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Thread: Priston Tale Character Fiction Contest!

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    Slipknat tail of tale

    Back in 2006, a character pikeman was born, the owner baptized him as slipknat.. then the journey begins, slipknat travels along the garden of freedom and then he saw a cute little monster with horn called hopy, that was his first encounter with, he give hopy a strong punch, after hopy die, slipknat raise his level, so on, then slipknat reach level 25, slipknat must face the 3 wolverines to get his first tiet, he died many times in facing wolverine, good thing he meet a friend higher lvl than him, he helps slipknat to cut those horn and tail for wolverine.

    Okay lets skip..
    Back in 2009 netplay shutdown, slipknat die for a while, then suba raises him, the merge happen, slipknat rocks again.

    Skip again.

    When slipknat reach 10x he begins aging his items, and he got a sick.. an aging addict, slipknat realize that priston tale is all about aging items, he showed up to the other players his glowing shiney +11 reaper schythe.. he is so happy with his spear,


    2011 2 years ago, slipknat back in game after he finished his reallife task.. slipknat try to age his +11 spear, but he failed on aging..

    To be continue......
    Almost 1am.. gtg sleep..

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    Quote Originally Posted by joseph708 View Post

    he directed me towards a rich and thick forest called road to the wind, we battled biting hopies,


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    ass end of universe


    << to be continued >>

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReyJohn View Post
    My professor destroyed my first story I wrote yesterday during his class hours -_-
    same thing happened to nabokov
    go go Rey!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NateXandre View Post
    Slipknat tail of tale

    Back in 2006, a character pikeman was born, the owner baptized him as slipknat.. then the journey begins, slipknat travels along the garden of freedom and then he saw a cute little monster with horn called hopy, that was his first encounter with, he give hopy a strong punch, after hopy die, slipknat raise his level, so on, then slipknat reach level 25, slipknat must face the 3 wolverines to get his first tiet, he died many times in facing wolverine, good thing he meet a friend higher lvl than him, he helps slipknat to cut those horn and tail for wolverine.

    Okay lets skip..
    Back in 2009 netplay shutdown, slipknat die for a while, then suba raises him, the merge happen, slipknat rocks again.

    Skip again.

    When slipknat reach 10x he begins aging his items, and he got a sick.. an aging addict, slipknat realize that priston tale is all about aging items, he showed up to the other players his glowing shiney +11 reaper schythe.. he is so happy with his spear,


    2011 2 years ago, slipknat back in game after he finished his reallife task.. slipknat try to age his +11 spear, but he failed on aging..

    To be continue......
    Almost 1am.. gtg sleep..

    Nice story telling of your tail of tale
    Member of LEGENDS

    I walk slowly but I never walk backward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LivnLetDie View Post
    friends and warriors
    my name is Liv'n'LetDie
    the name comes from an ancient song sung by Zecram when he sharpens his axe
    i’m a spamming archer from Ricarten the city of Tempskrons and a lowly member of the greatest clan in all the realms of Priston, OHxR3birth

    i was born in the year 2003 and played with hopies and cuepies in nearby Closed Waterways for a long time before venturing into Valley of Tomb and Refuge of the Ancients
    it was a time of blissful innocence to which we can never return
    how could we forsee the bloody battles we would face later and the dark and evil forces that the YD ancients would throw against us?
    my mech brother was very busy training at that time so i didn’t get to train much at first
    the world of Priston was still new and good items were hard to find - everything was expensive
    i had only a few secondhand sub-gears to wear and my armour was very old and didn’t fit me properly
    in fact i looked like a total n00b and punk fighters taunted me and lured bargons on me
    i was still using an mhcb when other archers had perf sagi’s
    the shame..the shame!

    At that time powerful monster crystals hadn’t been invented so we had to train very hard and maybe get a tank from a kind 5x or 6x warrior if we were lucky
    unlike our brothers and sisters in a parallel Priston universe we had no ptp items to assist us either
    from the time when i was young i always wanted spirit – i didn’t care if my gear was no good
    the more "blue" the better - better for spamming those annoying demons and mutants
    all i wanted was to run and chase monsters and spam and loot..
    yes, this is how i made it to 5x after two long years
    then my employer decided mages were more i rested a while
    then my employer decided to use a pikeman instead
    then my employer trained an apprentice priestess
    pffft !

