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Thread: Priston Tale Character Fiction Contest!

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    There are no hopies in road to the wind. Dummy...
    ehh ohh hmmm.. i forgot xD hahah.. tis been 5yrs ago Lmao..
    cmonnn, its a "fiction" x)  82778

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    Quote Originally Posted by NateXandre View Post
    Slipknat tail of tale

    Back in 2006, a character pikeman was born, the owner baptized him as slipknat.. then the journey begins, slipknat travels along the garden of freedom and then he saw a cute little monster with horn called hopy, that was his first encounter with, he give hopy a strong punch, after hopy die, slipknat raise his level, so on, then slipknat reach level 25, slipknat must face the 3 wolverines to get his first tiet, he died many times in facing wolverine, good thing he meet a friend higher lvl than him, he helps slipknat to cut those horn and tail for wolverine.

    Okay lets skip..
    Back in 2009 netplay shutdown, slipknat die for a while, then suba raises him, the merge happen, slipknat rocks again.

    Skip again.

    When slipknat reach 10x he begins aging his items, and he got a sick.. an aging addict, slipknat realize that priston tale is all about aging items, he showed up to the other players his glowing shiney +11 reaper schythe.. he is so happy with his spear,


    2011 2 years ago, slipknat back in game after he finished his reallife task.. slipknat try to age his +11 spear, but he failed on aging..

    To be continue......
    Almost 1am.. gtg sleep..
    part 2 of part 2

    so now slipknat doesnt have spear anymore, he left his HF hellfire scythe, he continue train using only hf to reach lvl 103, he go train in LOC land of chaos, so hard for him to kill mobs cause he even not have vr, he even died many times in ET1 endless tower 1st floor, causes xp down.. so days past, weeks, months, season.. he reach lvl 103, and he begin to take a quest to get magic armor, took almost a month before he kill and get those boss species.. so now he have magic armor, he age it to +11, slipknat wants to trade his armor for rs, he find a tradie name "forfun" from pandaline clan, and then they got a deal, slipknat trades his armor +11 to rs +13.. now slipknat is so happy that he got another spear, he no cares for armor, and its not only +11, it is +13.. days past, he found out that the spear is lv/2.. he was cheated lol.. so he went again to train hoping to reach lvl 105, after 1 year of training, he reached lvl 105 (2013).. that was his happiest day in his game, he begin to hunt in ice mine, the first he always die facing freaking monters (iceworm, tarantulla, undead miners, minegolem but there is only one mob he could only kill, and that is seal crasher, and boom he found a drop from seal, a dragon spear.. hes so excited to find out if is it pikeman spec lv/1.. then he found out it is nice spec (ns) lol, he continue to kill seal crasher but seems like he doesnt get any good items from this mob, so now he try again to kill the ramdom mobs, he do 1 cl, 1 pot to avoid dying.., it is so hard for him.. weeks past he continue to hunt, hoping to get good items (108 item) then 1 time he kill undead miner, he was that it drops 108 armor ( cronus armor ks) kngiht spec, his friends told him that the armor he found can be trade to vr.. wow slipknat now have a vr, he can hunt well now.. as he continues hunting, the good drops continues too, he was lucky, now he have 2 vr, and even a 105 scythe, he begin to age his spear, the 105 one.. he really loves it cause it has weapon speed 8.. he reach aging his spear to +15.. he was so happy, one day, minis boss event on, he participate the event, he got a plenty of sheltoms, this is his problem, if he got plenty of sheltoms, his mind pushes him to age.. lol, now he try to age his spear going +16,, but he was failed in aging, he lose hope, he age his armor, failed again..
    he promise not to play this game anymore, because he broke his items.. but really it is so hard to quit this game, a 10 year old game.. he got many friends from this game, even from fb (facebook).. so he realize that he will continue his tail of tale.. and that is all, thanks..

    the end..

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    I awoke with a cry, jerking up in my bed.

    It was only a nightmare.

    As I waited for my pounding heart to calm, I listened to the soft snoring of Wolfy who always slept at the end of my bed.

    I hugged my knees and closed my eyes as the memories flowed in the early hours of the morning.

