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    Default Zones Guide

    This will be a rough listing of information on Zones, Mobs, Equipment, Dungeons, and anything else I feel is relevant, it will not be updated much after today, until CBT ends. (If anyone wants to use this info in other places they can feel free, add to or modify, some parts my not be correct yet, pending CBT/OBT)

    Will be adding actual screenshots of the maps as they progress from one area to the next with color coded mob levels eventually. (If I feel like it)

    If anyone wants to add to the info or add gathered data for a wiki here feel free to post whatever.

    Regions by Level of Mobs:

    Sangea - Thereall City, Breezing Land, Hercules Hill, Ancient Ruins, Golden Apple Hill, Hammer of Zeus, Melody Valley

    Cropolis - Goldport City, Pegasus Field, Golden Sand, Blooming Forest, Argos Bay, Water of Illusion, Witch's Cliff

    Kaerdor - Anteacar City, Whispering Grave, Sacred Realm of the God of War, Sacred Forest, Coast of Siren

    Fostyre - Minotsize City, Well of Silence, Icarus Rift, Stormy Shore, Heart of Fire, Hephaestus Tableland

    Aislan - Misty Storm, Frozen Imprisonment, Cloud Garden/Garden of the Goddess (Not in CBT)

    Edea - Ashen Ravine, Iron Fortress, Titan Ruin, Mt. Destiny

    East Olympus - Cristalia City of Military, Death Marsh, Throne of Heroes, Amphitrite Port, Avalon Front

    Istanmos - Black Stone Coast, Dead Water Wasteland, Venom Wilderness, Misty Forest, Hades Zone(Not IN CBT)

    East Aislan - (Not available in CBT)
    Platania - (Not availabine in CBT)
    Tokusabantanto - (Not available in CBT)

    Thereall City - Gear Level 1-13 Sold
    Breezing Land - Mob level 4-16 (Therealls Sewer, Prophecy Platform)
    Hercules Hill - Mob level 4-16
    Ancient Ruins - Mob level 15-26 (Level 15 weapon quest, Celestial Temple)
    Golden Apple Hill - Mob Level 15-22
    Hammer of Zeus - Mob level 21-26
    Melody Valley - Mob Level 24-28

    Goldport City - Gear level 20-27 Sold
    Pegasus Field - Moblevel 26-30 (Prophecy Platform)
    Golden Sand - Mob level 25-29
    Blooming Forest - Mob level 28-34 (Level 25-32 Weapon Exchange)
    Argos Bay - Mob level 32-37 (Abandoned Mine)
    Water of Illusion - Mob level 34-38 (Anteacar Portal)
    Witch's Cliff - Mob level 64-65

    Anteacar City - Gear level 40-47 Sold (Prophecy Platform)
    Whispering Grave - Mob level 37-40 (Mysterious Ancient Tomb)
    Sacred Forest - Mob level 39-44 (Moon Phast Sanctuary)
    Sacred Realm of the God of War - Mob level 41-46 (Temple of Ares, Entrance to the Underworld)
    Coast of Siren - Mob level 41-47 (Traitor's Fort)

    Aislan -
    Misty Storm - Mob level 57-60 (Ghost Ship, Expedition Camp, Gear Level 55 Sold)
    Frozen Imprisonment - Mob level 60-65
    Cloud Garden/Garden of the Goddess - Mob level 40-45 & 80 (Not included in CBT)

    Minotsize City - Gear level 60-70 Sold
    Well of Silence - Mob level 46-55 (Black market Shops, Level 55 Gear Sold, Level 60-61 Gear Exchange)
    Stormy Shore - Mob level 51-60
    Icarus Rift - Mob level 54-65
    Heart of Fire - Mob level 66-70 (Zone has a burning DoT that applies while in it)
    Hephaestus Tableland - Mob level 69-70 (Blood Pit)

    Edea -
    Ashen Ravine - Mob level 73-75
    Iron Fortress - Mob level 72-74 (Supply Camp)
    Titan Ruin - Mob level 71-73 (Prophecy Platform)
    Mt. Destiny - Mob level 72-73 (Seal of Purgatorym)

    East Olympus
    Cristalia City of Military - Gear level 76 Sold
    Death Marsh - Mob level 73-75 (Enchantress Cave)
    Throne of Heroes - Mob level 73-75 (Prophecy Platform)
    Amphitrite Port - Mob level 73-75
    Avalon Front - Mob level 73-75

    Istanmos -
    Black Stone Coast - Mob level 75 (Poseidons Titanic Ship)
    Dead Water Wasteland - Mob level 75
    Venom WIlderness - Mob level 75
    Misty Forest - Mob level 75 (City of Loneliness)
    Hades Zone - Mob level 78-80 (Not included in CBT)

    East Aislan - (Not available in CBT)
    Platania - (Not availabine in CBT)
    Tokusabantanto - (Not available in CBT)  844224

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    I highly recommend you download Photoscape
    It's easy to edit and combine images there :3

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    But...But... MS Paint~! It's a classic!

    As a side note I also use Notepad for most things as well. I have fancier stuff like Adobe PS, and spreadsheets, but the simplicity just keeps me going back... Lazy~  844224

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    Adobe PS = heavy, complicated , doesn't have combining features XD
    Photoscape = light, easy, user friendly, simple but functional
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