    luckily my employer was visited by the great god Skronipe around the time of the Renaissance and realized in a blinding flash that archers are the top class after all
    suddenly i was back..
    so i duly battled skillmaster Verkan and took my place amongst the ranks of the Sagittarians
    from that time on my faithful wolverine companion hunted with me everywhere
    also around that time i began to notice great archers like mable and adelca and try to follow in their footsteps
    i tried many different skills and learned the ones to use against different enemies
    i reinvented myself many times with the help of the beautiful and elusive Event Girl
    i learned something of the great mystery of mixing though i was still ignorant of the harder subject of aging

    Then a weird thing happened..
    a foreign god from the west visited Priston world in the month of december and distributed strange gifts
    we had seen seasonal things like morifs and pumpkins but this was totally weird
    fearsome warriors began wearing gay (or joyful) red and green costumes with bells
    then the warriors became bewitched and they reduced their strength – heresy!
    a few warriors began to question the wisdom of the YD ancients
    but the old school warriors did not follow this deluded fashion

    some time later came the Great Collision where the parallel universes of Priston became joined
    this was a very difficult time, suddenly there were strangers in our midst
    they looked like us and spoke like us but they came from another place
    some had fine weapons better than ours, some carried rare sheltoms and some had gold
    a lot of gold..
    there were many challenges between our renowned warriors and the strangers
    "see you in bc" was the cry
    there were casualties on all sides
    priestesses worked tirelessly to heal the wounded but not all survived
    after a time people stopped arguing and grumbling so much
    it was a kind of truce, like the truce between Tempskrons and Morions

    By the time of the Great Collision i was training many hours daily and approaching the status of an elite warrior – my hands still bear the callouses and my body bears the bruises (and rsi) of the hard training but this is what it takes my friends!
    many of the techniques i learned in this period have served me well…
    how to spam and switch skills without interruption or losing a target
    how to fit 1000 arrows into a quiver so it doesn't bulge too much
    how to acquire and channel the power of the birdie, the vamp and the big baby face
    how to make runes and manufacture weapons
    how to sweet-talk Newtor so he doesn't break your +15 gear
    how to kick Newtor's butt when he does but doesn't remember you next time you come
    when to party and when to solo
    how to tell when a n00b is going to gatecrash your sod much to learn to become a true elite warrior!

    Around this time everyone was hunting and training peacefully then came the Regression of 2011
    in one day we hunted and trained enough for a month
    the next day we lost everything that we had gained
    time went backwards, items disappeared, traded items reappeared
    the economy came to a complete standstill – everyone was too scared to buy or sell
    so i went to secretary Karina..she said we had entered a time warp or something but everything would be just fine..and go easy on the botox with the big head

    then i made a bonfire of Evil Plants as an offering to the YD ancients
    why were the gods punishing us?
    were we spending too much time chatting?
    not enough training?
    did they want us to respec or respect?
    did Tempritos' power not extend to toronto?

    Just when everyone was too scared to pick up a stone axe we were dealt a double-edged bonus
    we could not anticipate the havoc these 90-110 crystals would wreak on the world of Priston
    so good and yet so bad
    so capricious
    with these crazy crystals we could beat up monsters far above our level
    or simulate nuclear fission with mini bosses
    or train an advanced warrior within a week

    and so the Priston economy boomed and many of us ended up with a lot of gold
    even too much gold
    but not enough seems you can never have both..
    or can you?

    there are few full-strength archers now - we are the old school
    one day the YD ancients will bless archers with new and potent skills ..maybe

    PART 2

    one day the YD ancients would bless archers with new and potent skills ..wouldn't they
    now i had a mission
    one final quest..

    as the plane touched down at incheon i was toying with the valento ring on my left hand
    feeling the slow pulse of its power
    the power of its original undead owner
    its cousin on my right hand remained silent, biding its time
    then i remembered the legend of Roy Batty and how he travelled across space to meet his maker, Dr Tyrell
    of Tyrell corp
    it ended badly for both of them but Batty was too impatient
    too arrogant
    too headstrong
    i would be smarter
    no unnecessary bloodshed
    one could always reason with the YD ancients right?
    after all i was not some berserk fighter or a cloaked pikeman waiting to strike critically under cover
    i was an archer at one with nature and the Priston universe
    i could negotiate
    i would persuade them

    the decrepit A380 taxied up to the terminal as the ground crew rushed to extinguish a fire in the right-side engine
    give me a warp gate any day
    passengers began unfastening seatbelts and gathering their personal effects
    fortunately they didn't pay me very much attention
    i struggled to get my salamander bow out of the overhead locker - it's two and a half meters long and i didn't want anyone to look at it too closely
    the arrows with the tarantulika venom tips were safely packed away in my luggage
    in a package labelled "native artefacts"
    and if things got a bit tight i had the +17 injustice talon in my backpack
    the magic armour would have been awkward on the plane so i was wearing a migal robe
    that should help me blend in with the locals i figured
    so far so good