    I remember it was the morning of my third birthday, and following old Tempskron tradition, my parents took me to greet every person in the village. My father held me in his arms, proudly proclaiming how cute his daughter was as we met one after another, each full of smiles and well wishes. I couldn't remember them all, but I knew the face of the man that gave me a sweet potion that tasted like candy. He smiled warmly, and he was one of the few that I liked as a child.
    I remember whining when my mother gently took the potion from me, promising to give it back after we visited my wolverine puppy later.

    I was stirred out of my thoughts when Wolfy began to growl in his sleep. "You were there with me..." I whispered. "Just a puppy in those days." I ran my fingers along his back and he relaxed.
    I rested my head on Wolfy's side as I fell into deeper, haunting memories.

    I stared at a blue and gold robe, Then I remember turning and grabbing at my father's red beard, playing with it between my fingers. He had a bright smile on his face, but it suddenly lowered to a fearful frown. The voices were low and urgent, like something bad had happened. I sensed something was wrong, but I was too young to understand. I began to cry as I was passed to my mother's waiting arms. She held me close and her frown mimicked my father's. The urgent voices continued, growing in intensity. I watched with wide eyes as my mother gave me to the strange man in the robe, her eyes apologizing and pleading with me to be a good girl. "Mama..." I whimpered.

    My parents rushed into a dark place as I wailed and struggled in the man's arms. He didn't try to stop me or comfort me, and instead he soon followed my parents inside. Somewhere far away I could hear my parents' yells and shouts of desperation to each other, and I called to them over and over. "Papa! Mama!"
    I saw many black monsters, then my cries turned to hysteria, and I was soon taken back outside.

    Moments passed and all that could be heard were my hiccups and crying, until I was gently lifted by warm, loving hands that embraced me. "Shhhh... it's okay." He spoke quiet and low, soothing me into comfort. It was the man that had given me the candy potion.

    He and the other man spoke, and then I saw many men. They were all dressed the same, and each of them held sorrow in their eyes.

    I buried my face into Wolfy's fur and sobbed.

    My parent's were gone...

    Hopelessness washed over me, the same feeling I had felt so often in the past thirteen years. Wolfy was looking at me, his nose softly twitching as he sniffed in concern. "I'll be fine," I assured him.

    Wolfy nudged my hand and his wet nose smeared on my fingers, causing a genuine smile to form on my lips.

    I raced past tree after tree, dodging little creatures as I hurried through the outskirts of the forest. For the first time I was almost late for training. Wolfy followed closely behind as I fastened my health potions into my pocket.

    I stopped.

    I had forgotten my dagger on the table. "Ughh..." I groaned and considered turning back for it, but quickly dismissed the thought. There wasn't enough time.
    Wolfy ran ahead, his fluffy white tail flowed in the wind along with his matching mane and floppy blue ears.

    Finally I made my way through the last of the trees and stepped into a clearing.

    In the middle of the ancient monument stood the person that took care of me almost all my life. He was like a father to me, especially after my own father was gone. But he was also the leader of the Tempskron army and part of the Council that was made up of high ranked leaders, doing their best to protect Ricarten's people.

    He was kneeling beside Wolfy, softly petting behind his ears and whispering sweet endearments. His armor of gold glinted in the sunlight, while his long cape flowed gracefully down his back.

    Knight stood up and turned to me with a smile. "Morning, sunshine… Did you get into any trouble?”

    I shook my head. "Not yet."

    "Good," he said, releasing my face. "Keep it that way."

    Slowly I raised my hand. "I forgot my dagger," I admitted, looking sheepish.

    Knight sighed. "What did I just say?"

    I smiled and shrugged.

    Wolfy laid down nearby and rested his chin on his paws, lazily watching Knight remove a small crystal ball from his bag.

    "Clear your mind," Knight instructed. "Let everything wash away."

    I obeyed, closing my eyes and enjoying the soft breeze.
    Suddenly the crystal was broken on the ground, then it began to glow and a figure appeared above it.
    It was tall with green skin and red hair, a large bulging eye and a small squinty one. I was used to ugly monsters like this in my two years of training.

    "Assume the postion," Knight told me.

