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Thread: Plese help me rank up 2x.

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    Default Plese help me rank up 2x.

    login sayam1435
    Character Name : Sakula
    Bug Description: rank up tier2 lvl20
    Date of Occurrence (mm/dd/yyyy): 06/12/2013
    Map/Location: Pillai Town

    Greeting, sir.
    I eventually reached level 20. I have already completed all rank up (tier2) quest requirements, but I cannot successfully make it due to "Connection Lost with Server." I think it might be bugged. Could you plese help me rank up?

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello sayam1982,

    you have to send a ticket. Here is the link you looking for:

    I got this issue to, the gm solved this in one day.

    Best regards

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    my id : nonggames me too magic and piese cannot to rangup help me it when i lV20 and finiese Q i meet master skill to rang up but master name is not English i don not konow with language . if i change rang it pop up the massage that bra.........connet sever and out off games automatic. plese help me

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