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Thread: Priston Tale Character Fiction Contest!

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    Your signature states we can contact you for help via skype? What is your skype information?

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    “A Foxy Story”
    By jfox708
    I magically spawned in a floating panorama called Pillai..

    Pillai is a mystical town residing in a floating platform of mysterious and magical landscape, it is the home of the race called Morions that practices religious and traditional wisdoms to guide them in their individual and social relationship with each other and the nature around them. I believe that i was created in a manner of speaking to journey these wonderful and magical world called Pristonland. My name is jfox708 and I am perceived to be a knight, protector of light against darkness. I looked around and see some well dressed warriors in robes and some with glistening armors with their awesome weapons and shields, right there I said to myself “I’ll be like that someday!” Then someone or something said “Yes, u will be.” It was a young phoenix hovering over my head, I was startled at first, he’s name is Eor and he told me that he was bounded to me by the kingdom to guide me and help me to get started on my passage to this celestial monolith, he brought me some gears and weapons to wear so I wouldn’t be half naked strolling around the town. Amazement and awed has filled my heart looking around and feeling the cool breeze of the wind from the clouds that hangs so close to where I’m standing. “I’m going to be a great warrior like them!” I said to Eor, “Then follow me,” he said grinning. He flew in an alley with two Pillai guards standing and I rushed behind him running, and in the middle was a glowing platform with magical symbols written on it. He asked me to stand in the middle of the platform and everything went blindingly bright and brighter that everything around me was swallowed in a burst of divining spectral of light.

    I closed my eyes and so my journey begins..

    He directed me towards a rich and thick forest called Road to the Wind, We battled biting hopies, shielded goblins, mutated plants and many more cute monsters which sadly have to perish in my hands to make me a better warrior in the process. During my experience, Eor has always been a handy lil companion which taught me alot of things about the lands. He introduced me to Raymond, a great SkillMaster of Pillai, that taught me some neat skills when i reached level 10. The sad thing was, the young phoenix said farewell to me at that instant and told me that i can manage alone from now on. I’m going to miss him, despite the fact that he talks too much during a fight; he’s still my very first friend that I met and really depended on during my younger days in this tale. I continued my way deeper into the forest to reach the Valley of Tranquility and Land of Dusk to make myself stronger and better, every time I set foot on different and weird lands with equally different and weird monsters that lives in them, and walk out victorious, I can feel the strength and power flowing over me. At level 20, Raymond set me out on a quest to hunt 7 magical Oils so he can teach me some new skills that I need to keep me alive on a much dangerous desert maps ahead. After completing the quest, I begun scouring the barren lands of Ruinen and Castle of The Lost that is once was a thriving city before the evil Babel attacked in this magical world that I have chose to defend, fighting every skeletons, scorpions, evil dolls and many more dark beings that hinders on my way. Further going on deeper to the Refuge of The Ancients and Garden of Freedom I reached level 40, I met a fellow warrior named Ravenblood, a fighter, he brought me to a town called Ricarten and he said that he was born here and we became good friends. Ricarten is the exact opposite of my home town, this is the busiest street that I've ever seen and markets all around the place, all the traders, sellers and buyers are making their transactions here. Trading and selling all my loots in my previous endeavors, I got a lot of gold to buy myself some good gears, weapons and supply stuffs to be ready for our next travel; we used a magical Warpgate that teleports us to a town called Navisco.

    Navisco is a cold place which lies in the middle of the desert lands and only few shops are opened here. We noticed that the dwellers here are abit silent and passive unlike the town from where we came from. Then twilight came and to our surprise, Navisco was a cursed town that monsters roam freely here at night time. I drew my sword and Ravenblood wields his axe and fought back to back until dawn rises, that’s the only time we could buy supplies and get some rest for the coming evening. Surviving every night and gaining experience every step of the way, we finally reached level 60. We went our separate paths and never to see each other again to meet our respective SkillMasters to hunt and fight the bosses of the lands. To prove my worthiness to Raymond, I had to beat him as well in a duel so he can teach me more new deadly skills if I want to stay alive in roaming the darker dungeons and sanctuaries that is filled with monstrous evil and cursed beings. I wondered inside, using all my trainings and leveled skills, I fought my way deeper and deeper to the hole. Wounded and battered in the endless blackness of the Beehive cave, three Silhouettes came to aid me, a Mage w/his destructive Diasthropism, an Atalanta w/her precision attacks and a Priestess that heals our every pains and bruises on every battle, for we need everyones strengths and experties to survive. Pushing our way into the deepest catacomb called Sanctuary of Darkness, The Warriors of Pillai have proven himself valiant against battling all the demons that lies within. We also trampled the depths of The Ancient Prisons in search of magical gears and weapons for us to use or trade in our occasional visits into towns. Set forth to finding more powerful gears and weapons in fighting more powerful monsters, these Defensive Gears and Weapons are needed to be strengthen and destructive respectively by aging them in our town by an eccentric wizard named Arcane w/his apprentice Newtor or mixing them w/magical stones called Sheltoms by an alchemist named Morald in Ricarten. We became a raiding party in this part of the country and the monsters had come to fear us. The Mage leads our group while I helped him to frontline every attacks that we make, and the Atalanta and the Priestess are behind us mass killing every animosities that still standing on our warpath. We decided to walk our different ways when we are closing in to level 70.

    Reaching level 80, My SkillMaster has summoned me to do the final quest so he can teach me my final skills and make me a full pledge Valiant Knight in preparations to surviving the iron maps that spawns deadly and enigmatic creatures like Ruinic Guardians and Iron Fist to name a few. He sent me out to hunt 3 kinds of monsters and help out to make them extinct for their destructive nature, after finishing the 3 quest, an elder Wizard teleported me to an unknown arena somewhere that I couldn’t recognize. Then suddenly, a fiery lion named Hestian which attacked me furiously along with his summoned minions called Xetans. After a grueling battle and eventually killing him, Raymond was pleased to see me that I have survived the hard task that he has given me. Becoming a Valiant Knight, I set foot for the first time in Heart of Perum, joining other gladiators of the land in annihilating the evils that succumbs the various entities that we swore to get rid of and protect our right to live with harmony to this magical plain.

    We traveled across the Eura Village, which is the only safe place to rest and buy needed supplies to keep on our campaign to vanquish all the evils that dwelt in these icy parts of the continent called Gallubia and Frozen Sanctuary which spawns the coldest killers in Pristonland that gives every citizen a chill down to their darkest fears. We fought the likes of a gigantic Blizzard and the cursed Chaos Cara that drains your life essence and strength, many warriors have fallen, I, wounded and fell too, but for every scars we had, we returned much ferocious than ever before. We faced Valento head on, we thrived and survive every cold thrust his sword can wield at us. At every victories we’d won in the freezing lands, we became proud and dignified. Like all other beings, gladiators and warriors tends to become too greedy for power and strength that every single one of us is gathered to form parties and clans, Morions and Tempskrons alike, and unites for the cause and in some part allying with one another in the battle for power and supremacy across the land. I joined the siege of the place called Bless Castle, together with my brothers and sisters in arms. Succeeding on our goals for a period of time, we reigned, until another clan wins the siege and ruled over the kingdom.