    I swiftly wielded my bow and aimed directly at the Headcutter.

    I forced myself to focus on my magic, the element of fire with its heat radiating from my core. A fire bolt appeared on my arrow and I released it. It struck the Headcutter with full force, causing it to flinch in pain.

    "Very good," Knight praised. "It seems you can learn a new skill today."
    I lowered my bow and smiled. "Really? Today?" I asked excitedly. I loved to learn new skills. It felt accomplishing to learn something new and do well at it, and it was also special to learn anything at all. Women were forbidden to fight. The Council forbid it long ago, but Knight agreed to train me after years of relentless begging on my part.

    "Certainly," he smiled. "It's not like the skills I've been teaching you, it's more of a... test."

    My heart sank.

    "But it's incredibly important," he continued. "If you can't pass this, then it's undetermined whether you can truly progress as a warrior."

    Knight strode passed me to scoop up a Hopy into his arms. It squeaked, clearly unhappy at this intrusion. The Hopy was one of the cutest, most harmless creatures out there, so it was hardly a monster to me.

    "Awww, it's so cute." I cooed.

    Wolfy's head jerked up at attenton, immediately jealous.

    "Kill it," Knight said simply.

    My eyes widened. "Why?" I cried. "It's harmless!"

    But Knight shook his head. "It's a monster all the same, and you must learn to master your own opinions in battle and instead focus on the truth. It's a monster."

    "I could kill if it I wanted to," I stalled, "but I don't want to."

    "But you must," he urged. "It’s part of your training."

    I sighed. It blinked at me, its lips quirked up in a small smile. It started to hop away and I knew if I didn't kill it now, Knight wouldn't teach me anything new.

    Knight waited patiently as I glanced at him every once in a while.
    I held my breath and slowly raised my bow, aiming at the Hopy. Its green fuzz of hair gently lit up in the morning sun, and its dull horn reminded me of the one Wolfy had on his forehead.
    I concentrated hard, imagining my arrow releasing from its string, flying through the air and striking the hopy.
    My hands began to shake.

    "That's enough." I vaguely heard Knight in the back of my mind. I didn't break my concentration, I only pushed myself further. I summoned the magic within me to light fire on my arrow, but still I couldn't pull it free.
    I tried to imagine the hopy as something else, something ugly. I began to imagine it as a headcutter, but the monster from my nightmare took its place in an instant, startling me and causing the fire arrow to fly freely.

    It missed the hopy, but landed dangerously close to Wolfy. He yelped and jumped up from his comfortable position, running a little ways away

    "Oh, Wolfy! I'm sorry!" I ran to him and embraced him. "I wasn't aiming for you..."

    Knight approached slowly, his arms crossed and his face unreadable.

    I stood up, feeling guilty for not obeying his order. "Sorry..." I mumbled.

    I sank down onto the concrete stairs, suddenly embarrassed.
    Knight sat beside me and took my hand. "You're young, and you have plenty of time." He smiled sadly.

    We were quiet a long while, both lost in thought, until I hesitantly asked the question that was on my mind since last night.
    "Do you believe in premonition dreams?"

    "I do."

    "What if... I had one last night?" I worriedly looked into his blue eyes.
    He shook his head. "It's not possible, only those with Morion blood have the gift - or curse - of premonition dreams."
    I stood up suddenly filled with wistful questioning. "Why are we practically at war with the Morion's if they’re so highly gifted? Why must we be separated from them when they could help us?"

    Knight appeared surprised. "It’s for the best."
    "For the best for who? Obviously we need them if we struggle with our own economy..."
    Knight looked thoughtful. "Some things we cannot change."


    I walked the streets of my village, the beloved town of Ricarten that was home to many Tempskron people. The sound of bustling towns people trading and chatting was meant to be heard, but the streets were filled with sorrowful silence. The economic crisis lead the once happy town to near poverty, stripping the town of supplies and weapons, forcing the people to settle their hope in the Council and warriors to hunt for basic needs like mana.

    I sighed as I walked past the homes and shops along the pathway to the warpgate. Most were vacant by now, and almost everyone had the same fear.

    Who was next to disappear?