    Picking up my luggage i headed for the nearest exit
    a couple of taxi drivers approached me
    "where can i find the YD ancients?" i asked
    they shook their heads
    one said "you dress funny, Lady"
    i started to say "I'm not a lad.." but i stopped
    too hard to explain
    way too hard..
    even without a weapon my attack is ok and my frenzy gauntlet left a nice mark on his forehead
    no need for the karate kick
    the other taxi driver ran away pretty fast
    after that no-one approached me

    how was i going to find the YD ancients?
    Rob marley knows all kinds of stuff
    he once told me they live in a mountain fortress somewhere
    maybe kaesong..
    but i would need a guide..someone with arcane knowledge

    After a good night's sleep and some kimchi and coffee for breakfast i felt more positive
    i visited a few backstreet cafes searching for clues
    but they were busy playing wow and dota2
    i scoured the city for many hours searching in all directions..but with no luck
    late in the afternoon in an alley a small boy came up to me
    he had brown hair and brown eyes and spoke softly
    "omg another tourist"
    i thought he might be poor and hungry so i pulled out 1kk gold and gave it to him
    he threw it on the ground then spat and called me something bad
    gold is not worth much now i guess

    "where can i find the YD ancients?" i asked
    "what have you got to trade?" he replied

    three hours later we had a deal
    six mirotics, fifty mystic mana and he gets to play with wolfie
    plus the +17 injustice talon
    some tough bargaining..
    actually the kid wanted jeras but i explained to him how my jera mule was back at home
    hard to explain
    i just hope he doesn't drink all the mana at once

    and so we got started..
    we travelled that night by bus and Tgv and walking
    and climbing
    and walking
    i summoned wolfie a few times to keep us company
    at sunrise we arrived at a place that looked a bit like frozen sanctuary
    but with less ice and more pagodas and lakes
    somehow the kid just knew the way and i had no choice but to follow
    who was this brown-eyed kid who knew so much?
    we kept on walking
    and climbing
    then we stopped and cooked some ramen
    i threw in a couple of green potions – we were both getting tired
    then we walked some more

    Around midday we came to a deep blue lake with a little mountain sticking out of the middle
    like lake Taal but with more fir trees
    the kid just tossed his head and said "there"
    we searched for a boat to ferry us across to the island
    after some minutes walking we discovered hidden amongst the tall fir trees a house and a jetty on the edge of the lake

    we discovered the house belonged to a fisherman, Maron
    Maron had only a tin boat and the water was rough - we agreed to wait until morning and accepted his hospitality
    we would spend the night at Maron's little house
    over dinner i casually enquired whether anyone lived on the island

    Maron regarded us closely "you mean the Elders?"
    "no, no the ancients" i corrected him
    i didn't want to chat with the wrong gods after travelling so far

    "Ancients..elders..whatever" he replied "we get all sorts here"
    "..anyhow i think you're too late Miss"
    "late…why?" i mumbled, confused

    "Ask your friend.. he was here last week with that guy Wooper or Whopper"
    although a seasoned warrior my blood suddenly froze…
    "he burnt the place to the ground"

    i turned slowly towards the kid
    but he was gone.

    i'm guided by a signal in the heavens
    i'm guided by this birthmark on my skin
    i'm guided by the beauty of our weapons
    first we take bless castle then we take IM

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    Falara the Priestess

    Falara lives in the continent of 'Priston' and belongs to the tribe of the Morions. She was born in the town Pillai, which is a floating isle high above the sea. She is a Priestess which has enormous psychic powers. Besides that she owns healing powers which protect and support the people in her environment. Falara ist the leader and creator of the ‘Eternal‘ clan.


