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Thread: ATA 8X str VS full geared ATA

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    Default ATA 8X str VS full geared ATA

    Hi guys,

    I had the same issue with my PRS (to put agi or not ?), but the issue was pretty easy to solve for PRS as damages don't scale well with high spirit (+10% dmg for being pure while you loose like 30+ abs, 1000+ def, etc etc...).

    Same issue here for my ATA curently 7X.
    I heard low str ATA rock, low str means 8X I suppose (to wear all subs+20% base block shield+ it's only a few points more than to wear the javelin anyway).
    But I saw that high lvl ATAs (maze, for exemple, who is 108+) are fully geared.

    So, I don't know what to think, I don't know how it will impact on my damages, how easier it is to kite/run/kill with higher def/abs, I DON'T KNOW.

    So tell me please =D

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    really, guy ?
    I'm 9X now and can't make my mind clear about that question.
    Currently I'm low str but abs is very low, in the other hand I feel like every point spent into agility adds damages, so it's really hard to choose, I would need advice concerning Loc/ET2 maps to see what's the best choice.

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    I't up to you, for me I have chosen high agi build (84 str).
    I'm 102 atm and have 108 abs, around 2,2k def (with +13 80D subs), can survive easily in LoC/ET2 since I often playing in a party so I don't have to tank. Ofc low str ata produce big amount of damage, total damage per minute even better than pike.
    High str ata also have some pros, they're look cool, and better tanking (but it's not worth for me, since ATAs have bear, they don't need to tank almost of the time)
    Or you can try a balance build. Strength can be 110 (max) to wearing 108 shield, still produce high damage.

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    Nah. Some atas can't survive in et2 with 80d subgears. Even 2 caras or 3 range mobs in loc you are killed with them easily.
    IGN: ForceAtalanta

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    What JohnErickson says seems more "fair" to me, I have a PRS base agi with decent stuff (aged +10 to +13 on all stuff) and I can deal with I2/ice mobs pretty easily with VL, but LoC is already a pain in the ***.
    She only has 81 abs, i figure it's really low, but I doubt I can have more than 100-110abs on my ata with cheap gears and lvl 100 stuff (think it's gonna be 90 abs top with 80d gears if I go semi-pure and wear a supreme armor).

    I don't like the idea of being fully geared because each armor requires more str than the precedent one, making the increase in abs a decrease in dmg each time you wear a new armor (while you can wear every gear in the game with only 108 str, except for the armor but you can easily have 2/3 lvl of ages more than you would have if you keep using a supreme armor instead of new expensive armor's like 20 abs less for 60 points spent into agi instead of str, it's worth it I think.... especially with the high dodge/block ATA can reach).

    one question remain : how usefull is the bear for LoC ?
    I know ET2 is mainly a "party" map, but LoC may easily be a solo map since you mainly 1v1 mobs, so I suppose the wolf can have a role to play in this...if it can survive more than 2-3 hits at lvl 1.

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    Im using a shield build.. And i can only say i dont feel 100 satisfied. Because the damage difference from 84build is too damn much haha

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    are you serious ?
    I didn't think loosing roughly 20 agi (instead of 80 when being fully geared) would make a noticeable different.

    Does it ?

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    When I had a low str ata in bpt the low abs did feel like a pain until I got aged 80d subs, but after that it was "okay" (until it got hacked).
    My archer here is 79 str though (lvl 92), and I have to say I'm very happy with the build I chose. At one point I considered getting an 80d armor because I thought it could be worth it in i2/sod, but you can compensate the lower armor abs with other gear and smart playstyle. That's for an archer, I would think it's easier for an ata cause you get some extra block/abs/HP from a mixed shield.

    For 10x and higher I would've picked low strength (8x) for sure, but can't say I have 1st hand experience from that.  91457

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    Okay, maybe becaue i have 81 spr too. HahahBut comparing to my friend's ata at lvl 92 and i was 99, his attackppwer was as mine. Haha. Or maybe lesser by a little only.

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    hi im a str ata at 110 I like wearing armor because I hunt in ice mine a lot, I walk around with 172 abs and 3k def. to answer ur ? its all about personal preference if u wanna be tanky be tanky if u wanna be a glass cannon go for it. I prefer to stay off the floor an use 1 more snippy to kill mons. I know of ata at 118 that use santa armor his ap is nutz but he can die in et if he dun wacth himself .
    enjoy your ata and know at high lvls we ROCK

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