    I paused at the craftsman salon, or what used to be it. Poor Thea with her vibrant red hair and cheerful face was one of the first to fall on the list of the lost people. She loved her job, and there was no reason for her to leave unexpectedly and never come back. It felt too quiet without her pounding away on the anvil, busily taking orders and joking with her costumers. She could put a smile on anyone's face and fill in any order if you gave her the recipe. She was truly a kind, hard working person.

    But she was gone.

    I strode further down the pathway to the warehouse keeper. He was gone too, and it harmed our people greatly. He was in charge of all the warehouses in our village, and when he disappeared the people lost many of their items.

    Numerous others disappeared in a close time frame, and by Knight's orders guards were stationed around the remaining villagers that provided weapons and supplies of any kind.

    "Daphne!" I was snapped out of my thoughts by a female voice. Allya, the miscellaneous store keeper waved her hand at me. I smiled in greeting and ran to her. "How lucky am I?" She laughed. "Lookie at all these men guarding me!" She whispered loudly, cupping a hand over her mouth when she realized they may have heard. Two guards stood a few feet away from her, not paying attention.

    "I've never been so happy, this is like the book I read the other night about how this girl is in distress and..." She went on chattering. I smiled and nodded, trying to listen and be interested in her story. She and her sisters were hopeless romantics, watching and longing for a man to come sweep them off their feet. They went on hoping and waiting, even in the hardest of times.

    But it had never been this hard, and I wondered if she knew the true urgency of the situation. If she disappeared, we wouldn't have the basic potions that allowed us to hunt. Still, it was difficult to hunt even with her shop supplies.

    "...And the Bargon was inches away from her! She screamed and her knight charming came up and saved her! Ohh It was my favorite part..." She looked up at the sky and happily sighed. I could practically see hearts in her eyes. "Maybe someday it'll happen to you." I smiled. She gasped as if she hadn't thought of it, and returned to her daydreaming with a smile.


    The court meeting was called to order. For the first time I was allowed to attend, and I was excited and nervous, fidgeting until Knight ushered me to sit beside him. Skill master Verkan sat beside Knight, followed by Force Master and Clan Master.
    Knight ran his fingers along the worn map while his lips moved silently. Finally he spoke. "We'll hunt in Greedy Lake for mana and any weapons we can find, we'll travel--"

    "Can I come?" I piped up, then shrunk in my seat when I realized I interrupted.

    "A battlefield is not for a woman," Clan Master said. "And you’re no exception, young one. The monsters are fierce and the road is long, you must stay here with the other women and children."

    Knight looked at me, silently pleading for me to accept that. I nodded and sat quietly.

    "We leave at dawn." Knight announced.


    "I must go," Knight began again breathlessly. "We need the supplies desperately."
    I had asked over and over if I could come.

    "I could help you hunt!"
    He shook his head. "It's too risky. Someone would see and the Council wouldn't only banish you from Ricarten, but me as well." He pushed past me and grabbed his potion bag from the bed. "Maybe another day we can go together, when it's not this important." He quickly kissed my forehead. "Be a good girl."

    I watched as Knight and most of the guards set out for Greedy Lake. They would be gone for days, hunting and gathering. I wanted to go... but I was left to pretend that I couldn't fight or defend myself like all the other women.

    I spent the day polishing armor and cleaning dishes, and the need for adventure was strong.
    By the time the dinner dishes were cleaned the feeling was overwhelming. Finally, I gathered my bow and called for Wolfy. I made sure my dagger was in my boot this time.

    We snuck out when all the villagers were asleep. I crept close to a building, avoiding the lights until I made it to the warpgate. I turned around when I sensed Wolfy hadn't followed. He was gnawing at his side. "Wolfy!" I whispered. "Come here!" His head jerked up and he abruptly stopped, trotting over sheepishly.


    I approached Royalmage at the entrance to Cursed Temple and tapped him on the shoulder.

    “May we enter Cursed Temple?” I asked sweetly.
    "Why, might I ask, do you wish to enter Cursed Temple?" He asked.

    "Oh, you know," I waved my hand, brushing it off. "The other girls dared me to enter the temple to see how long I'd last."
    He nodded slowly. "It’s dangerous, I should accompany you."

