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Thread: EPT Pre SUBA

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    Default 2005-2006

    I am not sure but think it was 2006.

    Servers and the BC holders from that time.

    servers 2006.JPG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriaph View Post

    More ChaosKnight!
    one4u2nb, praetorian and brave-heart (members of chaos knights) was migrated from ept to phil. pt. when i was 8x (fighter) but only wearing 7x item. They brought with them 8x items (chaos axe, mino armor synthetic shield). That time there's no 8x item yet in ptp as hop is not yet open. Was so envious with his items. LOL
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    Is there any chance to play ept like in the old days?

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    those feels =\

    and @ the guy above me nah there is no way

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    Quote Originally Posted by RenoReno View Post
    wow all these screenies bring back so many memories.
    anyone remember a pike by the name of Sesshomaru in CK? Used to play on him a lot back in the day
    hello, yes im remmember seshoumaru, was my brother xDD good times

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