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Thread: Remnant Knights

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    Well if you wan't a recent video I can provide it here most recent video back from WongFu event which was a 20vs20 mb

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    Here video of a tour of Remnant Knights with GameSamba Community Director Lilliyan and Ted from WongFu Productions

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    A video of some of my classes there
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    Awesome, thank you both for the videos about Remnant Knights ^^

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    yes thanks guys, this means a lot, with all of our support and team work we can do this! keep up the good work all

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    yes I would like to see this game be saved, I loved playing this game and am deeply saddened that they are closing it down

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    i am playing this game for quiet a while..this last year maybe not that active due to different easy getting in the game..not many interesting updates (like the lvl cap go's higher or more quest and/or activities)..changed to browsergame..etc..but one thing is for sure..i loved this game since day one...and still do..its the only game so far (after many games i tried out..and still do) that has such a good shooting system (like action reaction) cute world..cute characters...easy mooves and really was very sad news from gamesamba to inform us this game was gonna end..a game of this quality shouldnt supose to die...while i think that this game has so much more potential and could live long ever after..please help us keep remnant knights alive..thank u very much for takeing the time to read this

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    And also like mentioned above. The remnant Knight community is very saddened and hopes that there is a future with Remnant Knights here at Subagames, we have no one else to turn to and from what I have heard with them bringing back lucent heart they could extremely get lots of likes and support from the fans and all of us knights out there. I hope to see subagames take this amazing and most awesome game over. this is sure a game for anime lovers everywhere

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    Exactly I couldn't have said that better, SubaGames is the only one that can save RK. this game does have it's bugs and kinks to work out but I know this community can make it better for all of the fans out there. They saved Lucent Heart and I know they can save Remnant Knights

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