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Thread: [Fan fiction] Sandal's tale of the Iron Lands

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    On another monster hunt on the iron maps I had a sudden inspiration. I think I have vaguely heard about PT having some sort of backstory or "lore", but I still decided to write my own version of how the two maps full of mechanic monstrosities was really born. Enjoy


    The tribe of Tempskron has always been a society of strong individuals and strength of will. The people of Tempskron pride themselves in all forms of physical combat, restlessly training themselves to become better and better hunters. However, to think about them as mindless savages is far from the truth. On the contrary - the tasks of mind are not unknown for the Tempskron society. Its most brilliant example is the Mechanician's Guild. For ages have these crafty inventors been responsible for several technological advantages and accomplishments that have made Tempskron what it is today. One of the most stunning inventions of them all is the Metal Golem. Not only is it a fine addition to the ranks of Tempskron military - it symbolizes the lifelong work of a Mechanician. A Golem is never complete and its upgrading will stop only when its owner takes his last breath. It's their masterpiece, their magnum opus. But one individual pushed the limits of ingenuity over the edge. Lebab - the Mechanician who was too clever by half and twice as ambitious.

    From an early age, Lebab had been good at fixing broken things. However, in his teens he also proved that fixing living things was not beyond his grasp as well. On a fatal day he stumbled on a wounded wolverine who had lost its back leg in a fight over dominance. The wolverine would have died of thirst or starvation... or it would have been killed by wolverine hunters. Lebab took the creature under its care and crafted a new magnificent leg to the wounded beast. With the help of local medical workers and overseen by the Head Mechanician Bernard himself, Lebab successfully attached the prosthetic leg to the animal, giving it a new chance in life. Not long after, the creature became a faithful pet to one of Tempskron's finest archers and Lebab was on his way to glory.

    Lebab's success quickly pushed him through the ranks of the Mechanician's Guild and the young man was renowned as the brightes genius of the century. The owerwhelming renown however turned Lebab arrogant and ambitious. Not long after the wolverine surgery, he started a series of other experiments. These ones however surpassed any and all sense of morality - Lebab was not able to find wounded animals as he wished, so he began to capture beasts who were healthy and well, turning their bodies into semi-organic, semi-mechanic monstrosities. Furthermore, while the greatest mystery to fellow Mechanicians was to build a flying machine that would surpass the magical capabilities of Morion's capital Pillai, Lebab had another dream. He wanted to fly by himself. To achieve this, he started many tests on his own body, ending up in several obscure mechanic implants and devices. As soon as old master Bernard heard of Lebab's experiments, he confronted the apprentice. Their arguments grew fearsome and once Lebab made an attack towards Bernard, it was clear that this conflict could only be decided by brute force.

    Although Head Mechanician Bernard was an exeptional warrior and cunning craftsman, Lebab's unnatural modifications gave the young apprentice the upper hand. Seeing that his defeat was inevitable, Bernard summoned his Metal Golem to crush Lebab. Lebab however countered with his own design - a hideous and deadly creature which later on would become the very first prototype to the feared Iron Fist. Lebab's creation shattered Bernard's masterpiece of a Golem and left the old master defeated. Only with the help of fellow Mechanicians as well as other Tempskron warriors, was the rampage of the mad Mechanician ended. Lebab fled Ricarten, stating that if his talents were not appreciated here, he would find a place where they will be.

    Noone was entierly sure, where Lebab might have fled. Wanderers and travelers who visited Ricarten, reported rumors of a strange mechanical person making his way through the far end of the Forbidden Land, between the mountains in the far end of Priston land - the Iron Lands where supposedly lived demons and the natural iron ore was abundant. Many adventurers who travelled these parts of the known world, brought back news of unnatural mechanical beings inhabiting these parts of the world. Aggressive, hostile and curiously well organized. It is only known that death awayts most who visit that barren wasteland.

    Lebab was never seen again and it is not certain what happened to him. He might have died alone and hurt. He might have left the land completely. He might even be inside the shell of one of the peculiar machines in the Iron Lands. But, the elders of Ricarten have their doubts. Lebab always dreamt of flying. Since the winged lord of the machines has made his appearance in the past years, many suspect that Lebab has returned. For "Lebab" spelled backwards is "Babel".

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    Babel is a priestess because uses vigor ball

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