    On the way back to Ricarten, using the Warpgate form the Land of Chaos after a hunt with some of my fellow warriors, running towards the street to the main plaza. I noticed a familiar face, standing in the bushes of strawberries and cherries. It was the Priestess that healed me in the cave and I said “hi”, she can’t remember me but I remember her too well cause she was a strong and intimidating young woman when I first met her. We became friends again and told each others’ past journeys to this world that is sad to say, still being harassed by evil beings and monstrous creatures. We shared stories of victory and failures along the way that makes us a little stronger every time we stand up from a fall, laugh at every jokes and mourn for the fallen ones, but above all, survive every single battle and gain experiences to make us stronger and much more powerful the next time around. I’m looking forward to a bright future with her, and maybe, just maybe, she would like me to be a part of that bright future of hers too.

    Reaching level 10x and being able to reach every part of the world has given us a chance to look back and savor the experience of travelling and all the hard work one must partake to get the sense of achievement on glory and contentment. At present, I stand around in Ricarten with her in the hope of making things better for the future adventurers who will wished to journey like we did and everyone else that made the pack in protecting our holy land to evils that still lurks in the horizon. We still hunt dark corridors and stingy roads in search for good gears, weapons and magical artifacts for ourselves and to others as well, Give some helping hand to someone in need if we can, and make their journey easier even for just a little. 11x and 10x Warriors like me had tried hard to eliminate every moving creatures inside a demonic temple called Eternal Tower, that cradles Revived Warriors of the land and Undead King Hopies in this twisted and horrifying place. These creatures are giving us a good fight and too many has fallen for sometimes, all we can do is retreat and just come back to continue our campaign. We also tried conquering the field of Ice Mine, this forsaken place is so deadly that even some of the most powerful warriors ever to walk this world has perished in the hands of Undead Miners, Mine Bats and Ice Serpents and many more horrifying creatures in the hope of finding some extra-ordinary and precious items that some formidable monster is protecting with their very own lives..

    This is my story. And there’s no ending yet. I hope you enjoyed it and watch out for its continuation because for all we know, you might be included in this tale too.

    The PristonTale saga..  82778

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    A Tale of XxWhiteRosexX

    As a young boy I had always dreamed of being one of the greatest warriors this land has ever seen! I enjoyed watching parades of celebration and excitement in my home town Ricarten. Here once a year, we would acknowledge a single warrior who displayed the greatest valor, honor, determination and strength and bath them with riches, while everyone chanted and yield their name which echo all across the town bouncing off of buildings, electrifying the air with the sound of crashing voices.
    The time for this year’s parade is approaching fast, but before the City Council elects this year’s warrior, I would like to share with you my story as a warrior, and my how I have grown throughout these long and vigorous years.
    Now I am not just a man, but a strong warrior of our world, and the time of year to bath our top warrior approaches. I remember the years of dedication I put in, by conditioning each week without the resources/technology of the younger society. “Back in my day” we did not get to use mysterious creatures, which we spawned from thin air, which would come help and aid ourselves in our training. “Back in my day” we had to kill devastating creatures on our own, or with the support of a few friends.
    During the beginning I remember roaming thru the fields until I reached the Garden of Freedom. Here is where I learned some of my first tricks, which were of great importance to me. I was asked to help our local Skill Master, Verkan and defeat three wolves, which destroyed his uncle’s family. The Warrior Master was a young boy who could not stop these wolves from their ruthlessness, and now he is in charge of the security and protection of all Ricarten citizens; therefore, Skill Master Verkan has tasked me, XxWhiteRosexX, to venture out into the world of Ricarten and capture these ravage beasts. The skill master wants to see these ferocious animals for himself. He wants to put these retched beasts in captivity so no other citizens of Ricarten can be harmed by these wolves. Skill Master Verkan knows he will not gain any satisfaction nor fulfill his revenge by slaying these heartless animals. Now Skill Master Verkan uses these wolves as a training tool, for upcoming warriors in training, to test their endurance, strength and dedication to Priston Tale.
    As weeks would progress, I felt a since of entitlement and empowerment for capturing these wolves. The Skill Master had a special place in his heart for me, and spent time training me with additional skills to make me an even more powerful warrior. I harnessed these skills in the depths of this land where I fought the undead and wicked. I would go daily to the Ruinen Village, which was pillage thousands of years ago, and now seems to have a stench of rotting and decay in the air. Here I would lay waste to these disgusting creatures and clean the airways by spinning my scythe faster and faster. My Tornados that I spawned would eventually make the air clean enough for humanity to coincide with these undead creatures. These lands are still dangerous to the untrained warrior, as Priston Tale still has not discovered a way to permanently remove these “undead” creatures from this land.
    A sense of recognition begins to occur as I walk the streets of Ricarten. I can hear townfolk speak quietly as I walk by “hey is the XxWhiteRosexX, I hear he is becoming quite the warrior these days”. In fact, when I approached my local potion supplier Alliya, she asked me to perform a favor “For Her” the Bargons were destroying her local suppliers of herbs, which she uses to make her potions to sell to warriors. Alliya, hearing the townsfolk speak of high praises of me, asked me to go and destroy these evil vermin that were hindering her livelihood. Being the valiant warrior that I am, I set out to put an end to these vermin and decided to help Alliya with her request. Upon my return Alliya already knew these evil creatures no longer existed, as she could see an increase in her herbs supply from local vendors. When I went to inform her I had put an end to this, Alliya rush up to me with excitement and gave me a very warm welcome back to Ricarten. She was so excited, that she told me about a special potion that her family has known for centuries. She only had enough resources to manufacture one potion, and the ingredients were no longer available in our world. Alliya felt this was the biggest award she could give me, so she gave me the potion. As I quenched my thirst on this very special potion, I could feel my blood begin to boil, it felt as if I had flames coursing thru my eyes. I roared with great power, as I felt my body become even stronger. Now I feel like I could take on any challenges this world has to offer!
    Skill Master, Verkan heard my “roar” and the next day when I approached him for our daily training in confronted me. Asked if that noise from last night in Ricarten was me? I told him it was, and that I helped Alliya with her potion shop and drank a special potion that made me feel honestly invincible. Verkan was so excited, he told me that was no “roar” that I made last night, but was a word from an ancient vocabulary that no one in Priston Tale knew existed. Verkan was a member of a secret society that no longer exists. The only thing that remained from this society was a very old weapon that hand markings on it not from this world. He told me that only a person that can speak the ancient language could wield this weapon, and unlock its true power. This weapon required resources that came from another world where this ancient language was spoken. In order retrieve these resources the warrior must know of the ancient society. By drinking Alliya’s potion it connected with this ancient society. By wielding the special weapon from Verkan, I would be able to go to Navisko at night and find extraterrestrials that come down to our world from another world. In order to see these aliens you have to be spiritually connected to their world, and by using the weapon from Verkan I will be able to extract the vamp sheltoms needed to active the full power of this weapon. Upon gaining the sheltoms, the weapon must be matured by a special ritual that requires the blood of three specific creatures in our world. The required blood is only known by the wielder of the this weapon, and after gathering the required ingredients I brought them back to Skill Master, Verkan. When he completed the ritual as practiced for many years in his secret society were both were amazed at what we saw. The weapon transformed into something we both had never seen before. This was the most powerful weapon in our world, so powerful in fact, that the origin plant of the weapon reclaimed this weapon after a short period of allowing me to learn its true power.

