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Thread: Build, armor, CPU after Ep4

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    Default Build, armor, CPU after Ep4

    Hello everyone

    I've recently came back to ace online noticing that it is a lot easier to get to 101 in ep4. Thanks to all new cpus, armor fixes, equips I am a bit lost in how to make an optimal atk build.

    I currently have an e6 evassion WP Lance-E type Chaos/Mistress (20%adv and 10%pierce), dolce 82 cpu.

    I want to know

    - If i should rebuild my WP Lance into R-type and reenchant with shield or make it e10 eva at e-type for an atk build.
    - Is it importante to hit lvl 102 due to cpu and weapons and how long does it take to go from 101 to 102?
    - How hard is to hunt for equips now ex: dolce 92, fsocs, lvl +100 weaps?
    - Are hybrid builds atk/eva still viable?

    Also somebody told me that after hitting lvl 100 max stats become 340. If this is true, what is the best build for an atk i-gear, because i don't have spi, money to make an optimal Evassion build.

    Sry for the long text and the bad english .

    Thank you.
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    Go for atk build. Lance rtype e10 eva orobas(prob fixes) or ctulhu(pierce)
    or etype with eva fixes for survival mode

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    Thanks for the answer, but isn't e10 shield R-type better than e10 eva. Is the evasion coming from enchants really significant to evade something or just stacking shield will help me to survive better?

    Also whats the priority in maxing skills with fsocs fro atk build? Concentration -> frenzy -> evasion?

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    priority = conc -> Eva - RD - frenzy/missile shot.

    With R type enchant on eva you wil have a reasonable amount of % eva if you have MG Buffs, with no evasion at all "everyone" hits you.
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