    "It's no big deal, really! I came all this way... and..." My words faded when I saw Royalmage wasn't listening. He was staring at something behind me. I followed his gaze and could see Morald shuffling his way through the sand in this direction.

    What is he doing here?

    Morald was the mixing craftsman of Ricarten. He was an older man with white hair and bushy eyebrows, but he was well respected for his skills in mixing. I never thought I'd see him approach Cursed Temple with a long sword in his hand.

    "Run along," Royalmage said simply. "I’ve things to tend to." He rushed forward and greeted Morald, starting a chat.

    I shrugged at Wolfy and entered Cursed Temple.

    The air was thin and cold, much different than the scorching desert breeze. I stepped forward, allowing my eyes to adjust to the dim light. This place felt painfully familiar, almost like I had been here before. My eyes widened.
    With a rush of emotion I knew where I was. The temple where my mother and father were killed.
    Royalmage and Morald were entering, and I quickly hid behind a pillar.
    Royalmage lifted his hand and directed Morald down the nearby stairs. "This way."
    Quietly I followed with Wolfy close behind.

    Royalmage strode past the monsters, then disappeared into another room that lead to darkness.
    Confused, I ran down the stairs to catch up.

    Tentatively we walked into the black-filled room and appeared in another area.

    Royalmage and Morald were nowhere in sight. Wolfy carefully sniffed the air then excitedly woofed at me, tracking their scent and leading me down an entryway. "Good boy!" I praised, then laughed when Wolfy started walking with a proud step.

    We passed many odd monsters, even one with two heads. Just as I was about to wonder if it was exceptionally smart, Wolfy stopped.
    I saw two figures in the distance, Royalmage and Morald... I squinted. Something was wrong. Morald was thrashing in Royalmage's arms!

    Rushing forward, I cut through a staircase that lead to them, and I could hear Morald's angry words. "When the Council finds out about this you will be banished from every--" He fell into a coughing fit.

    "They haven't discovered it this far, why would they discover it now? Knight is a fool," Royalmage spat.

    I glanced at Wolfy, who glanced up at me. We didn't like Knight being called names.

    "...who will never speak the truth even if it were biting the tip of his nose!"

    Wolfy growled.

    "He’s weak..."

    I cracked my knuckles.


    Wolfy sharpened his claws on the floor.

    "And a disgrace to the Morion people!"

    I wielded my bow and dashed forward with Wolfy beside me.

    We took several brave steps before backtracking and hiding behind the wall. If Royalmage or Morald saw me with a weapon, I would be the one to be banished from every-- whatever Morald was about to say.

    Suddenly the palm of Royalmage's hand began to glow black.

    "Enough!" He yelled, pushing his glowing palm to Morald's side. Morald screamed then hung limp in Royalmage's arms. I gasped.

    With a cold smile, Royalmage continued to drag Morald further into the temple. I raised my bow and aimed at Royalmage. My hands began to tremble as I thought about it.

    I missed.

    The arrow tore through Royalmage's robe, but touched no other part of him. Startled, he jumped back and hid behind a wall, checking his surroundings. My heart stopped when he spotted us and shot a black beam of light that narrowly missed my head. Wolfy yiked and I couldn't think of anything better to do than run.

    And we ran faster than we ever had before, finding the Cursed Temple. But we didn't stop there, we ran all the way to the Navisko warpgate without stopping.

    Wolfy and I didn't feel safe until we sat on my bed with the covers placed firmly over our heads. We stayed like that until I grew frustrated with myself. "I need more training!" I burst, throwing the covers off. "How do you stop fear?" I sat a moment, then answered my own question. "I must conquer it... And I need more confidence… Maybe I could train the other women and gain confidence that way!" I brightened at this idea. "If the women are trained, then we'll have more people to gather supplies, and then we'll prove that the women really can fight well!" I clapped my hands together in excitement. It was final, I would start training them tomorrow.


    Almost all the women agreed to begin training. They were eager to fight beside their loved ones, and I didn't blame them. We found all the weapons we could that were stored in the town, which were barely enough.

