO to hold me over until others I've had my heart/sights set on were released, my expectations were toned down. I played with the mindset: "Oh, this seems like a well-polished game which will hopefully keep me occupied for the time being." I spent time researching and finding guides about the game since I'm so accustomed to playing MMORPGs without an active/helpful/solid community. Now armed with some background information and general knowledge about WK, I figured it was time to start. To my surprise everything in-game was pretty straightforward and localized, so I had no problems integrating into my new home. I participated in various events, won awesome prizes and took pride in leveling up at least 6 times on each of my characters once per day. That's just an example of how engaged I was to WonderKing, so when it ended so abruptly I had no other outlet as the other games I've been waiting for were basically "lost in translation." If the experience is anything like it was in the past (including the awesome community, such as SubaGames') and complemented by a much more streamlined environment, I'm confident those involved would benefit tremendously.

    Thanks for hearing our request for this very wonderful game. ^^

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    how dare you,
    trash trough the Forum section.
    By the way, Wonderking is now in Japan, Thailand and Korea. In Korea its from what i have heard not OBT yet.
    You cant be serious about not wanting such a game.

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    First I want to thank you Kkid for support us to bring Wonderking back for all of us faithful Player, your post make us a lot of hope that Wonderking soon come back and I want to share you a link to a video who proves our community cohesion and our desperate hope that one time Wonderking come back.

    Please bring Wonderking back to new luster.

    ~Miaufreak~ a FAITHFUL Wonderking player.
    Wonderking - need Publisher (HD) - YouTube

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    Wonderking was just an awesome game. The Commiunity was just amazing ich i played it pretty long every day. But the game went down and EU gamers needed to wait like 2 years. I think waiting should have an end! I don´t want to get my character back i just want to play this game again ( but in Yapan .... i don´t understand what other people mean .... ) so please Bring Wonderking back !

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    hi there, I really want wonderking back too.. I was playing like almost 2 years and had lots of fun with my nice guild.. I couldnt believe it when they told us that it would end.. I really cried..without joke.. pls bring that wonderful game back! I dont even need my old acc just give us a new chance to experience that awesome game again! <3

    Greetings from Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koitosenkyva4gU View Post
    hello everyone!

    i know the developers is throught the hard way to solve the issues, but it seems like they dont care anymore with this game.
    I believe the developers you're thinking of are the previous company that was publishing the game in the NA not the actual people that created it. They've formed a new company and are going strong right now lol.

    Anyways sorry for the long absence , we've since been reaching out to many areas and regrouping the community. I've pasted the link and am now advertising out to people to come here and show their support. As the game has been down for 2+ Years people have slowly scattered but so far we've gathered more than 6k+ fans since the beta in other countries alone ( all from NA ) and had over 1k signatures to our cause.

    Looks like things may start to get lively in this thread again so just a heads up. Greatly appreciate the fact that Subagames has taken the time to even look at us, as that means the difference in night and day as other companies rarely regard the community as something essential or meaningful. Regardless of the outcome looking forward to working with everyone and getting to know more faces here!

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    Hey everybody,

    Wonderking was simply wonderful. It just seems to attract great people. Of course there are ****ty people all the time, but for some odd case, almost every person I encountered while playing Wonderking was unique and great to play with. I had played since the closed beta started, and through all the glitches and flaws, it was still a wonderful game with wonderful people. Please publish Wonderking <3 <3 :-*


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    Hello Subagames!

    I am Kanga, just another typical Wk player. I can't tell you much more than what the previous posters have said, but I can add the to number of people that are desperate for WonderKing to come back.

    I played from December '09 till close in December '11, and they were probably the best 2 years of my life. Granted, other stuff was going on at the time, but WonderKing was a rather large part of it. So yeah, I'll gladly sign our thread on your forum, and hope for the best.

    Cheers for reading,
    A Wk fan in mourning.

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    I would really love to see wonderking come back, iv been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to come back and its great to see its making progress after so long. I played wonderking for quiet some time...roughly 2 years, and i just loved the game, All the friendships i made and all the fun i had...I miss it, they are really great memories, and i consider wonderking to be the best online MMORPG ever...and iv played a LOT of MMORPGs soo...i would greatly appreciate it if it came back. I miss u wonderking <3

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    WonderKing, very marked my life, was the first MMO RPG I played.
    I just LOVE WonderKing, but those servers which opened around, station very buggy and can not afford to play like that, so I would return that ignited the game, or another American company! Thank you!

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