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Thread: [Guide] - Download and Install MAT

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    Post [Guide] - Download and Install MAT

    Watch the video below for instruction.


    - Make sure to place all the three files in the same directory before executing the setup file.


    - The setup file is corrupted. Close the setup and run it back. If still fail, re-download the setup files.
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    You got me, I wanted to make such a tutorial today. Anyway nice tutorial.
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    It happens that I got time to do this. And check this out.
    Random video for latest update
    MAT Online October 2013 Update Patch 2 - YouTube
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    I need help. I downloaded all 3 parts but I cant find the other 2 in my file I found the first 1 but not the 2nd or 3rd one in my folder. where is it?

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    You download the files with what?
    Internet Download Manager? Default Browser?
    Those 2 files should be located inside Downloads folder that is located inside user folder.
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    I have done all that you put your but just I get that it's bad patch or something like style and I can not install

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    how come i keep restarting the download but still same error

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    I want you to check the MATonline2.1.6.400a-1.bin and MATonline2.1.6.400a-2.bin
    Both of them should have almost same file size.
    Here are the current version .400 file size
    1.22GB (1320316992 bytes)
    1.22GB (1319160402 bytes)
    The might not same as the size you look in the folder (Due to size on disk and real size)
    Those file sizes I took from Internet Download Manager (IDM).
    If you use IDM, check whether your file size is the same as this one.

    There are possibilities for your download to be corrupted if you use wifi.
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    Bro i think you are in the wrong game Forum. This is Mission Against Terror and i just saw in your picture -LunaOnline Reborn-. Please let me know if im wrong.
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    It was indeed from Luna Online @Mosh I have moved his post to the correct game and correct sub-heading. Hopefully he/she will get assistance over there.


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