    After learning about this weapons true power I confide in Skill Master Verkan. Verkan told me that what I saw was a powerful evil that lurked inside “The Cave”. In order to put an end to this evil power I had to go to this cave and destroy the mutant minions that reside there. The weapon’s origin plant townsmen called these minions the Muffin. These creatures had to be stopped, as they were corrupting our beloved mushrooms that Ricarten citizens loved. In addition to the Muffin, Verkan informed me that there was other evil developing in the cave. Verkan disclosed a particular monster type that he wanted me and me alone to hunt down while in the cave and dealing with the distant plant’s Muffins. I confronted these evil creatures head on, and with my Scythe I overpowered them and eventually cleansed this cave of this distant plants evil. Upon returning to Verkan, he himself challenged me to a duel to test my skills to see how I have progressed in mastering what he has taught me. Upon winning my duel Verkan passed on even more vital skills, which I still use to this day. After cleansing the cave of the evil Muffins, Ricarten citizens were so thankful they held a special Mushroom festival in my honor and allowed me to further my skills more so than any other warrior in our land. Verkan also taught me several knew skills. In particular I grew very fond of Chain Lance. To this day it is one of my favorite skills I use when hunting down evil monsters that roam our lands. Jumping through the air in a somersault like motion, I learned I can strike an enemy three times with one move. This move is so effective that I crush my enemy foes with ease.
    One day while I was out training in the Battlefield of the Ancients, a strange figure appeared in the distance. This figure moved closer and closer, as the figure became larger I could begin to tell that this was somebody cloaked in attire not accustomed to Priston Tale. She questioned me on where I learned the somersault ability, and asked who had taught me that ability. After going over my story with her the strangely dressed women revealed her name to me “Michelle”. I introduced myself as XxWhiteRosexX. She wished to challenge my strength and nobility by giving me a task that involves not only great strength and power, but also requires great faience. Michelle challenged me to enter the nearby Temple and find a creature called “Hunky”, I was then told to taunt this creature to infuriate it so that it would unless its great power from within and become an enraged “Typhoon”. Typhoons are very rare to the Priston Tale world and very few warriors have slain such a beast. After testing my power and defeating ten of these rare creatures I confronted Michelle and showed her proof that I had completed her task. Michelle awarded me with a particular special potion, similar to that which Alliya supplied back in Ricarten. Upon consuming this rare potion, I began to burn from within, just as before and screamed again at the top of my lungs. This roar was so massive that all of Priston Tale would hear this howl.

    After consuming this potion, I asked Michelle about the great beast located deep inside the Temple. She told me that the beast is “Fury” and ruthless villain from the other world. In order to even enter his chambers to challenge him, you must first find several seals that only the great Ratoo possess the five seals that can unlock his chamber. I headed back into the dark and cold temple to find these Ratoos and gather the 5 seals required for her next challenge “Seal Fury”. Upon brining the seals back to Michelle she again gave me another special potion. I began to question how she has all of these resources not known to our world. As Alliya had told me the ingredients for these potions are not found in Priston Tale. Anyhow, I did not confront Michelle about the resources and accepted her potion for even more power!
    A week had passed before I went back to my good friend Verkan to tell him what had happened in the Battlefield of Ancients. As I approached Verkan, I noticed he was talking with Knight Commander Derik. They both waived me over to their location to discuss several things of great importance to our land. Verkan told me that he heard my brute roar, and knew I had consumed yet again another extraterrestrial resource. Curious to how I obtained this resource, Verkan asked me where I received the potion. I told him about Michelle, Verkan and Derik seemed quite excited to hear the name. Verkan, told me she was the leader of his secret society and thought she had passed away fending off monsters in the desert.
    Derik asked me to find three ancient relics that are known to this “other world” everyone keeps talking about. I asked him about the relics so I might know where to find them. He told me there were three Vamps, a Gold, Silver and Bronze Vamp, which only powerful creatures could carry. I told him I thought I saw something gold and shiny on the largest Ratoo I had ever seen. He told me that was Rasha, and would definitely possess the relic. So Derik, wanted me to set out to complete the “Test of Kingdom” as this would be a great challenge and require precise timing to find these rare creatures that hold these extraterrestrial relics.
    In addition to Derik’s request, Verkan wanted me to seek various sets of monsters that were pillaging many lands throughout Priston Tale. I destroyed each set of monsters requested by Verkan with great haste. Upon returning to Verkan, I asked him about a person I came across during my journey. He told me from the description that I found Elder Hossean, and this was part of his plan. The sets of monsters Verkan tasked me with were summoned to this land by a magical creature called “Hestian”. Hestian come from this other planet that Verkan secret society has been studying for centuries. Verkan wants me to go back to Elder Hossean, and tell him the secret society’s special phrase to show that Verkan has sent me there to put an end to this great evil once and for all. Upon my return to Elder Hossean, he sent me through to this distant world via a capsule the society had built many years ago. Upon my arrival I found the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. This creature was called Hestian, and as pretty as this creature was, its looks can be deceiving. This creature began to attack me and summon great demon warriors named V-Xetan. As hard as these creature fought against me I remained vigilant and defeated them on their planet. Upon my return to Elder Hossean, he was amazed that I survived. Many great warriors in the past were sent to the distant planet by the society, which never returned. Elder Hossean asked me to go back to Verkan and report my findings immediately.

