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    Hello everyone!

    In a continuing effort to keep the community informed. I have decided to create this Frequently Asked Questions thread. It's purpose is to allow the players to ask any and all questions related to Suba Games -Priston Tale. (ePT)

    Whether technical or just curiosity, questions can be related to Suba Games and/or Priston Tale. However, please note that this thread is not here to ask when the server will be online, when certain bugs will be fixed or what the status of your ticket/ban is. Do not request any sort of personal information or questions pertaining to your account/characters.

    I will start by answering some of the questions from the previous Customer Service thread and encourage everyone to begin asking new questions by replying to this thread.

    FAQ: Priston Tale Edition



    Quote Originally Posted by CPthree View Post
    Does this game maintain accurate game logs?
    The game keeps logs of almost everything, however not all logs are 100% accurate. There are many variables to your question and it's difficult to just say Yes or No. When a GM is required to search the logs for information they can sometimes check a claim against other logs for confirmation. They are trained to handle each situation to the best of their abilities.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkOneO View Post
    Why only one GM and no dev team?
    Priston Tale has one lead GM, and other GM's to support in the background of the game. Sometimes these other GM's handle support tickets and sometimes will assist with in game related activities.

    The reason why Suba Games does not have a dev team is because in our licence agreement, we are prohibited from making any changes to the game content. An example workflow is as follows:

    Players report bugs or provide suggestions. GM's create reports from information collected and transfer to Yedang. Yedang decides what to add/change and send back a patch for our server.



    Quote Originally Posted by PhangTeo View Post
    How about commitment of Suba to Priston Tale? The future, plans?
    Replied by Sam:
    Subagames is committed to PT1. We have had a long standing relationship with Yedang from which we intend to continue in the future. We would not want to let our fans down. It will be important to let users know that we are committed and we are doing everything in our power. We have been pressuring the developer to resolve the root cause. Unfortunately, we are in a rather passive position where there is nothing more proactive that Subgames could do. It is just that based on the nature of our role, we would have to wait on for the developer to help resolve the issue.

    Thanks for your question.

    Quote Originally Posted by DeepViolet View Post
    Can GM working hours be changed to Korean time until server is fixed?
    The World Clock Meeting Planner - Results
    Unfortunately, that's not something that can be enforced. GM's positions, as you know, are real paid employees in an office environment. I'm sure that when they were hired they agreed upon a set time schedule. A drastic change like that in someone's routine just might not be feasible.


    Sending tickets

    Priston Tale Ban Policy

    Forum Rules

    Lost Item Policy
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    Does the phoenix pet plus xp works with xp pots or xp package?

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