    When Falara was a baby her parents got killed while the big undead Invasion in Pillai’s Kingdom. It was a cruel and devious attack by the undeads emperor ‘Valento‘ to spread his Kingdom. With the help of the old Navisko army, Pillai managed to fight the undeads back to the deserts. Falara’s Parents were well known and had a good reputation in Pillai. Together the local residents decided to raise Falara , they taught her the virtues of wisdom, justice, mercy, faith, kindness and love. When Falara grew to a young girl, she decided to become a Priestess. As a Priestess she wanted to fight against the undead powers that threaten the whole continent of Priston and protect all the humans in her environment. Raymond, the Skill Master of Pillai, trained Falara in becoming a great Priestess, which made her control the holy spirits very well. Until today Raymond became a father role and one oft he most important persons for Falara.
    When she became a young woman, Falara left Pillai for a while to travel to Ricarten and asked the king for an alliance against the undeads. Ricarten and Pillai always had differences and little fights in the past. Since Ricarten suffered by undead attacks as well and didn’t have any holy defenders against undeads, they agreed on the alliance. The tribe of Ricarten that was called Tempskron, fought together with Morions against monsters until today. Tempskron and Morion decided to conclude peace and signed a peace treaty. Falara became a well liked guest in Ricarten.


    To have an elite that protects the population and fights against undeads, Falara created a Clan called ‘Eternal‘. Eternal had some strict rules which served for the common good. Based on the virtues that Falara got teached in her youth, Eternal was a Clan that was mixed with Morions and Tempskrons. Since this braced the bound between the two Kingdoms, the Clan was allowed to move into the Bless Castle in which it got supported with provisions and resources for the war. Later Falara left the Priston continent to carry Eternal‘s banner and ideals through the world. In Priston a new Legendary Clan got created by old friends and members, to follow its old virtues. They were allowed to move into the Bless Castle as well.


    Valento is the Emperor of the undeads. His Kingdom was spread all over the deserts and ice hills in the north. Falara hates Valento mercilessly, since his Invasion of Pillai’s Kingdom caused the death of her parents. She swore to search Valento until the end and revenge her parent’s death. Since only the toughest Warriors would survive the ice hills, Falara started to hunt Valento with her Clan. She finally found Valento and had a long fight until he fell. A legend says Valentos undead soul appears several times a day, cursed to spawn in the ice hills and meant to be beaten down by strongest warriors.

    Magical Powers

    In her education as Priestess, Falara learned some powerful magical skills that help people on the one side and give strong damage to monsters and especially to undeads on the other side. Falara is able to keep people alive in wars, she is even able to revive people that just died. With those heal and protection powers especially many Tempskrons were able to survive in the wars against the undead. Today Priestess became one of the most important professions in the continent of Priston.

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    Sigil: Male, birth name unknown. Mid length blonde hair, perpetually clean-shaven face. Striking features with piercing, clover green eyes. Aura of controlled intensity, as a man that is caught in constant, brooding determination.

    Commonly equipped with Battlemage robes, the most powerful wand or scepter he can acquire, and a glowing Mystic Shield.

    Priston Tale character status: Magician

    Build: Shield Mage


    He awoke on a side street of the well maintained township of Pillai, his head foggy with ethereal whispers and the strongest sense of déj* vu.

    I have done this before. I know this place. This is home.

    His mind lingers over the particulars of his surroundings. Every cobblestone, shingle, beam of timber. The organic blend of nature, magic, and dwellings: It is familiar, all of it. He knows every detail, but feels near complete detachment to it. He is left with little of his own history, excepting his identity and purpose.

    I am known as Sigil here, but that is not my name. I am a practitioner of the mystic arts. I am a warrior of the Morion people.

    Sigil rakes his hair from his face with an unsteady hand, and takes in a sharp breath of evening air. Scents of lavender and cut wood drift into his notice, along with the slow realization that he is, in fact, on the ground. He pulls himself into a more seated position, unsure as to whether his legs will have sufficient strength to support his eventual decision to stand. In his half-dazed state, pictures flood into his mind. Some from too far ago to have occurred in his lifetime. Some, sadly all too recent.


    Images of fire and blood. Infernal forces leading a charge of inhuman creatures. Steel rending bodies. Magic tearing flesh. Battles from long ago as creatures of shadow made their bid to control the land of Priston, and beyond. Visions of hundreds of heroes meeting their end, throwing their lives against the darkness like so many waves crashing upon a massive stone – hoping the darkness would crack, eventually give way. Hoping that maybe, just maybe, their sacrifice would allow the next challengers to be victorious.