    As I returned to Ricarten, Verkan and Derik were astonished that I was still alive, and wondered if I truly defeated the “Hestian”. Upon assuring them of Priston Tales safety, Verkan was able to develop new skills unknown to the Priston Tale world. He showed me these skills and trained me to be the greatest warrior Priston Tale had ever known. Derik on the other hand, asked if I was able to retrieve the 3 Vamps from this distant land from the rare monsters that were roaming Priston Tale. I gave him the 3 vamps and he was so excited. Derik vowed to make me stronger with each day I trained from this day forward.
    When I was training back again in Battle Field of the Ancients, Michelle had noticed I had been increasing in strength and power, and asked me to take on another challenge for her. Michelle wanted me to revenge her mothers’ death by destroying that which destroyed her mother. By asking me to complete the “Tears of Kalia” I was able to go to the Railway of Chaos and seek out these Grotesques that reside in this land. Upon killing these vermin, I returned to Michelle confirming I had completed her task. She instructed me in the ancient ways of the distant planet, and allowed me to learn the great wisdom of their world. I was able to reduce any digressions of my future, and allowing me to further my advancement as the greatest warrior Priston Tale has ever seen.
    I ventured back to my capital city Ricarten, and came across Derik, he asked me to take on another task to further help the citizens of Ricarten and strengthen our Priston Tale world. Derik wanted me to seek out the last active member of the secret society, her name was “Royal Mage Ray” and she is located in the other capital city Pillai. Before leaving I had asked Derik if he knew of a Village outside of the Heart of Perum. I thought I saw some fires burning there when returning back to our world after defeating the “Hestian”. Derik informed me that what I saw was the Eura Village, and is a remote village far to the north. This village provides refuge for our great warriors training in the most northern and coldest climates in Priston Tale.
    Upon my arrival in Pillai, I found the Royal Mage by a beautiful water fountain located in the central district of this great capital. The Royal Mage gave me a task to go back to the Heart of Perum and hunt the strongest monster this land has to offer, the Iron Fist. Before sending me on my way the Royal Mage, had one more twist, she cast a spell on me to weaken me until I had completed this challenge. The Royal Mage said this would be the only way to see if I am truly the greatest warrior this land has ever seen.

    Before going to the Heart of Perum, I thought to myself, why not see who was by those fires I saw, in what Derik described to me as Eura Village. Here I found a Force Master, who too needed my services. I asked him, what does a force master do? He began to explain that he takes precious resources from our world, and infuses them with magical powers to help strengthen our great warriors. I asked if he could take some of my resources and infuse them, so I can be more powerful. This was really beneficial for me because the Royal Mage, had cast a spell on me to weaken me. He asked why she did such a thing. I replied, she wanted to me to prove I am the strongest warrior this land has ever seen by completing here challenge “Bitter Ordeal”. The force master was curious as to what she wanted me to go expunge from this world? I told him, that she wanted me to hunt down the Iron Fists. He was amazed that I was such a strong warrior, and was thankful to hear I was going to destroy those evil monsters. They have been pillaging his village for many centuries. The Force Master told me if I complete this challenge he too will be forever grateful and provide me with a special force sheltom that will permanently increase my health. After a few nights of challenging these Iron Fists, I returned to the Force Master in Eura Village to collect my reward. He was so thankful that future warriors will be able to lie asleep at night in the Eura Village without being attacked by these monsters. I then returned to the Royal Mage in Pillai, to inform her I had completed her Bitter Ordeal challenge. She was truly amazed at how powerful of a warrior I truly was. She removed the curse from me, and told me to seek out Derik, back in Ricarten for my reward. Derik gave me additional daily training, which further increase my strength and power each day I trained.
    Now Derik has informed me that the time has come to purge this land of the greatest evil to ever exist in Priston Tale. Derik reminded me that I had collected 5 seals for Michelle, and the 3 Vamps for himself. He told me that when you combine these together you can open a gateway into Fury’s liar located deep inside the Cursed Temple. He said only one person in this world knows how to combine the power of these relics, and I would need to take the seals from Michelle, along with his 3 vamps to the Royal Mage in Pillai. As I approached the Royal Mage, she could see the relics I held in hand, and begun to shiver with fear. I did not even have to speak, as the Royal Mage knew what I was there to do. She open the gateway to Fury’s Liar, and dreaded never seeing me again. As I slowly walked into the portal, the lights shined so bright they would blind the average Priston Tale citizen. My body shielded the Royal Mage’s eyes as I entered the portal. Within a second of entering the portal closed behind me and there lies in front of me, a Lion in a man’s body welding a great sword this land has never seen. As I fought resiliently slashing away at Fury, swing after swing, hit after hit I finally found the weakness in this beast and pierced my Scythe into his axilla. This was the weak point of this creature, as my Scythe slide further between his shoulder and armpit you could hear the screaming coming from this beast. As my Scythe’s blade rip through his axilla in its entirety you could see Fury’s arm soar thru the air. With only one arm left this massive beast was easier to fend off, but still not an easy challenge. I again attack his other axilla, and was able to remove the arm wielding the massive sword. With neither arm attached to Fury, I was able to put an end to his evil corruption over the Priston Tale world. Upon my return to the Royal Mage in Pillai, she could not believe it! I XxWhiteRosexX, had accomplished the impossible. I brought back with me Fury’s weapon as evidence that this fowl monster laid dead in his lair. The Royal Mage reviewed this impressive artifact, and inscribed it with magical powers for me to use in my adventures.

    Now that you have heard my story, I hope you will cast your vote for me, XxWhiteRosexX to be the warrior honored in this year’s parade and bathed in riches from all across our land. As I have gone to distant worlds, that maybe someday will be available to warriors such as yourself, that require great training and strength to access those worlds, I feel I am this year’s top candidate for our annual festival and parade.

    Thank you all for your time and I hope you enjoyed my story!



