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Thread: Zodiac System/Astrolabe guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamLH View Post
    Can you reset the astrolabe tree just in case you want to choose different skills later on? Or is it permanent?
    You can with a skill reset item which can be purchased from the item mall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxycore View Post
    If you can KaitoKageya, it'll be nice if you could also get screenshots for the zodiac signs that Kiaze covered since his guides (while worded nicely) only go up to the level 50 node
    I can't because I'm at the character limit on all JP servers for 1-3 days. T_T

    The level 60 and 65 ones are blank for all, the level 80 ones are untranslated and probably not even included in Subas version since it doesn't show the circle for it on their Tutorial Astrolabe. The 75 one is an armor value with + hp/mp/attack in the varying amounts, so the only relevant ones are like the 55 and the 70.

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