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    I would like to suggest including some form of inter-city travel via NPC services which could include some in-game coin payment. I think this will facilitate more interaction among players as you are not confined to a "Home" city where you dedicate as your spawn. I don't think this service will affect mall item sales as the teleportation scroll will still allow you to travel from any location to any location.

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    It will definitely affect sales of teleportation scrolls as people would just suicide to teleport.

    You can already teleport to training grounds depending on your level, which are relatively close to cities (blooming forest and witches' cliff to name two).

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    Making use of a Respawn Point Setup Card let's the user go "Back to the City" that they are nearest to. In my opinion, walking a whole lot in the game makes the player more aware of the map and its elements, including mobs and NPCs they won't care to notice if they just teleport the whole while. X3

    However, I would agree to the point of having a City-to-City Teleportation Service. OwO/ Just for lazy players' convenience. XD (likes to watch my Alpaca/Mount run* oAo/)

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    There is an npc teleport between goldport and minot city. In jp lh, they had some blue portal that would teleport you from city to city at certain times. (idr exact details)

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    Blue portal = Airship, though it's not in our version, and it only really took you between 3-5 places. Though it would go to Minotsize and Thereall, and from there you could take the train to Gold Port, so it connected quite a few places.

    The train between Minotsize and Gold Port is in our version, for the rest have to use intelligent spawn points.

    I do wish there was a faster way back to Thereall though.... especially since GMs feel it's a good idea to run events there.  844224

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    the GMs have a lot of homework to do before OBt start. Learns the monsters, maps, items and quests please

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    NPC Teleport from Gold Port and Minotize (vice-versa included) can be activated via the Train NPC (the only NPC down south). It can be activated at any level, it being a Lv1 Quest, however, you'd have to reach Minotize to get to the NPC who will give you the quest.

    If there was only an NPC that will have teleportation services, that would be convenient (to the ones that have the gold to do so). XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by KaitoKageya View Post
    I do wish there was a faster way back to Thereall though.... especially since GMs feel it's a good idea to run events there.
    Maybe they'll start using the Activity Scene (connected from all towns) now that it's been pointed out to them xD

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