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Thread: Fryh's Official LH Wikia Project

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    Best wishes with this project :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AscensionJr View Post
    Some cores doesnt have boss on it. My guild tries many random cores on CBT, one of them is a fail. no boss at all. And we did have dg guide on our page, but it havent complete yet. we only have lvl 50-60 cores guide

    What I mean is that you don't need to test combinations.

    A red core will always generate the same monsters (boss or not) regardless of the other cores you combine it with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxycore View Post

    What I mean is that you don't need to test combinations.

    A red core will always generate the same monsters (boss or not) regardless of the other cores you combine it with.
    Oxycore is right on this. Whatever the JP wiki shows, is true for the english version as well. The only work we need to put in is translating the actual names of mobs and drops. And in case you are in doubt, YES our guild did farm dungeons during CBT. Happy to report that Lv50 dungeons are doable by a standard team (at least 1 healer, 1 tank) with full turbine/hammerstone equipment and decent weapons and shield.

    The JP wiki also lists which maps have absentee bosses.
    I will help in updating the dungeon translations, just really need to get back into the game @_@

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    Zodiac astrolable guide pls...

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    You can each create a main page example, I'll leave the permissions to "registered users" for now.
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    Basic/Features: Character Creation, System Requirements, Controls/Hotkeys/Shortcuts, World(Zones/Maps), Classes(class list, skills list), Character Info (Stats/Levels/Experience), Quests(Normal, Daily, KRE), Eventure System(Survival Arena?), Knowledge Master, Crafting(list of crafts, OEM, Decomposition, Recipes), Zodiac/Horoscope System(Astrolabe/Skills), Pets(Mount/Battle Mount, Passive, Combat), Rewards(Starry Sky, Time Based), Daily/Weekly Fortune, Housing, Faith, Prayer/Blessing, Cupid(Soul mate, Marriage, Flowers, Skills), Labryinth/Instance Quest(Cupid Dungeon), Star Core Dungeon (Dungeon Generator), Racing System, Dance System, Guild System, GvG, PvP, Purgatory/Chaos Battle/Exchange NPCs (Not sure how to classify this includes Blooming Forest Exchange, Whispering Grave, Witch's Cliff, Hammerstone Exchanges, instance, dungeon, or collection?), Items List(types of items), Day & Night System, Enchanting (Crystals, Enchant Items), Transport(Train, Airship, Ship, Teleport, Etc..), NPCs List (Gambler, Curiosities, Dance Master, Beast Tamer), Monsters List, Item Mall

    ^Basic? list of things to include, though the () will be sub-pages. Some of those can still be classified as sub-pages as well.

    Still going over ideas of how it would be best organized until I have time to work on actually making an example page.  844224

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    I'll try to add those in the main page with their sub categories ( noticed there are tons I haven't tested in the game yet like racing ... ).


    For now I guess we'll have to wait for the OBT and then really start things off with the content ....
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    A slightly re-organized format:

    Basics- Character Creation, System Requirements, Controls, Guides
    Character- Character Info, Classes, Zodiac, Fortune, Faith, Rewards
    Social- Guild, Dancing, Racing, Eventure, Survival Arena, Battle Arena, Knowledge Master, Housing, Cupid, Prayer
    World- Maps, Towns, Dungeons, Prophecy Platforms, Purgatory(Is there a proper name for this?), NPCs, Monsters, Transport
    Quest- Main Quests, Job Change Quests, Labyrinth Quests, Crafting Quests, Daily Quests, Knights Regiment Errands
    Items- Equipment, Crafting Materials, Enchanting, Recipes, Star Cores, Consumables, Misc.
    Pets- Mounts, Battle Mounts, Passive Pets, Combat Pets, Item Mall

    We could technically just go with a similar setup as the Japanese one as well which branches everything under:

    Basics-Same as Above
    Game Mechanics - Most of the things listed above, not listed below
    Classes & Skills - Classes/Skills
    Equipment - Equipped Items Only
    Items - All Non-Equipped Items Listing
    Crafting - Recipes/Crafting Lists, Basically Re-listings of Equipment/Items Categorized by skill
    Quest - Same as Above
    Map - NPC List, Exchange Items NPCs, Maps, Towns, Dungeons, Labyrinths
    Monsters (Sorted into level groups of 1-10) - Field Monsters, Labyrinth Monsters, Cupid Dungeon Monsters, Purgatory Monsters

    ^ Throw together a Welcome page with a light LH graphic, and those sort of format for sub-pages, then start adding the sub-page content for each of those. The individual pages don't need to be linked when you add them, they can just be dead links until content is added to the sub-pages. (Try to avoid making the page/list long enough down that it has a scroll bar)

    I'm still off and on in terms of time available, but I have a wikia account at least now, so I'll try putting together some sort of example, or you can just try to set it up with those. Simple is usually best for main pages, since it re-directs to all of the game content basically, you want to be able to find the section you're looking for quickly.  844224

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    I don't really understand much the layout program of wiki yet, maybe have someone with decent knowledge to edit it to something we can all approve on.

    Let's leave it for now as a plain chart for the members, what they expect to see, what branches out of the categories and so on ... maybe having a sample sub category would do?

    Aleeeeh ( from luheart ) have a nice example of a sub categorized job classes .... Classes - Lucent Heart Wiki ... I'd like to add the price for each skill / level.
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    All this star core talk has got me confused. I really, really don't understand how star cores work haha.

    Unfortunately, I'm inexperienced when it comes to wikis, so I'm afraid I'm unable to help you there. However, I did whip up a quick graphic of a potential layout/ideas in order to keep a nice looking wiki.

    Here's a small version of what I came up with. Big picture can be seen here.

    I'll also quickly trace the basic ideas I did on it:

    Top Bar: Basic Wikia stuff. Changed the words 'Lucent Heart' to the (lazily resized) logo. 'On the Wiki' is basically a necessary tab to have, so I kept that. Also added the 5 basic navigation points at the top so you can access them from any page on the wiki. They can also be drop-downs and reveal more things. Like 'Basics' could show 'Key Controls', 'System Requirements', etc.

    'Welcome' Box: Used an image to make the homepage not so bare. Could be resized to be bigger, though smaller might ruin the appeal. Again, put the 5 basic navigation points for easy access, but then did a split and went into smaller details like guides, time rewards/gift boxes (since they're stuff characters get from the time they actually start playing, I thought they would be important enough to link to seperately), and crafting and items-- probably two other big things. These links can be changed/removed based on what pages actually made for the Wiki.

    Featured Article: Another common Wiki feature, we could use this to show off some guides or pages that the Wiki has to offer.

    Recent Activity: Basic wiki feature. Might help to show who's edited what and what's recently been changed, in order to keep check of how the articles are coming along.

    Latest News: Obviously for news. We could use this to advertise forum things, player events, wiki-organised events, etc. It's just a good thing to have I guess :B. (Text used on here is lorem ipsum, aka dummy text. It's just gibberish.)

    Most of the stuff is just ideas combined from the previous suggestions and made into a layout. Everything is subject to change (especially links) but I hope this gets some ideas going.

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