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Thread: Bring Wonderking back!

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    Question Bring Wonderking back!

    I´m starting this thread in hopes to get Support.
    I saw the success of Lucent Heart, many people together brought back a game that everyone did miss.
    I was really inspired from that, and now ill try to get your attention for Wonderking, an 2D Sidescroller game.
    The Community was just perfect, but then Wonderking went down everywhere, because problems from the Developers. We have waited a long time, and now its finally possible to start this try to get Wonderking back.
    Wonderking came back under the name "Wonderking 2" in Japan with new developers that actually care for their game, update it and fix bugs.
    I hope soon someone will accept this.

    ~Dont forget to check out the "Reasons for Signing" at the bottom of the site, it shows that people from many different Countries really want to get it back.

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    Sounds like a great cause to sign for, I'll go for it.
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    PM me here on the Forum, or message me in-game for any help at all!

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    First off I want to thank you Kkid for supporting this, WK goes way back for a lot of us in the community. For many it’s a place where many of friendships and bonds were formed. Online relationships, and new beginnings for some. To others it was mainly an entry point to the online world of MMO’s. This game is truly unique in its own way (2D wise) While there may be debates between this game and Maple that is for another thread, as this game stands on its own as does MS.

    Through Thomas above we’ve seen the impact Subagames has on a determined community. This shows us that above all else that SubaGames holds value with its community and doesn’t treat it like other companies. I for one was a major player on LH back when it was active, and was sad to see it go , and especially the way the management treated it on the way out. When I was informed someone had started a petition here I signed it wondering if a company would even bother taking a look as most look @ things based on profit and other margins, as I’m aware how the business usually flows with this, working as a prior GM and MOD for previous MMO’s. So it was very surprising to see the warm welcome it received here.

    While this game was originally published under a different company ( Ignited Games ) there has been very little activity from them since the return of WK, though they are busy with other games we couldn’t help but hope for a response to some extent from them about what was going on. As the owner of the official fan-site this depressed me to a great extent, as I watched angered players fighting to find information and each other over negative remarks made over what some concluded as “a game that would never return”. This is in no way demeaning them only informing that there is a very hungry community awaiting the revival of this game in the US. The original closed down in December of 2011, with hopes of returning. To the community, “communication” is our biggest thing.

    For those around that do recall WK and are curious about the main closing issue, it had to do w/ corporate issues within the development company (Ryu&Soft) from which there were internal feuds over work. This included workforce not getting paid and overworked, and threats that ranged between
    Deletion of original data and eventually lead to the CEO taking the software and all data. After about 9+ months in court it appears the Developers won their case, as R&S went bankrupt the Dev’s formed a new company under the name 2WG (2WinGames) and have since been putting every effort into taking WK further. Since the return of the company in 2012 Countries such as Japan and Thailand have since picked up the game.

    In Japan the community hit 6k members on the initial CBT launch. More than 9k members by CBT2 launch, and has since doubled since OBT. The US version had nearly 20k+ Members during its initial active phase which increased over the first year. So far we’ve reclaimed about 700+ members in the past month on our fan site ( as we slowly scour the internet for fans that linger, and those that are still hoping for its return.

    So again from all of us in the WK Community, we greatly appreciate you taking your time to read this and consider our plea. Looking forward to being part of your family in the future if possible.

    From Luna P on behalf of The Wonderking Community

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    In regards to this thread

    I've been a Wonderking player since the moment I got into Highschool from the CBT years of 2009 ~ to the closing in 2012 so Wonderking was a very big part of my life, and the online friendships I have made have stuck with me to this day. To put it bluntly, Wonderking is vintage and priceless to someone like me and I love this MMO for all the bonds and crisp gameplay experience it has provided me in my years of growing up. I look forward to it returning in North America and I wish Subagames considers our petition. Thank you for letting us voice our concern on your forums, although I can not speak on behalf of the entire community I am truly grateful given the possibility of our MMO returning.

