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    SubaGames Community Forum Rules
    .updated (June 2013)

    Greetings Community Members!

    The forums are here to encourage community building and for gamers to congregate and interact with one another. In order to do this, we have established a number of rules that users must follow while participating on the Suba Games forum. Please take the time to review these rules - but if you've ever been to an online forum before, you'll most likely already know what to expect.

    Please note that by participation within the Suba Games forums are deemed to have accepted the following rules and additionally the Terms and Conditions.

    We would like to present these guidelines to all community members of the Suba Games forum so they have a full understanding of what behavior is acceptable and unacceptable within this community. Breach of these rules or the Terms and Conditions may result in a temporary suspension or in a worse case scenario a permanent ban from the forums and/or in game..

    Spam, no thanks!
    Do not post spam messagest. Spam includes any kind of advertising, pointless messages which do not contribute to the discussion meaningfully, etc. Spamming will result in thread/post deletions and possible suspension/ban from the forums/games.

    Use of CAPS
    Excessive use of capitals in messages is inappropriate. On the Internet, the use of extensive caps signifies shouting. Be polite, no one likes to be yelled at, so keep your caps lock off. Threads with all caps will be edited or removed.

    Bans and support tickets
    Bans and support tickets will not be discussed openly on the forums. Any threads created for this purpose will be deleted/locked for the privacy and security of those involved. It is encouraged that if you have questions/comment about a particular situation that you send a private message to a Community Manager or send a ticket to Suba Games Support.

    Click here to contact the Support Team!

    Thread locked/removal discussion
    Discussing a locked or removed thread is forbidden and any posts found in regards to this will be removed. These threads were adjusted for a reason. If you have a problem with a thread that was removed, send a private message to a CM or send a ticket to support.

    Thread necromancy
    Please avoid reviving discussions that are weeks and months old. We will either delete your new messages and lock the thread or remove the whole topic altogether. Repeated necromancy of old threads may result in a suspension from the game/forums.

    Advertising of other services/websites
    Do not advertise other sites or services on these forums. Threads consisting of advertisements for sites/services will be removed. This does not include promoting your own fan sites on fan site boards as long as they are related to the game. However, if the sites or forums contain any inappropriate content, offensive themes or have multiple registered legitimate complaints, it will be removed from the forums and may result in account termination.

    Forum ban circumvention
    If you are banned from the forums, under no circumstances are you allowed to use an alternative account to access the forums to avoid your current forum ban. Said account will be permanently banned.

    Staff harassment
    Suba Games enforces an absolute zero tolerance towards harassment. All members of our community are expected to respect forum moderators, administrators and Suba Games staff members, including game masters. This extends across the entire forum and in game - even if a forum moderator or staff member is not responsible for a given section of the forum, that individual should still be treated with respect in dignity you would give any other member of the community.

    Click here for a list of your Suba Games Team!

    Understand your game's policy
    Every game has its own policy and each game's boards are also moderated slightly different from each other depending on the audience. Before you decide to try a new game or post on that game's boards, please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions for that game. A link to the Terms and Conditions for each game can be found at the bottom of each game's website.

    Copyright infringement/private servers
    Promoting any website which services the same games as or even a modified version of the same game, whether bypassing copyright, trademarks, patents, or not at all, will result in permanent account closure for all accounts found linked to the source of initiation of such acts.

    External Links
    Suba Games is will not hold responsibility for other users posting links to bad websites or websites that can potentially harm your system. We will do our best to look out for inappropriate links and ban users who continue to abuse the rules.

    Click on links at your own risk. If you know that a particular linked site is dangerous or inappropriate for younger audiences then please warn fellow community members and PM myself or other forum about it.

    Inappropriate behaviour
    Inappropriate behaviour includes:
    - Advertising other products and/or games in a promotional/spam behaviour (including links within the post message, signature or promotional image on avatar)
    - Sexual Themes/Harassment/Hate threads
    - Profanity (As defined as: deliberately bypassing swearing filters and/or being used in images, videos or music)
    - Anything insulting to a person or group of people
    - Stereotypical or sexist messages
    - Heated religious discussion
    - Flaming
    - Spamming
    - Intentional bypassing of the Forum censor
    - Offensive media:
    The following types of media are not allowed on the forums:
    - Media intended to insult, intimidate, harass or threaten another individual
    - Media suggesting suicide or real world violence/hatred
    - Nudity, whether it be artwork or photographs. Remember that Suba Games is a family oriented game site.
    - Other people's photos without their consent

    In addition, it should be noted that signature image size is limited to a standard size of 500(w) x 100(h) pixels or 9.8 KB (whichever is smaller).
    Avatar size: The maximum size of your custom image is 80(x) by 80(h) pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller).

    Click here to edit your profile!

    Lets keep the forums a fun and safe place for everyone. Thank you.
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