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Thread: Bring Wonderking back!

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    Even though I hate Luna because she banned me from her site, blocked me from Facebook, and bad-mouthed me to the rest of the WK community, this game is one of the best 2D MMORPG Games out there. I know because I tried many of them like Dragon Saga, SoulSaver Online, and Maplestory. WonderKing had a balanced cash shop, awesome PvP, and a wonderful community (Unlike Maplestory which is a big money vacumn that wants to suck every little bit of money out of kids). Wonderking has the potential to beat all the other 2D MMORPGs out there!

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    Please WonderKing back because we want is the best game that already played in my life ... WonderKing We love you and want you right back, I created an account on this forum just to make the game that I love back. Please God hear us and bring this wonderful game right back.

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    WonderKing feel so miss ... So on my behalf and on behalf of the whole community WK, I ask them that would give attention to our beloved WonderKing, which is a long time off.
    * WonderKing is certainly the best game of my life. Marked a time, which for me was wonderful. WonderKing made ​​my life so fun and exciting! I made many friends there ... And I know I'm not the only one who wants this wonderful game again!
    * I ask on behalf of the WonderKing community to help us bring WK again!!
    * Thank you.

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    I've played Wonderking since it first came out in CBT 1, It's a game that is truely missed by the community.

    I played this game when the community was very small and still somehow lively, I also wrote the first guide to helping every person who played it how to lvl and such. I helped make some of the top guilds even better then they already were.

    There are numerous things that will never be forgotten about this game same as the company that restores it to its fellow glory. This game was a pass time for alot of people and im more then sure that all of them deeply miss it for all of what it had to give. This game had one of the best community's in a game that i ever played aside from CoH or DCUO. That's why i would fully support the restoration of this game.

    I miss not only the community but the tiny little avatars we all know and grew to love.


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    I do not exactly recall how long I have played this game, but for more than a year and a half at least. This game was the birthplace of warm memories, close friends, and even closer family, although I may have changed a lot, and so have others, I still really wish this game was up again so that i may meet them again where i first met them. Keeping contact with them through other means do not always provide the same taste and neither is it appealing to me.

    Entering the OM is like seeing your neighbors you see daily going on about their own business. Along with having a lot of fun, being able to help others and meeting new people who live in different environments and were brought up under different circumstances is what i would consider the most interesting and fun part of this game. Of course, there are many other games and means that this can be performed, but there is a big difference depending on the medium used and this game just so happens to be able to demonstrate this to me that I have discovered within my (because i wished it was longer)short-lived but wonderful experience of playing this game. It would be very nice if this game were to be rebuilt in NA and that there would be no region block, since it did seem quite unfair that many of the forums had EU people questioning the block and requesting that it be removed and that they wish to play too.


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    I played wonderking for 2 years. It's the only MMO I ver liked. I tryed some other like dragon saga and things like that. But none were like wonderking. The community in wk was so special. If you wanted to chat you could always go the the market or the pvp room. You could always find wonderfull fighters at the pvp room. There was also always som saints that would buff you at the pvp room(That you could access from any maps). It was truly fantastic. There was also so players event that some players did. I can recall LeafMaster doing quiz and giving cash items as rewards. The game had something special that builded a special community. I really miss this game.

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    This game brings back so much memories. I had to make an account for this website just so I could post something regarding the game. Well, I played during the first CBT (CBT 1) and a little bit of cbt 2. I quit during cbt 2 because there was going to be a wipe so I just decided not to play until it was over. I came back to playing wonderking once everything was settled and it was fully up and running (stable). Wonderking is the best game I have ever played. And I have played a lot of games such as: Maple Story, Ghost X, S4 League, League of Legends, Atlantica, Gunbound, etc. The point is Wonderking is my all-time favorite. I don't think any of the game I have played tops it. Wonderking's community was awesome. Wonderking's pvp is my favorite. The pvp system is just amazing. I believe the game has a lot of potential, a lot.
    And money-wise, it's a great investment. If I had the money and the knowledge to run a game, I would choose Wonderking.
    There's so much things I could say about Wonderking, but the main point is that the game should be considered.

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    Let me tell you a story.
    One day I was looking for a game, and came across a little game called Wonderking in the last bit of Closed beta.
    I soon became hooked on the game and later became a forum moderator after doing a large bit of tech support for new players because the game was so great, I wanted to be sure everyone could enjoy it.
    I then started to make great friends within the community (many of which I still talk to today)
    But as things went on, we noticed the lack of updates and a large number of unresolved issues, we started to get an idea that something was going wrong. Regardless how much even us players tried to help get certain situations under control, nothing seemed to help.
    And then, much to our dismay, our beloved Wonderking went byebyes. I've yet to find a game even close to filling the void that was left by the closing down of Wonderking.

    If you manage to get it brought back, you will forever be my hero in MMORPG gaming.

    And for those who frequented the Wonderking Online forums... That's right... The Princess is Back

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    Nice one Globby. Guess it is my turn now.

    Hello everyone I am Shinikage. I discovered Wonderking when I was just looking for a flash game to play. I was very bored and I never heard of a MMORPG before, much less played one .I asked myself, "I wonder if there is such a thing as a computer game where you can play with other people." So I typed in Google, "Online fighting game" and Wonderking showed in the list of results.

    I downloaded the game and played it. I never thought I would be so addicted to a computer game. As I played Wonderking, I learned many things about the internet such as "noob" and "brb" and "afk". I then learned a acronym that changed my entire perspective of computer games: "PVP"

    Wonderking's pvp was truly amazing. Learning that the Wonderking developers were still mastering their pvp system was even more impressive. I loved Wonderking more with each passing day. I became very well known for my quotes such as "Shini Mode!" and my newest quote, " Who are you, and do you pvp?"

    When Wonderking began to go down due to lack of content, I still continued to play it. While the population dwindled to about 50 people per server, i still continued to play. As people began to leave the game for other games such as Dragon Nest and Elsword, I still continued to play Wonderking. All of the friends I made during my time in wonderking begged me to play with them on the newer 3d games. However, my love for Wonderking was too strong to allow me to enjoy the other games.

    Wonderking is a truly amazing game with a magnetic charm. Whoever chooses to play this game would be extremely happy, so would the company who chooses to purchase this game. Thank you very much for your consideration and I hope you will decide to be extremely happy.

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