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    "The beginning of Cheri"
    Awakening from my deep slumber, I open the flaps of the tent. The sun is beaming down on the town of Ricarten. People have already started to put up their shops for the day. People are boasting about how satisfactory their weapons, shields, and gems are. People here and there starting the gossip of the day. The town is buzzing about.
    I put the flap back down on the tent, and get dressed for the day. I wash my face, and clean myself off. I put on my old tattered robe. It has mud stains here and there, and a few holes scattered about, but it still fits me perfectly, and covers up what is important. Second I put my clean white socks, and then put on my decrepit boots. Then I grab my wand and my shoulder bag, and then open the tents again, and head off towards skill master. He asked us to come today, because when we get to a certain age we have to start our journeys, and learn to become warriors of the field. To protect all of Priston land from the monsters that try to conquer it. Be it close combat, rangers, tankers, spell casters, or healers. For myself I want to become the best healer, and a good spell caster to try my skills out in Survive or Die tournaments.
    I turn around the corner, and get a glimpse of one of the higher clans talking about battle strategies to gain entry to Bless Castle and gain the crown. I wonder myself if I will ever be in a clan, and what would it be like to heal others in battle. I keep walking past, and eventually find myself at the skill master's door. I knock three times, and I begin to perspire a bit. I'm kind of nervous. I take my robes sleeve and wipe my forehead. Three minutes later the door creaks open. I jump a bit back. I'm a bit shaken.
    “Come in, come in young priestess Cheri. Nothing to be afraid of. I'm not going to bite.” he says wheezing.
    I step inside his house, and others are there standing there anticipating what is to come next. The house is quite a magnificent sight itself. It's well maintained and has potions, and many books that he has acquired from over the years that fill the countless bookshelves.
    The others that are gathered in the main room are wearing tattered and ripped clothing as well. We are beginners, as you get higher level you can earn gold to buy new robes and armors that fit your skill level. As you become higher skilled at what you do the clothing becomes more beautiful and exquisite.
    Higher ranked classes start to gather in the room as well. One of them being a higher level priestess. Her robe has golden silk sewn in, and small sparkling gems. My eyes can't stop looking away from her robe. She also has the higher rank ribbons in her hair showing how she's far skilled already.
    “Alright, I take it most of you are here, and the others are slacking behind. So let's get started anyways with learning the beginner skills. Everyone will join up with one of the higher ranked classes. So that means pikes go with pikes , fighters with fighters, and so on and so forth.”
    I walk over to the priestess, and only one other lower ranked priestess joins our group.
    “My name's Lauren. Looks like it's just the two of you. That means I'll get more one on one time with the both of you. Cheri and Mairin, right?”
    We both nod our heads.
    “Let's head over to Garden of Freedom to train.” She says while winking at us.
    We start walking on the cobblestone streets, and eventually leave the gates of Ricarten town, and the soldiers wave us farewell and tell us to be safe.
    As we go further into the forest the more trees there are, and the sky becomes less and less. Darkness starts to crawl upon us as we go deeper in. Lauren starts to say an incantation and her staff starts to glow very brightly, making the forest seem less dark.
    Behind us the trees start to shake and then we hear a loud groan.
    “Stay calm, this is why we're out here to train your skills. Now turn around and put your wands out, and I will guide you to use your skills” Lauren says calmly.
    As we turn around a repulsive looking creature steps out from the trees. He bears a club and a large brown shield that has strange markings placed upon it. His eyes shoot at us giving a menacing look.
    “That creature would be called a hobgoblin. We have tried to make peace with them, but they seem a bit slow-witted to know what that even means. So they tend to attack whenever they lock eyes with humans.”
    “Mairin lets start with you put your wand out and repeat after me, holy bolt summon.”
    Mairin's hands start to tremble, as she mutters the words. A small spark shoots out of her wand, and hits the monsters leg.
    He shouts and becomes very irate.
    “Now you Cheri, why don't you give it a try.” Lauren says.
    I extend my arm out, and chant the words. An immense spark shoots out and hits the goblins shield, but flings back hitting Mairin as a result. She cries out in pain and blood gushes from her right arm.
    Lauren then grabs her staff and with one hit executes the hobgoblin.
    “Okay the both of you stay calm. Cheri grab your wand and wave it gently a few inches away from Mairin's wound and use the energy from within you to heal her. Just relax and release all of your thoughts.”
    I start waving my wand, and close my eyes trying to release the thoughts from my head. My face turns a bright red from trying to hard to get the energy from within myself.
    “You're trying too hard Cheri. Relax you don't need to try that hard, let it come to you. In the end you will see results.”
    I try to relax more and repeat the process. All my thoughts are released and I feel this burst of energy flow through me, and I feel like a true healer.”
    I open my eyes and the wound is completely healed. Just a little blood is left on her arm.
    “See I told you, if you stay relaxed you can do it, but I can tell the both of you are going to need a lot of work on your spell casting. How about we head north still and see if we can encounter some monsters that usually gather in the overpass. A clan of small wild green creatures with horns above their heads live there. They call themselves Hopies. They are rather weak, but can throw an attack with their horn if you let them get to close.”
    Lauren takes a wet cloth and cleans the blood stains from Mairin's arm, and then folds the wet cloth, and puts it away in her bag. She then leads us once again on the dirt path. Mairin and I jump when the wolves in the distance start to howl. Lauren tells us to stay calm, because they aren't anywhere near. Once we reach the overpass I start to feel a bit drained from the long walk. I pull out a pouch of water I had in my bag and take a few sips.
    “It's good your prepared with water Cheri. Many warriors come unprepared, even the higher ranked ones. Dehydration is not something you want to deal with in your encounters. I have seen many who have come back to town in total delirium from lack of water. I'm sure there are even some who didn't make it back home, because home was too far. So I hope the both of you never forget to drink plenty on your journey around Priston land, because it's crucial.”
    On the other side of the bridge I see the hopies. I see where they get their name from. They're cute little creatures that hop about and with each hop they squish their bodies down upon impact to the ground, and reform when jumping back up. They make a high pitched squeaking noise once they see that we're standing on the other side of the bridge. The hopies start to make their way slowly over the bridge.
    “Both of you put your wands up, and repeat after me holy mind summon. The spell will release a purple gas, and make the monsters weaker.”
    Mairin and I both cast the spell, and the gas is released and surrounds only the monsters.
    “Alright gals, now put your wands up again and without hesitation proudly say the incantation spell to vanquish the enemy.”
    We both ready are wands, and say the words holy bolt summon. Then sparks shoot from both of our wands hitting a hopy simultaneously. The hopy then turns to dust that floats away where the wind is blowing.
    Two more hopies are still making their way over the bridge. Mairin and I hold our wands out once more, but just as were about to cast another spell Lauren puts her hands on both of our arms.
    “Let me teach you both something more powerful. Put both your hands on your wands and say Multi Spark Summon.”
    So we do and the skill seems so great I jump back a bit from force, and we hit the two hopies that squeak their last squeak as they too turn to dust.
    A smile appears on my face and I turn to Mairin who seems to be smiling brightly too. Lauren gives us a thumbs up and tells us how the both of us will turn out to be great priestesses. I get this tingling sensation that goes throughout my body from all the excitement.
    “Well then let us start heading back home to Ricarten town. I bet skill master is going to be proud of the both of your accomplishments so far.”
    Turning back we make ourselves back home to Ricarten. The soldiers greet us and ask if we made any progress so far. We both say yes at the same time. The guards laugh and tell us that it's great to hear that.
    The town street lamps start to turn on, as the sun sets in the distance. I look at the sky with such joy, and the chill of the fall air blows on my face.
    The skill master is standing at the door once we arrive and is thrilled to see us back safe. He asks us what we achieved today. So we tell him. He tells us tomorrow we can start our 2x rank up quest since we have learned the four beginner skills.
    I jump for joy once I hear the news. I can't wait to wear the higher ranked ribbons in my hair.
    “Don't get too over excited. You need to rest up and then tomorrow come back so I can give you both your quest.”
    “Yes, skill master” we say in unison.
    “Alright, now both of you I'm going to have you escorted back home with some higher level knights. You never know what can happen in town at night.”
    Lauren pulls us both off to the side before we have to leave.
    “I'll make a deal with you both, if you can make it to the 8x rank up and pass it in the future, I will give you girls a robe just like my own. I crafted it myself, and it won't be any trouble to craft two more as long as you achieve the goal I ask of you. Just remember if you need me my house is a couple doors down from skill master. Just ask for my name and they will know who to bring you to.”
    “Come on girls the knights are waiting we haven't got all night you know.”
    “Bye, both of you. Good luck on your quests tomorrow, and I wish you the best journey ahead of you.” Lauren says.
    Both of us rush towards the front door.
    One of the knights greets me and tells me that he will be escorting me back home. He asks me where my house is located, and we start heading off towards my house. His armor is gold and his hair shines off a bright red under the street lamps. My eyes meet his and I quickly look away and my face turns bright red.
    “Your name surely fits you Cheri” he smirks.
    “Right” I reply a bit embarrassed.
    Once we reach my house. I wave goodbye and say thanks, and open the tent flap, and get inside of it. As he walks away I open it to see if he's truly gone. My sister priestess greets me a second later and asks me how it went.
    I tell her how my day went as I get undressed, and slip my nightgown on. She tells me I had quite the day. She hugs me and then wishes me goodnight. I gather myself into bed, and wrap my blanket around myself. I close my eyes knowing I surely will have many more days to come ahead of me.

