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  • BossesandLolis

    5 41.67%
  • OuterHeaven

    2 16.67%
  • Ragnarok

    1 8.33%
  • BunBunCafé

    5 41.67%
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Thread: Wanting to re-create a guild. (Need feedback.)

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    Default Wanting to re-create a guild. (Need feedback.)

    Either BossesandLois, OuterHeaven, Ragnarok, or BunBunCafé. Please try and post all your responses within the period designated for the poll (120 days). The idea behind my creating a guild, among others, is too be able to help people that are new to the game and just to have a fun place to chat!
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    I put the poll in multiple choice for a reason please realize this might mean that I will need to retake the pole with the 2/3 most popular choices at which point multiple choice will no longer be relevant.

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    Love the name BunBunCafé sounds super cute <3

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    oAo I don't mean to discourage you or anything, just curious.

    Do you have the consent of those who are from those guilds from the previous LH, especially the Guild Masters and their Councils?

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    Uh, Wtf? Why'd you steal a guild name? Lmao. Really? Just.. wow.

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    You should think of your own guild name though. Why take names from guilds that were in LH long ago? =P Just for that, in OBT, as soon as I get to the required lvl which wont take me much and I make my guild, Ragnarok, I'll make sure the other leaders from the other guilds can make theirs too, and I'll save BBC and OH since I know they wont be playing much. If someone from those 2 guilds says that they will come back and are taking over I'll just pass the guild to them. You should really think of your own names instead xD

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    Well isnt this cute. Are you telling us that you want to "make" a guild and was choosing which name to use based on the top guilds of the previous LH? Or what you meant to say was that you wanted to see these guild remade by their respective members, because you are so much fond of them? If its the latter, then by all means please continue what you were doing. If its the former, then I will assure you, right here, right now, that we will be the first to make our own guilds. I wont be active during the first few hours of OBT, but I know that my guild is going to be very eager to recreate ours. And I will, make sure that the respective guilds will have their guild names reserved by meat-chan. I will support your mission, meat-chan~

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    Ragnarok is already reviving btw x3 and the official ragna should have either mit and kou inside x3
    nyahahaha. I'm behind you *w*

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by Yukikonyan View Post
    Ragnarok is already reviving btw x3 and the official ragna should have either mit and kou inside x3
    -beelslams miaw- I caught the kitty \o/

    Lol yeah, the Official Ragnarok guild have a pervy kitty too. -throws yarn ball-

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    lmao! *ties miaw sama to a tree and plays with yarn in front of her* Tell me you want it bby~ <3 xD

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