Name/Nic Name: villetaler
In Game Names(S) (IGN):3viltale
Favorite Gameristontale and playa my own when bored
Favorite Suba Game: pristontale
Favorite Suba Light Game: so much pain on my eye too
Favorite genre of game: male ob-course im a man
Reason you play suba game's: stress reliever ( but hunting mode and leveling mode makes me more stress than work )
Reason you game in general: yeah well
Age: 21 too ( i stop counting when i reach 21, every birthdays i have makes me sad ) getting older
Location (Country)hilippines
Gender: male
Main Language: Filipino
Other languages:tagalog ( 15 different language so dont mess with me
Anything and everything you learned from gaming that you can apply to real life: i learn that i always angry now ( i wonder why im not like this before maybe because of the games status., haha
Something else about you: handsome ( yak! )
Personality in under 10 words: 11
Likes and dislikes when playing games: disconnections too much lag and when there is an announcement ( maintainance )
Favorite Color: blue