    MirMir 110 OHxR3B1RTH
    Cheri 113 FairyLand

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    Keep those tales coming!
    Community Manager of Suba Games
    [privacy policy] [terms and conditions][sitemap][forum rules][game rules]
    [support system][staff list]

    PM me here on the Forum, or message me in-game for any help at all!

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    What Would You Do For 20,000 Suba Points?

    I regret to inform you that my attempts to run the game in order to write a story have been in vain. I wish it could have ended another way. Attached is a log of my troubles.

    I will return for Lucent Heart.



    --Log Start--

    I begin writing as the liquid cooled overclocked Intel i7-4770k, dual GTX 760 machine cranks away at the Priston Tale install. Oh, it’s already done.

    Apparently I need to download the patch too. Well, I guess I have some more time to write. Nevermind. It’s already done.

    With a swift click of the Finish button I think the game is ready to install! Let’s begin our adventure…

    …xtrap error. THE FIRST BOSS! Maybe I can defeat it if I restart my computer. Just one moment please. This will take some time.
    Fast forward 15 seconds into the future and the future is now. It would appear I will have to use a skill guide. Most unfortunate.

    This person here recommends deleting the xtrap folder and running the game as admin. Will that really do the trick? We shall see.

    THE FIRST BOSS HAS BEEN DEFEATED! Or so I thought. Its right hand man, xtrap error 30-0400-00000000-506, has come to avenge its death.

    A quick Google search turns up nothing special, but I see the words “CrossFire” show up a few times. Maybe if I disable SLI the error will magically go away. Lettuce see how it goes.

    The error has evolved into 02-0300-000000000-608. Change is good, but that’s still way too many zeros. The next logical step in this process is to repeat the first thing I tried: Delete the xtrap folder and run as admin.

    BEHOLD! It works! The story now begins with my login… I (was supposed to) enter it in slowly but nervously. F-A-E-D-T. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. But things do not always go as I plan. Xtrap error upon restart as I had to close the game to go back to word as alt tab did not work.

    Now… I will enter my login for real this time. F-A-E-D-T. 1-2… The game freezes. ANOTHER BOSS! It must be defeated.

    Aha! Windows 8 compatibility issues. Perhaps changing the mode to Windows XP Service Pack 3 will do the trick. Nothing new, but I guess it would be good to note the xtrap error: 13-0400-00000000-501. Still way too many zeroes.

    Upon further trial and error and Googling, I have not found a solution. Perhaps computer #2 that has just been reformatted will be able to run it. And then, I will be able to narrow the problem down if it indeed does run. But first I must transfer the install file through the network.

    Enter network password to connect to my computer it says. But I don’t have a password, I says? Oh, I have to turn off password protected sharing. Of course.

    Put the files in the shared folder, copy paste on the secondary computer, and now all we must do is wait. 700 KB/s, that’s ridiculously slow. I’m too lazy to move the computer closer to the router. So I will just wait. 16 minutes. And type stuff. My nose is running.

    It is done transferring and installing. Set compatibility mode to XP, run as admin, xtrap error again. I think the problem is Windows 8.

    I should go to bed.

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    1. Metal Golem:

    “ Easy, almost there… Here you go “
    “ My own Metal Golem has been born, those archers and magicians out there will be so jealous “.
    “ Hey guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ he proudly yells, everyone in Ricarter, of course, looks at him. Some crazy guy with an oily face running and screaming like he has never done before.
    “ I finally made it woohoo !!!!!!! “ he’s yelling. “ Made what ? “ someone responds, “ My own golem, mate. I finally made it “ he answers.
    “ Golem ? “ the guy confused. “ Here “ he pulls that guy into his warehouse, the house is a mess, trifling metal, bronze, gold, diamond, glass everywhere, you could barely find the way to get into.
    “ Woa lah !!!!! Please welcome Sandy “ he says as he turns on the light. “ Are you serious, Mark ? “ the guy reacts. “ Yes, of course, I’m tired of being a shield for them, I need somebody helps me so I can use my weapon… “.

    Name: Mark.
    Age: 26.
    Job: Warrior.
    Class: Mechanician.

    “ … Have you seen it, Frank ? My weapon is getting rusted, this is not what I paid for. “ Mark continues.
    “ I understand how you feel, but this is an order from Mr. Verkan and also our tactic, you cannot go against it. You guys were trained to be good at support, and that’s what you want at first. Look at Josh, he’s a Mechanician just like you but he never complaints about anything, in fact he always finishes the job and already earned what he deserves today. “ Frank responds.

    Name: Frank.
    Age: 27.
    Job: Warrior.
    Class: Fighter.

    “ Don’t bring my dad here, he used to be my idol when I was a kid. When I first saw him with a bunch of medals from the Priston Royal Force I’d wish wanted to be like him, but now I know what he’s been doing for all those years and I regret being a Mechanician …“ Mark answers.
    “ Mark, don’t … “ Frank says. “ You know what, mate … “ Mark adds, “ You’ll never know what you want until you touch it “.