    We were able to train in Garden of Freedom since the guards went to hunt with Knight. The women learned a lot in a couple days. I had taught them some of what I knew, and they caught on quickly.

    I felt they were ready to move on to Refuge of the Ancients, and they agreed with a chorus of, "Yay!"

    But when we got there they changed their minds. They were terrified of the Ghosts, Skeletons, and they hated the Scorpions. I desperately tried to keep order, failing.

    Frustrated, I took out my bow and wiped out every monster.

    "They're practically harmless," I told them.

    "I'm not."

    My blood ran cold. It was a man's voice, one I knew all too well. I slowly turned around as the women dropped their weapons with a loud CLANG.

    I felt like dying.

    Knight stood with his arms crossed and a stern look on his face, the entire Council behind him. They gaped at me until the Force Master asked, "What’s the meaning of this?"
    On the corner of my eye I could see Wolfy frantically running back to Ricarten with his tail between his legs.


    "I was informed you went to Cursed Temple." Knight's voice was dangerously calm.

    I slowly nodded.

    "And that you've been training these women to fight."

    I nodded again.

    "Give me your bow," he ordered.
    Wordlessly I handed my bow to him, feeling as though I gave away a piece of myself.

    "I..." Tears filled my eyes and I couldn't speak.

    "You may go," Knight told the women

    They quickly started off for Ricarten, the other Council members following. I was left alone with Knight and the silence was deafening. I kept my eyes on the ground.
    Finally he stepped close, and I flinched as he carefully lifted my chin to look at him. I only saw disappointment in his eyes, and it broke my heart.

    "How long were you planning this?"

    I swallowed and answered quietly, "I started the day after I thought of it, after I went to Cursed Temple."

    Suddenly he was angry. "You deliberately disobeyed me, disobeyed the Council, and lured all those women out into a fantasy! What were you thinking?"

    "Morald went into Cursed Temple and Royalmage lead him somewhere then kidnapped him!" The words tumbled out of my mouth in a flurry.

    Knight stared, trying to make sense of it. "Morald, the mixing craftsman?"

    "Yes! And--"

    A low rumbling distracted us. Knight caught my arm and took off for Garden of Freedom, soon stopping only moments later when a black light fell from the sky in an organized beam. It was directly over Ricarten, and soon another beam appeared somewhere in Bamboo Forest.

    Knight released my arm and stepped forward in disbelief, whispering, "Black magic..."

    The beams grew in thickness until it disappeared, then I heard deep explosions, as if someone had dropped a town on top of another.

    "Sir, the warpgates as far as Pillai have been destroyed."

    Knight waved the guard away, continuing to massage his temples. Knight suffered from a headache after the warpgates were destroyed, and so did the Force Master. They sat in silent pain.

    "It was you!" Skill master Verkan pointed a finger at me. "You’re the traitor and now you've destroyed the warpgates and plan to destroy us!"

    I was distracted by noises outside, going to check what was happening before bursting back inside.
    "Knight!" I shrieked. "The town is being attacked!"

    Knight stood up fast, stumbling as he held his head and made his way to the door. I took his arm to steady him as we left for the center of Ricarten.

    An unnatural darkness blocked the sun and caused a thick fog to form. Children were screaming for their mothers, women were frantically searching for their loved ones, and the army of Tempskron were desperately fighting off the shadow monsters that invaded.

    "We must fight..." Knight mumbled, clutching his head.

    "You can't fight like that," I told him. "And I can't fight either..."

    "Retrieve your bow... in the Council room..." He cringed in pain.

    "Why is he in such pain?" I cried.

    "The Morion's are mystically linked to the warpgates." Clan Master explained quickly, taking Knight's arm from me. "The connection was severed and they suffer the loss."

    I gasped. Knight was a Morion?

    Wolfy had already retrieved my bow and dropped it at my feet.

    The men were outnumbered by Shadows and were swiftly losing the battle, falling back to the bridge where I stood. I aimed and fired many arrows, but it still wasn't enough. It seemed there were unlimited Shadows, constantly respawning. Skill master Verkan rushed forward with his sword, stabbing a Shadow and using fire on another.

