Hello everyone,

We are changing our procedure for the reporting and submission of game crashes.

If you experience a crash, especially an exception error, your game will likely produce a file called ACEonline.dmp or similar in your game's install directory.

To report a crash to us, please:

  1. Submit a support ticket to the Suba Games team
  2. Upload your .dmp file to a file hosting site or service (Dropbox, SugarSync, SkyDrive etc. are preferable), and provide us a link/URL to the file
  3. Provide us with full details of exactly what you were doing before the game crashed
  4. Tell us the date and server time the crash occurred
  5. If you were able to take a screenshot of the error, please upload it to an image-hosting web site and provide it to us as well

For security reasons, we recommend you do not disclose any .dmp files to any other players, and that once provided to the Suba Games support team, you remove any .dmp files you have uploaded to the Internet.

Thanks for helping us make the game even better!