    With Courtesy,
    Avo aka Antarctica
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    Cuz i love Wonderking so much, im making a subagames account just for this

    I was a veteran Wonderking player. Played since the second CBT starts and until the game got changed its publisher and later.. "temporarily shut down." The community was great and ofcourse, the game too. Until recently the game is back in JP version under the name "Wonderking 2." I had a glimpse of that version and it seems they have fixed, added features and polished the game far better than they wanted. If im not mistaken, they had problems with the developers and hence the reason of unable to push the game further and the termination.

    Would be glad, thrilled and exciting to see this wonderful game come back up in NA. Im a big fan of side-scroller and i see this is the only game that can dethrone other popular side-scroller in the market if it has been worked to its full potential. Since the developer of the game is back, i cant see any other reason why the game cant achieve that.

    To whom it may concern, please do anything to bring this game back alive

    Best regards,
    Imperidal lv140 Assassin.

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    WK have been part of my life during my college years, filled with joy, laugh, fun, rage.

    It has a great community, there's a lot of people like to submit suggestion, hoping the game would improved and more enjoyable. there also a newbie friendly helper, where most of them posting bajillion tutorials for each classes, answering question "how to?" thread, helping GM find a bug(unfortunately the *old*developer not working to fix the bug*), there's also have a friendly troll to spice up the game, player event organizer, and many wonderful player.

    It's really unfortunate the game forced to close because the developer unable to update many problem related to hack and hack shield, making the game going nutshell for item duplication, map-hack, etc. As luna said, theres an internal problem in corporate.

    We've been waiting for WK revival, an unexpected revival too. A small hope WK developer get their thing together and rebuild the game, but actually bought by japan company and getting much more improved. From there, we've been waiting again which publisher gonna take the game. Not a single clue given by old publisher, we decide to have a petition, hoping there's a new publisher will take the game. Then, it decided we will ask Subagames if they're able to accept Wonderking.

    From a part of WK community, i look foward to join Subagames community to revive and enjoying Wonderking again.


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    Wonderking fue el primer juego 2d mmorpg que tuve la oportunidad de jugar y seria una lastima que no volviera todabia hay una gran comunidad que esta esperando el regreso de wonderking , yo como latino aunque no creo que salga en nuestro idioma igual apoyo que vuelva wonderking para norte america .
    fuerza wonderking

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    Wonderking is for most of those, who played it, more than just a game. It was a place to meet your friends, actually, most of those I got to know playing wonderking I'm still in contact with, 2 years after its last online days. It went from a loose contact to some serious reallife friendship. It surely is a game worth saving, not only will the community be one, that you rarely find again in the online world, but also will it be a game, which you do not even have to advertize for. There are thousands of people who just wait for some message that wonderking is back to the US and/or EU players.

    I really hope, that we, the players of wonderking and the game itself can be part of your family.


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    Wonderking was the only my first mmorpg that i played it for a long time,i never know that i would have made so many friends in an online game and would be still be in contact through a social site..!!!I miss everything like the gameplay,cute graphics and ofcourse the awesome commodity.Itwas really an amazing experience for me to chit-chat with people in a virtual place..!! haha

    Its already been so long since the wonderking is dead.There are alot of players who are desperate like me who want wonderking to come back.I am sure that the wonderking commodity would do anything (except for doing something illegal) to get this wonderful game to get back

    I wish that i really could find dragon balls so that i could revive this amazing game.Haha

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    hello everyone!

    i'm one of the million people who's playing wonderking(NA server), and i was a major player back then at wonderking.
    just like people above me, i want wonderking to brought back!!
    tired of waiting for a years! why must a wonderfull game like wonderking get shuting down!
    i know the developers is throught the hard way to solve the issues, but it seems like they dont care anymore with this game.

    this game have so many memories for me, like grind together with friend, chatting with guildies, helping newbie,participate in many event,and many more.

    i hope mod's in here or whoever reads our post will give the best repsonse,
    have a nice day and gambatte kudasai!!!

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