    Suddenly, Skill master Verkan was hit with a burst of Black Magic. He froze and his body seized up, falling to the floor. I ran to him and felt for a pulse, finding he was unconscious, but still breathing.

    "Where is the beloved Knight?" Royalmage emerged from the fog, a sinister smile on his lips as he glided forward.

    Knight appeared behind Royalmage and leaped at him with his sword glowing blue. The sword was inches away from Royalmage when Black Magic appeared around Royalmage in a shield, protecting him from Knight's attacks.

    "Do you find me a fool? Dear, brother," Royalmage sneered, "You have lost your touch. You were once so valiant, so honored as the Morion knight of Tempskron. Now look at you, reduced to this!" His hands reached out and shoved Knight with a blast of magic, sending him flying.

    I gasped and tried to get to him, but the guards were barricading the bridge with their bodies and shields.

    "What have you been reduced to?" Knight replied hoarsely.

    He was struck again and hit a tree. "Silence!" Royalmage thundered. "I’ve been second to you for TOO LONG! I’ll have the revenge I waited so long for, and when I'm finished you won't be alive to see my reign!"

    Black Magic slowly enveloped Knight, cutting off his air supply and he began to choke.

    My hands trembled uncontrollably.

    "You were... the traitor..." He gasped for breath.

    "Oh, your premonition dream. Maybe if you kept your mouth shut I wouldn't have been banished from my home!" Royalmage's face was twisted in anger "I’ll claim your beloved Ricarten and all you hold dear, and then maybe then you'll understand how I felt to live in your shadow."

    Knight kicked his legs in desperation, clutching his throat with his hands.

    "Who would’ve thought that the people would favor brute force over powerful magic? They were foolish—“ Royalmage let out a sharp scream and looked down at the arrow I had pierced him with.

    I had released the arrow with confidence, imagining Knight's safety. It made the next arrow fly easier, and the next, until I summoned fire. Royalmage fell to his knees, his power no longer taking effect. The Shadows were lifted into the dark cloud, disappearing in an instant. The guards disengaged the barricade, making room for me to run to Knight's side. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were closed.

    "Knight!" Tears were running down my cheeks.

    Suddenly his eyes opened. He grabbed the dagger from in my boot and shot up with a battle cry, he leaped forward and jammed the dagger into the ground, causing a wave of ice to flow from it and encompass the crawling Royalmage in a block of ice.

    Knight collapsed.


    Two days had passed and Knight was recovering well. I still worried over him, so when we were informed that a group of visitors were approaching Ricarten, I didn't think much of it.

    "I'm feeling stronger." He said.

    "I hope so," I said, sitting at the edge of the bed.

    Skill master Verkan had immediately woken from his apparent cursed sleep when Royalmage had been struck by my arrow, and Force Master and Knight were relieved of their headache when the warpgate was rebuilt with the Morion's help.

    "So... you're really brothers?" I asked for the third time that day.

    "Yes," he replied. "He was always jealous of me, and thought I was prideful and undeserving. I had a premonition dream about a traitor from the Morion tribe... It caused a conflict in the Council, and Royalmage and I were banished from the Morion territories. He said he had a premonition dream as well... that the traitor was a woman. But it was a lie that nobody could prove until the traitor was captured. This angered the Morion's, causing them to break our alliance."

    "Why did it anger them?" I asked.

    "The Morion's highly value their women warriors. That's why they agreed to allow the alliance to be mended, our women will be allowed to train again. We will--" Knight stopped abruptly, looking stricken and accidentally dumping his stew bowl on the floor. Wolfy happily lapped it up.

    "Owen... Karina..."

    I turned around and my breath caught.

    There, standing with awe, were my parents.

    I shook my head and blinked several times.

    "Mama? Papa?"

    My mother's smile turned radiant as she rushed forward to embrace me.


    We held each other for a long while, shaking with sobs.

    I closed my eyes and smiled. The void in my heart was finally filled, everything was finally back to normal.

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    There was once a Pikeman who use to suck on his thumbs.
    He was a Pikeman, he is strong, he should not suck on his thumbs.
    So we cut off his thumbs.

    The end.

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