    Suddenly there is a siren:
    “ Warrior !!!!!
    Fury’s force is coming from the East of Navisko, suit up and ready to go. I repeat, Fury’s force is coming from the East of Navisko, suit up and ready to go. “
    Ricarter now turns into a carnival. Blue spears, Red swords, Yellow bows, Green shields, it’s all gathering in Ricarter, people are getting ready for a big fight. “ Let’s roll “ Verkan yells, the footsteps’ reflection makes it feel like a thunder storm coming. People are going through the warp gate one by one and all head to Navisko.

    2. The war.

    “ Wake up, Mark “, “ What the hell are you doing ? “, “ Somebody helps him “. Mark’s trying to open his eyes to see what’s happening, “ Don’t worry, mate I got you “, his bestfriend Frank’s getting him up. He’s finally awake, the war is already begun.

    In the back, Magicians are gathering fire to form a big wall to stop enemy getting into Navisko, Priestess are calling thunder to kill everything that comes near them. Behind Magicians are Atlantas trying to throw javelins at Flying monsters.
    In the front, Fighters, Knights, Pikemans are fighting with grounded monsters, Archers are behind supporting them. Mechanicians are trying to use their shields to push monsters back. The place is a chaos now, it’s either fight or die. Mark pushes monsters like a routine, with his class is either defense or push, no attacking.

    “Fury’s over there, some people go kill him “ Mark yells as hard as he can.
    “ No, it’s too risky, these monsters are coming really strong. If we don’t stick to the plan we will lose our possession “ Frank responds as he slashes and stabs a Typhoon.
    “ But if we don’t kill him, he can keep calling monsters and we will lose Navisko “ Mark answers, “ SANDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ He screams out loud. Suddenly there was a big thing coming from Navisko gate, it flings hundreds of Magicians away and leaves a big clear area in between the gate. Monsters are starting running through and kill a lot of Priestess, Atlantas, Magicians near by.
    “ No No, you stupid creature, everyone falls back and supports the gate “ Verkan commands as Ramon dies standing next to him.
    “ Mark, go back “ Frank’s yelling, “ No, I have to finish it “ Mark slashes the Rattoo’s legs as Sandy, stabs its claw into Rattoo’s chest.
    “ No Mark No. Everyone gets back into Navisko now !!!!!!!!!!! “ Frank commands. Mark and Sandy run to Fury, Mark pulls his sword out and jumps into Fury, but it’s not hard for Fury to see it. A Dark Specter catches him on air as 2,3 Typhoons attack Sandy.
    “ Somebody, somebody help him now “ Frank’s begging as he’s hopelessly watching his bestfriend torturing in the sky, some Archers and Atlantas trying to shoot arrows and javelins. Luckily one of them was into the Dark Spector’s heart and killed it. Mark fell from the sky, but lucky for him, there was no monster cares about him, they are all fighting to get into Navisko. Mark crawled into a cave near by and fainted.

    3. The temple.

    Mark opens his eyes and he sees a priest healing for him. “ Where am I ? “ he’s wondering, “ Stay there, mate, almost done “ the priest tells him. His eyes are half-opened because of the falling, it really knocked him away after that.
    “ There you go “ the priest says.
    “ Thanks “ Mark says as he’s holding his shoulder.
    “ So why are you here, warrior ? “ The priest asks.
    “ I don’t know you tell me “ He answers.
    “ I saw you lying over there… desperately “ The priest answers as he’s pointing into the wall.
    “ Are you sure about that, I remember I fainted near a door … “ He surprisingly responds.
    “ … But by the way, where I am ? “ He adds.
    “ This is a temple “ The priest answers, “ I’ve been here since years and you are my first guest “ he adds.
    Mark looks around the temple, it seems there’s no way out. He looks at the priest and asks “ So do you know why I’m here ? “, “ Ah, that’s a good question. Why don’t you tell me “ The priest answers.

    He told the priest everything that’s happening outside the temple, including what he has been through. They’re walking talking around the temple, seems like the priest is kind of interesting into his story. They walk into a room with a huge statue of a warrior, “ Who is that ? “ Mark asks.
    “ That is a Mechanician, he used to be one of the best man in the world, but his angry and madness turned him into a demon. People were afraid of him that they decided to put him in here and curse him, what do you see young man ? “ The priest answers and asks. Mark’s surprised because of the question, he’s heard of this tale before, but didn’t know if it’s true or not. He’s staring into the statue nonstop, like something familiar.
    “ So… does it mean he’s dead “ Mark asks.
    “ Dead ? “ The priest’s laughing, “ Nobody is dead young man, it’s either living or sleeping “.
    He turned his head back, the Priest is disappeared.
    “ Sir, where are you ? “ He calls him, he walks outside the room and sees the gate again.

    4. The Metal rage:

    The war is still happening, but it seems like the Fury’s army is taking the lead. He’s running as he’s slashing everything that he sees, Witches, Dark Spector, Rattoo, it all kneels down under his sword. He jumps into Fury once again, but he never knows Fury’s power, it swings its hammer and he’s flied away. “ Mark !!!! “ Frank’s yelling, “ You’re alive “ he adds.

    Mark seems like didn’t listen to what Frank says, he stands up and keep fighting. “ Go help him “ Frank asks everyone, but no matter how hard Mark’s been trying, he could not touch a hair of Fury. He got tired already, he jumps into Fury one last time, but still… Fury is so strong. Mark’s lying there in between of his friends and monsters fight, he looks at Sandy, now it’s just a dead body there, it got ripped off into pieces. He knows he has done a stupid thing that cost hundreds of lives, including his Sandy, he crawled into Sandy and see if it’s still alive.

    He’s picking every piece of Sandy up sticking it into his armor and weapon. Fury is looking into another way, he knows that is his last chance, he stands up and runs as fast as he can into Fury. He jumps and slashes, it hits Fury but it doesn’t make it hurt at all, it swings the hammer into Mark.

    Meanwhile in the temple, the Priest notices something’s happening. The whole place is shaking, the Mechanician statue is broken, the gate finally opens for him, the Priest runs outside and sees everything. He sees people dying, torturing, struggling with Fury’s army, Mark is lying, blood everywhere. “ This is it “ the Priest’s mumbling, he looks at Mark’s body and walks into him. “ Run, what are you doing here ? “ Mark hardly says, the Priest cannot heal for him, it’s too late. He calls Fury out loud and tell it to come here, Fury takes no second to see the Priest and it flies into him. It swings the hammer but something is not right, the priest is standing behind it, it swings once again, now the priest is standing next to it. The Priest laughs at it, Fury gets mad and swings everywhere, even into the other monsters, but still cannot catch the Priest.
    Mark looks at the Priest as he asks: “ Stand up and fight with me “, the Priest takes Mark hands and every wound starting to disappear, Mark gets better and he picks his sword with Sandy’s claw on. “ It’s for you, Sandy “ Mark says, suddenly Sandy’s pieces shine and blend into Mark’s body, his sword and armor turns into brown and the crown has more wings and gold on it. “ Are you ready old man ? “ Mark asks the Priest, “ Oh I am “ the Priest answers. They together run into Fury, but their power gets much stronger now, they run around swinging, slashing Fury and its monsters.

