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Thread: [Guild] Ragnarok (Inactive)

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    Cool [Guild] Ragnarok (Inactive)

    Goddesses Theia and Cadena welcome you to the world of Lucent Heart! And what better way to spend your days in Acadia than with a group of friends? Ragnarok is an international gaming community that is making a comeback with the games re-launch! Being one of the first 3 guilds made in the original English launch, this community consists of a strong group of members with great knowledge about the gameplay system and a will to help players on their journey while having a blast! :3


    "Honey... my pants are on fire! 8D"

    Hello everyone, I'm Koutetsu, the current master of Ragnarok, though Mitkuni is as much as master as I am right now (or more xD). I hope you have a great time, and don't hesitate to ask (Mit) for help (jk, maybe). :D

    Vice Master

    "Nyuh! Dont worry, I wont bite... much"

    Hullo guys! Mittens here o7 I'm currently the Vice Master (VICE<--- Not Master like Kou suggests QQ) of this wonderful guild :D If you have any doubts about the game or the guild you can always message me here or in-game ^^ Enjoy your stay!

    Chief Of Staff More Coming Soon

    "No enemy is a match for me!"

    Hello, minna! Haseo reporting for duty! Thank you for joining Ragnarok. I hope you have fun.. as long as you don't touch my cookies =_=

    Guild Rules

    1. There are no rules!!! (LOL jk.) RESPECT. Always be courteous and kind to all our guildies and also to all other players.
    2. Be nice and ACTIVE! Rudies and inactives will get kicked!
    3. If you have any problems with any guild member, kindly contact us any chief. We value unity here, and we respect everyone's opinions.
    4. Inform any Chief that is online if you will be gone for a few days. So that we will not mark you as inactive. also, Inform any Chief if you're about to leave the guild. State your reasons as well, so we will know how to convince you to stay. ;D XD
    5. If you need any help, or have questions, feel free to ask the guild. We are a very helpful bunch of fools.
    6. Do not Kill Steal (KS) from your fellow guildie and other players! If you're doing the same quest, then party up. Its more fun to do quests in a group (really?! XD).
    7. You can speak any language in guild, as long as no one minds it. Try to always speak English though, since most members are English speakers.
    8. NO WRITING IN FULL CAPS! only do that when its suuuuuuuuuper urgent ^^v. No spamming in guild chat as well. and NO TROLLING !!
    9. Guild Warehouse! The warehouse is not a trash bin that you can just throw worthless items there. Also do not use it as a personal warehouse (LOL). Try to donate some craft recipes that you dont want so you can help others to grow their profession. We clean the warehouse every saturday (sells all in NPC) and the profit will be placed in the warehouse as well.
    10. Knowledge Master (KM)!! This is the most important of all the rules! Its a very, VERY, VEEERRYYYY SERIOUS BUSINESS! No spamming! Only share answers in the guild, switch to guild chat when KM is on. If using Raidcall, when you hear a KM answer, share it into guild chat so people who don't use the voice service can still get the answers.

    Guild FB and Raidcall ID

    RC Download link:


    Have fun!! And remember our motto...

    Once a Ragna, ALWAYS A RAGNA! And death to America!... I mean, YAY CANDY!
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    One of the first guilds to be made yush, i remember this very well. xD
    I also remember the first guild that was made -wink, wink-

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    I remember as well =3= *pokepoke* XD

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    \o/ *pokes everyone*
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    o___o those rules look familiar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yukikonyan View Post
    o___o those rules look familiar.
    Maaaaybe~ /o/

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    Quote Originally Posted by MittensLH View Post
    Maaaaybe~ /o/
    where did you find it lol x3
    nyahahaha. I'm behind you *w*

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    iiiiiiiiiiits alife..... oh haai there

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    Welcome back Ragnarok!

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    Pretty... good?


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