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Thread: Costumes, suits, clothing and accessories

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    Default Costumes, suits, clothing and accessories

    Hi everyone. Since my GM Facebook page gets so many posts every day, a lot of which are related to suits and other clothes you'd like to see in the game, I am setting up this post, to stay opened indefinitely so that you may submit your suits here. You may also post accessories. There is "no" guarantee that anything you submit will be used, but there's always a chance. You give us the right to use anything you post here, as long as it's not copyrighted, without any specific rewards. However, anything we do end up using, whoever came up with it first will get it as a permanent item.

    Please do NOT post anything sexual or vulgar, nothing racist or obscene or you "will" get into trouble(get banned from here).

    Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you have.
    Hola a todos. Puesto que mi pagina de GM en facebook recibe muchas publicaciones cada dÃ*a, muchas de la cuales tienen que ver con trajes y otras ropas que les gustarÃ*a ver en el juego, estoy creando esta para estar abierta indefinidamente para que ustedes suban/publiquen sus trajes aquÃ*. También pueden subir sus accesorios aquÃ*. "No" hay garantÃ*a de que nada que subas/publiques sea usado, pero siempre hay una oportunidad. Ustedes nos dan el derecho para usar cualquier cosa que publiquen aquÃ*, siempre y cuando no tenga derechos de autor(copyright), sin recibir alguna recompensa en especifico. Sin embargo, cualquier cosa que nosotros terminemos usando, quien quiera que la haya sugerido primero la recibirá como articulo permanentemente.

    Por favor NO publiquen nada sexual o vulgar, nada racista u obsceno o se "meterán" en problemas(serán baneados de aquÃ*).

    Diviértanse y espero a ver que tienen.

    GM Tranzor
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    lol o.O......

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    Default Suits Brah

    My Suits Brah Deal With It
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    image.jpgimage.jpg. Ok what about this ^.^

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    Wait sec Tranzor i want to clear it up here ;
    What is the rules for submit it
    And what kinds of clothes ,accessories we can post it
    Ex: real clothes, drawing

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    I think any kind of suggestions are fine, just no copyrighted stuff.
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    Please, I request you guys to use the IMG code to post image here, it would be more convenience.
    [img]direct url[/umg]
    replace umg with img
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    Im definitely seeing some copyrighted stuff here, hmmm.

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