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Thread: How To Get Autocasting Machine To Craft Weapons?

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    Default How To Get Autocasting Machine To Craft Weapons?

    I need Auto Casting Machines But I Don't Know How To Earn Them Hybrid, AI, or Bounty? I Don't Wanna Spend 200,000 Silver Coins Just To Get One. So Can Someone Tell How To Earn Them?

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    U have in silver egg,silver egg u can get by shopping or just get 300 kill, after that spin and if u lucky guy u will get it!

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    Bronze egg(100k silver) also has it. It's not so hard to get it, but it's luck after all.
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    True but in silver egg u can get 3x and i get more often in silven then bronze egg!

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    It depends though. I still have 50+ machines in my mailbox.
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    You can get them in goal mode too.
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