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Thread: [DOMO] Dream of Mirror Online Discussion Thread

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    Default [DOMO] Dream of Mirror Online Discussion Thread

    First of all, thanks Suba to revive PT before and LH now, but what about DOMO? Imo, is one of the best mmorpg late 2006 i had play but for certain reasons (europe company Game Masters failure), the game was closed, both Eu and Us version.

    DOMO was one the rare games where you can fly and you can play as bard (buff) and dancer (debuff), pretty original system.

    Chinese version last patch is dated march 2013 so the game is still supported and pretty alive in the original country, unfortunately chinese language is hard for the west if not impossible to understand.

    Hope you subagames consider to revive this unfortunate but still beautyfull title too, is very valid and well made even for a old game (at the same level as PT that after a decade is still alive and supported).
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    I LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH! Oh my gosh, it was one of my first MMORPGS! <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by AimrysTheLlama View Post
    I LOVED THIS GAME SO MUCH! Oh my gosh, it was one of my first MMORPGS! <3
    I second that. Also, this is one of the very few games that allow you to be EVERY SINGLE CLASS in one character! It's true, if it still has support from the original development over the years, it's worth considering, right?

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    I had one problem with DOMO, durability drops way too fast when you're aoe'ing so I never really got to play my favourite way. I absolutely loved the dancer.

    As a bonus, here's one of my favourite screenshots

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    If you guys want the game back, then spread it and let the community come back and support it!

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    Had to make an account here to post on this. DOMO is absolutely the best anime style MMO that ever existed and probably ever will exist. You can be all of the classes on one character, a lot of the classes are unique to the game (where else can you be a doctor with a huge syringe?), there are tons of adorable costumes to customize your character, the pet system is amazing (cute pets and flying mounts!), and for simple graphics they are quite beautiful. Most computers can play this game with no problems. I am playing the Chinese version now and while it does satiate my DOMO addiction, I would love for an English version to spring up again. The only issue is SOFTSTAR (the developers) all but gave up on both English versions and now the Chinese one is all that is left. So even if another English version popped up, who's to say that SOFTSTAR wont give up on that too? I mean this game has a HUGE following, but since when do devs listen to the will of the players?

    I really hope this game gets considered for revival.

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    I made an account for this site to play Lucent Heart but when I saw this I couldn't help but drawn to this. DOMO is still a game I talk about with my GF. In fact it's how we met. Lucent Heart does a good job filling some of the void but it's really not the same. I want to go back to the idea of change my job/classes NOT make 5 accounts just to feel out each class.

    Before I type too much, I'll just say I would really love to see this game come back. No MMO so far has replace the standards this game (to me) has set.

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    When I heard about DoMO here, I made an account to toss in my support.

    I remember when I would wake up early to play DoMO. The game started beta when I was in school so I didn't get very far or played often, but I enjoyed the game. I loved exploring, collecting, creating, and fighting monsters of course. Flying was fun too~, I tend to sneak around the higher level spots and discovered my favorite bgm from DoMO. (Almost all of the BGMs were great, but GrassGreenSquare Night is wonderful!) I would love to play the game and go deeper into the storyline and redo my character.

    My only issue with the game is that to make it less linear and jobs to be more balance. It's hard to get into A party, trying to level the least desirable class. (I had a level 35 Thief before the game closed.)

    I hope SubaGames will consider it!


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    I loved Dream or Mirror Online. It was my first 3D MMORPG back when I was 12 and I had played as much as possible up until it got closed down...Even though Lucent Heart is my #1 favorite MMORPG and my #2 is Aura Kingdom, Dream of Mirror Online will always be my #3 game and I'd love to continue to play Lucent Heart, Aura Kingdom, and Dream of Mirror Online all at the same time.

    Seriously Suba Games, if you even HINT at bringing this back, expect 500...if not WAY more players, to come back from the dead and populate this game.

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    I would LOVE to see this game revived. It was my first mmo that wasnt text based and I used to play it ALL DAY long. I only ever played other games after it died and I've never found anything that could keep my attention the way it could. The job system as far as I can tell is one of a kind among the free to play category and I don't understand why the game got dropped the way it did. I miss DOMO beyond words XD it is probably always going to be my fave game.

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