    Frank’s standing and looking, he’s never seen such an power, he and people start helping Mark and the Priest. They kill any monster that comes near Mark and the Priest, the monsters are moving back because of Fury is being attacked. Mark’s attack and speed are getting stronger, he moves like a lightning around Fury. “ Lure them into the temple I will lock them in there “ The priest says, “ You got it “ Mark responds as he swings his sword from the bottom of Fury makes it flying above, he jumps and hits it hard. Fury fell into the temple’s gate, the Priest uses the rest of his power to create a seal that keeps Fury and its monsters in there.
    “ Good job, we are done guys “ Mark screams, people are celebrating the victory in Navisko.
    “ You just released the rage of the Mechanician in the temple. Now he’s in you, use it wisely “ the Priest says and fades away.

    Mark looks at the Priest one last time and walks back into Navisko, people carry him, touching his beautiful brown armor and sword. He’s absolutely a hero, Mechanicians are proud of him, he just created a new class, new way of being a Mechanician.

    A lot of people didn’t think that was the last time they could see Mark, after the war, he went away. His warehouse is empty now, nobody really knows where he is now, some says he is going to the battlefield up in the North East to master his skills, some says he is in some island far far away our land where the strongest monsters waiting to attack our mankind.

    And about the Priest, he’s just like Mark but there is a story that he appears and warn people about the return of Fury.

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    friends and warriors
    my name is Liv'n'LetDie
    the name comes from an ancient song sung by Zecram when he sharpens his axe
    i’m a spamming archer from Ricarten the city of Tempskrons and a lowly member of the greatest clan in all the realms of Priston, OHxR3birth

    i was born in the year 2003 and played with hopies and cuepies in nearby Closed Waterways for a long time before venturing into Valley of Tomb and Refuge of the Ancients
    it was a time of blissful innocence to which we can never return
    how could we forsee the bloody battles we would face later and the dark and evil forces that the YD ancients would throw against us?
    my mech brother was very busy training at that time so i didn’t get to train much at first
    the world of Priston was still new and good items were hard to find - everything was expensive
    i had only a few secondhand sub-gears to wear and my armour was very old and didn’t fit me properly
    in fact i looked like a total n00b and punk fighters taunted me and lured bargons on me
    i was still using an mhcb when other archers had perf sagi’s
    the shame..the shame!

    At that time powerful monster crystals hadn’t been invented so we had to train very hard and maybe get a tank from a kind 5x or 6x warrior if we were lucky
    unlike our brothers and sisters in a parallel Priston universe we had no ptp items to assist us either
    from the time when i was young i always wanted spirit – i didn’t care if my gear was no good
    the more "blue" the better - better for spamming those annoying demons and mutants
    all i wanted was to run and chase monsters and spam and loot..
    yes, this is how i made it to 5x after two long years
    then my employer decided mages were more i rested a while
    then my employer decided to use a pikeman instead
    then my employer trained an apprentice priestess
    pffft !

    luckily my employer was visited by the great god Skronipe around the time of the Renaissance and realized in a blinding flash that archers are the top class after all
    suddenly i was back..
    so i duly battled skillmaster Verkan and took my place amongst the ranks of the Sagittarians
    from that time on my faithful wolverine companion hunted with me everywhere
    also around that time i began to notice great archers like mable and adelca and try to follow in their footsteps
    i tried many different skills and learned the ones to use against different enemies
    i reinvented myself many times with the help of the beautiful and elusive Event Girl
    i learned something of the great mystery of mixing though i was still ignorant of the harder subject of aging

    Then a weird thing happened..
    a foreign god from the west visited Priston world in the month of december and distributed strange gifts
    we had seen seasonal things like morifs and pumpkins but this was totally weird
    fearsome warriors began wearing gay (or joyful) red and green costumes with bells
    then the warriors became bewitched and they reduced their strength – heresy!
    a few warriors began to question the wisdom of the YD ancients
    but the old school warriors did not follow this deluded fashion

    some time later came the Great Collision where the parallel universes of Priston became joined
    this was a very difficult time, suddenly there were strangers in our midst
    they looked like us and spoke like us but they came from another place
    some had fine weapons better than ours, some carried rare sheltoms and some had gold
    a lot of gold..
    there were many challenges between our renowned warriors and the strangers
    "see you in bc" was the cry
    there were casualties on all sides
    priestesses worked tirelessly to heal the wounded but not all survived
    after a time people stopped arguing and grumbling so much
    it was a kind of truce, like the truce between Tempskrons and Morions

    By the time of the Great Collision i was training many hours daily and approaching the status of an elite warrior – my hands still bear the callouses and my body bears the bruises (and rsi) of the hard training but this is what it takes my friends!
    many of the techniques i learned in this period have served me well…
    how to spam and switch skills without interruption or losing a target
    how to fit 1000 arrows into a quiver so it doesn't bulge too much
    how to acquire and channel the power of the birdie, the vamp and the big baby face
    how to make runes and manufacture weapons
    how to sweet-talk Newtor so he doesn't break your +15 gear
    how to kick Newtor's butt when he does but doesn't remember you next time you come
    when to party and when to solo
    how to tell when a n00b is going to gatecrash your sod much to learn to become a true elite warrior!

    Around this time everyone was hunting and training peacefully then came the Regression of 2011
    in one day we hunted and trained enough for a month
    the next day we lost everything that we had gained
    time went backwards, items disappeared, traded items reappeared
    the economy came to a complete standstill – everyone was too scared to buy or sell
    so i went to secretary Karina..she said we had entered a time warp or something but everything would be just fine..and go easy on the botox with the big head

    then i made a bonfire of Evil Plants as an offering to the YD ancients
    why were the gods punishing us?
    were we spending too much time chatting?
    not enough training?
    did they want us to respec or respect?
    did Tempritos' power not extend to toronto?

    Just when everyone was too scared to pick up a stone axe we were dealt a double-edged bonus
    we could not anticipate the havoc these 90-110 crystals would wreak on the world of Priston
    so good and yet so bad
    so capricious
    with these crazy crystals we could beat up monsters far above our level
    or simulate nuclear fission with mini bosses
    or train an advanced warrior within a week

    and so the Priston economy boomed and many of us ended up with a lot of gold
    even too much gold
    but not enough seems you can never have both..
    or can you?

    there are few full-strength archers now - we are the old school
    one day the YD ancients will bless archers with new and potent skills ..maybe

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    once upon a time there was a big bang happened...

    And they live happily ever after...

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