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    Default Remnant Knights

    I am posting this thread in hopes of getting enough support for Remnant Knights. They are shutting the game down at gamesamba by January 31st, 2014, I have played this game and it is by far the best game I have played in a long time besides Lucent Heart. Please everyone join me in support of SubaGames taking over Remnant Knights, you won't be disappointed, it is very addicting game and I know this game could benefit SubaGames greatly .


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    Here is the announcement from GameSamba:

    News Article - Remnant Knights

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    I like this idea cause yeah it's really a fun game
    I support this
    I hope suba games pick this one up

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    Same here, the first few days I played this it got me hooked the game Environment is so fun, the graphics are kick ass. i am kicking myself in the butt for not finding this game sooner and playing it xD. SubaGames please help take this game over and save it please!

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    The gameplay really is nice especially the gunner classes
    Guns ftw!

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    I like the Striker class and the gunners very fun to play

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    Would be awesome if we could get Suba's attention on this one

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    Dear Subagames,
    let me introduce to you the magic world of Kasmari-Remnant Knights!!!
    This is a gameplay video that I found in Youtube to let you guys see how RK was client based. I couldn't find any recent gameplay of this year cause now its a browser mmorpg powered by Kalydo Player. To tell you the truth since GameSamba changed it to a browser game, things has been going down from hill!!! This is why RK isn't so populated anymore, and apart from being a browser game, it has lots of bugs and lag problems when logging in the game!!! Now if you guys could consider taking over RK, and change RK to a client based mmorpg game with fixing the existing bugs and update a bit the world of Kasmari (I know I'm asking a lot lol) that would be great!!! Not only great but RK could have a bright future with some good developers working on it like you guys do in Subagames. RK is an awesome game and its sad its gonna close its doors. Please help us keep Remnant Knights alive. I thank you in advanced for your time reading my message. You could also check out RK yourself, you will have time to do that until the end of January as mentioned here above.

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