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    Hi. I'm a veteran player of LH. I'd like to make a combat guild, which is only composed of warriors / gunners. I'm creating this guild because I want a guild that is royalty related. Well, kind of. This guild will be a combat guild. So, I want anyone(who are interested on becoming knights / gunners) to join this guild, but only if they want to. It's up to you to decide. As the future guild master of the guild, I'll try my best for the guild to be fun.

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    Erm... good luck in running a guild without... healers o_O...

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    This guild is based off knights, and royalty. You have a point, it'll be hard for the guild to have a raid, and boss battles, but then again, most people do raids and boss battles with their own people, their friends. So I don't have to worry about raids and boss battles, because I too, will be doing it with friends not unless some of the people wants to join the raid, you know.

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