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Thread: [TUTORIAL] How to leave the clan!

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    Default [TUTORIAL] How to leave the clan!

    Let's do the simplest way...

    First go to this LINK

    And click "Continue to main site"

    Fill your "username and password" Click "Login" after click on "Community " and in the drop down menu click "clan" or you can avoid username and password and just go ''Community'' and in the drop down menu click "clan".

    Fill your login details, if you don't know your clan pass check THIS post (PHASE 2)

    Now click on ''My Team'' and ''Quit Team''

    Now enter your ''login pass'' and click ''Exit'' confirm it.

    7) Re-log from MAT, and that's it you are free now
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    NOW there is other problem, that's if you are clan captian and you don't know admin pass.

    There is few steps:

    123456 as admin password as its the default one.

    Ask the old captain, if he quitted / dont know / whatever send in a ticket to support asking for help..


    Click on ''MAT''

    CHOOSE ''Bug Report''

    3) Fill all like on the picture.

    Now all you need is to wait, until GM Tranzor see your ticket and reply on it.

    If you don't know where you can check your sended ticket

    Go to ''Support'' and '' View Tickets''

    I hope I helped you.I did my best to help you.
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