    Too clear to be a dream. I was there. I couldn’t have been, but I was. What else can I remember?

    The warriors to the south, the Tempskron: They had been fighting this evil for some time now. They were unaware of the existence of the Morion until fairly recently, but received their discreet aid nonetheless for a good while. Their lack of spiritual and arcane understanding put them at a disadvantage against some of their enemies, a weakness that may have been exploited were it not for unseen efforts. Despite this, they are a very physically powerful people with inquisitive, mechanical intelligence. An impressive culture, certainly. After revealing themselves to the Tempskron, true and honest hope had been created. An alliance had been formed. They vowed to fight alongside their brothers and sisters to the south.

    But it wasn’t quite enough, was it? A vast, once civilized land now set mostly in ruin. Only two major settlements remaining, the outlying lands home to feral creatures and goblin folk. Farther out, the continent is in utter chaos.

    Sigil shook his head in an effort to clear the memories away. These things happened long ago. The Great War claimed countless lives and brought great structures to rock and ash. Most of the land now sits as a memorial to the honored fallen. Other places are even darker; holdouts for the remnants of the enemy from ages past, or ancestral prisons for both corporeal and intangible echoes of the living, now mad with pain and rage. The land of Priston had undergone more than physical changes, however. The people had become harder, and their cultures harder to reflect this. Coming of age trials and simple customs have become life-threatening ordeals. These ordeals must be undertaken by all members of Morion society that wish to travel beyond the outskirts of great floating city. To begin, one must explore and sharpen one’s combat skills. If you survive and prove yourself, greater truths and more advanced techniques would be revealed to you. Provided you overcame a series of tasks, of course.

    A test of manhood, partially. Mostly a test to make sure one was not so stupid as to walk off the edge of a cliff. Either way, you get to know the lands surrounding Pillai, as well as get your first taste of the horrors loose upon the land.

    He remembered his first task; it seemed simple enough at first. Assist a city elder with a mundane undertaking. Sigil was sent to Molly, affectionately referred to as “Grandmother” by most. She wanted honey. In ages past, this would have been simple. One goes to the Cave of Bees with appropriate protection and quietly steals away with a bit of honeycomb in a jar. But things had indeed changed. The bees were warped by some curse during the last war, becoming monstrous in size and highly aggressive. There were still honey producing bees, but they now reside on the backs of creatures called Bee Dogs: Not true dogs, but feral mutations of the natural order, even more aggressive than the bees.

    What was once a cautious walk in the countryside became a test of survival. Those of us unaccustomed to the use of heavy armor have to worry about the creatures inhabiting this area attacking en masse. I recall this task taking a long time to accomplish; I had to isolate a single Bee Dog from the pack at a time, killing it quietly with magic so the others would not notice. This tested my skills as a hunter as well as a magician, and taught me the value of patience. I was lucky. Many others are highly allergic to the bee venom. My scars healed with time. Cynically, I marveled at what our elders would put us through for something sweet. In retrospect, I understand that it wasn’t about the honey.

    His second ordeal took him to the city of Navisko, deep in the desert lands occupied by the Tempskron. A dangerous place at night, by day the city is a place of rest and trade. Unbeknownst to the people of Navisko, they are all cursed to become monsters as the sun sets, rampaging and destroying anything and everyone they encounter. Even those who fall in battle against a superior combatant will arise the next morning, without injury or memory, unable to be told that they are the cause of their own terror. Sigil’s purpose there was to wait for nightfall and battle the creatures therein, in hopes of liberating the final components for the construction of a Morion warrior’s weapon. Befitting his training within the community, it was a staff.

    I had mixed emotions about turning my magic against townsfolk, regardless of their situation. This hesitation came to an abrupt end after the first one very nearly took my arm off.

    The fun didn’t stop there, either. The weapon had to be “matured”. This was a pleasant way of saying that it had to be used to end the lives of many monsters in the desert lands: The Oasis, the Forgotten Land, and no less than one hundred denizens of the Ancient Prison. After it was seasoned with the defeat of so many, its more ethereal properties became embedded in the mundane materials of its construction.

    It was at this time that Master Raymond gave me access to even higher teachings of the mystic arts. It did not seem that I was learning new skills, but that I was remembering them from a long period of dormancy. The more Master Raymond exposed me to, the more I came to realize that this has always been a part of who I am, who I have been.

    Sigil’s memories drifted toward the more recent events of his training. Ironically, it seemed a lifetime away. After demonstrating mastery of the new abilities opened to him, Sigil was promised advanced understanding of the magician’s arts. The first part of the test to determine his worthiness involved hunting undead knights in a vast underground cavern, known for its mushrooms large enough to use for shelter. This was accomplished easily enough, as the task was very much like his independent training runs. Twice more he was sent into the dark unknown, each time to locate and dispatch creatures of greater strength and number. After being convinced of Sigil’s power and determination, Raymond gave him his final task:

    He had to defeat Master Raymond in a Magician’s duel.

    The two met in the dueling grounds, a place removed from Pillai, reachable only by the highest of magics. Sigil had seen Master Raymond in battle before, the idea of facing off against him now was enough to bring him considerable worry. In times long past, this duel was more of an exhibition. A demonstration from student to master, proof that one had learned what was needed to progress. Not so now. This was a fight. Everyone in Pillai who walks the warrior’s path must come to this test. Everyone must prove that they may stand with the best of their people. Not everyone is up to the challenge, and every year there are stories about hopefuls who could not prevail. The lucky could limp home and try again later. The unlucky received a very poetic benediction at their funerals.

    There was nothing else to do but take the fight hard and fast to my Master. He was more experienced and far more powerful than I was. My one advantage was youth. I was in better physical condition and had knowledge of magical defense. If I could keep him off balance with my best attacks and out maneuver him, I had a chance. In the end I won, but only because I believe he took it easy on me.

    Sigil blinked and gathered his wits about him. His memory was fast catching up to his present circumstances. For the past while, he had been acting as the consummate mercenary, battling in groups for a percentage of the take (if money was tight). More often, however, he fought alone – pushing himself to defeat more and stronger opponents. There was yet another discovered level of high magic to attain, and he has yet to prove himself worthy of its power. Until then, it is his duty to face the coming challenges head on.

    I am a warrior, not a hero. I do not expect to be the savior of my people. I am simply one of many righteous individuals struggling to achieve a goal. Tragically, that goal is our continued existence. A land in which it is safe to raise children. A place where it is not suicidal to go for a walk in the afternoon. Priston belongs to the Morion and Tempskron, and anyone else that wishes to share it in peace. It is not supposed to be a den for monsters and it is NOT a dumping ground for the unholy. It is time they realized this.

    The duty of the righteous is not to destroy evil. It is the overall goal, but let us be realistic. It is the duty of the righteous to FIGHT evil. We must stand for those who cannot, and become a sword against the coming darkness. It is said that the vows of the faithful can make even the rulers of Hell tremble. I have faith. I am making that vow. They will not win. I will carve a path to victory from the flesh of my enemies, whatever the cost to myself. Even if my life is extinguished today, others will take up that path. We, the righteous, will stand victorious and free as long as we decide to keep fighting.

    He now stood, purpose renewed, and gathered his rod and shield. Slowly, he stretched his neck to either side until an audible popping sound issued, drew in a deep breath, and took a look at his surroundings with fresh eyes. To his right lay a young lady outfitted and garbed as a Morion spear maiden; women trained for speed and accuracy, following the discipline of the heroine Atalanta. He would have sworn she was not there a moment ago. For the first time since his awakening and journey of introspection, Sigil cleared his throat and spoke, addressing the now stirring woman.

    “Take it easy, you are safe. We are in Pillai. Where is the last place you remember being?”

    “Ughnn… Iron Lands. Don’t know what happened…” she replied, still groggy and dazed.

    “Iron Lands?” Sigil questioned, “Railway or Perum?” Sigil reached out a hand to help the young Atalanta disciple to her feet.

    “Railway of Chaos. I was hunting fiends.”

    “Perhaps we can be of use to each other. I need to get back there, myself. Would you like to accompany me? After we rest and re-provision, of course.”

    I am Sigil, Magician and warrior of the Morion tribe. And I promise you, I am not done yet.
    "Build a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life." -Anonymous

    "If you did it, and lived, then you probably did it right." -Shadowrun maxim

    Sigil - Shield Mage

    Obgyn - Wall Mech

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quote Originally Posted by joseph708 View Post

    he directed me towards a rich and thick forest called road to the wind, we battled biting hopies,

    Whatt Lol x_X .?  82778

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph708 View Post
    Whatt Lol x_X .?
    There are no hopies in road to the wind. Dummy...

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