As you may or may not have noticed we've been dropping the ban hammer on a number of accounts deemed to be hacking. [GM]SparrowHawk and I thought it may be a good idea to outline what exactly one should do (or not do) when this occurs. There have been cases in the past where innocent people have been banned, and we've been trying our best to minimize this. Hopefully this will help everyone understand our process and how best to present your case.

Submitting Tickets
The first thing to do when you find yourself on the blunt end of a ban hammer is to submit a ticket. It could very well be a mistake and support will be more than happy to review the case. Having said that please only submit 1 ticket. Nothing grinds their gears more than finding a dozen tickets saying the same thing. It wastes their and everyone else's time, and if you do it support may ban your ability to submit any more tickets. Furthermore when submitting a ticket please remain cordial and be respectful. Swearing at support will not help your case and will make things worse for you.

Getting a response
Hopefully within 1 or 2 days you will get a response. Most of these responses are pre canned from a drop down menu. This is done to expedite the ticket process, and is done for pretty much every issue. Rest assured support reads through all tickets. There is no bot sending out auto responses.

Regen Hacks
This is the most common and easily detected of the hacks. If you get a reply back saying this was the issue then your account is pretty much done for. We don't care if it was a "friend" who was on your account doing it, or if you "don't know" how that happened. If we find multiple instances of Regen Hacks in our logs the account gets banned. Recently both myself and [GM]SparrowHawk have began reading through the hack logs line by line every day, which is a practice we intend to continue.

Any type of botting, whether it be of the software or hardware variety is not allowed. Depending on the circumstance you may receive a temporary or permanent ban for this. It can be difficult for us to determine when someone is botting vs when someone only appears to be botting. So there are a couple things you can do to help protect yourself. If someone accuses you of botting in game DO NOT remain silent. Even if it's just a "no I'm not" that can go a long way in proving your innocence. Not standing in one place and spamming a single attack also helps. Just act like a normal human would to avoid these types of confrontations.

Kill Stealing
KSing is another ticket support often gets. In order to successfully submit a ticket on this issue you must provide evidence. The best way to do this is by submitting a video. Pics only work if the party in question admits they are KSing in the chat box. Still images do not inform support of who was there first or who is KSing.

Inappropriate behavior
Another common ticket is in regards to inappropriate behavior. This includes excessive swearing, harassment (both sexual and nonsexual) and bullying. We do not tolerate this kind of behavior and will gladly hand out 7 day minimum ban for first time offences, a month long ban for second time offense and finally perm bans for anything more than that. Also note that any inappropriate behavior directed at GMs or support staff is a really... REALLY bad idea.

Account Sharing
While this is not a bannable offense if we determine you have shared your account with someone else you will be refused service from support. So if you get banned and your excuse is "my friend did it on my account" then the ban will stay and no further service will be provided.

Playing at Cybercafe's/Public locations
Live account sharing this is not a bannable offense, but support will refuse service to any account playing from a public location. This includes cyber cafe's, libraries or any computer which can be accessed by the general public.

You may ask for evidence when submitting your ticket, but please don't demand it. Support is under no obligation to hand out evidence and a lot of the time they simply can't give evidence due to several reasons. The first reason is to protect the individual(s) who reported them. Since support gets a lot of screenshots with both the reporter and reported we cannot post them for all to see. Think of it as doctor patient confidentiality. Secondly in the case where we find suspicious activity in our logs we do not want to post our logs for anyone to see. If we were to give a hacker a portion of our logs they may be able to glean information from that to bypass our security measures. This is almost always the case with Regen hacks.

Accounts banned in 2013
If your account was banned in or before the year 2013 then we will not review your case. This applies to anyone who has been banned and given a reason. We keep a history log of why we ban people. If you do not know why you were banned it may be the case that your account got blocked when we did the merge. In that case support will double check to make sure that was the reason. However if you were banned for hacking or anything like that in or before 2013 then no review will happen.

Ept Ranking
On occasion support gets tickets which point to the Ept ranking page. While this is a fairly good tool to double check accounts, we do not ban solely based off these rankings. This is because they are not as reliable as they could be. For example if a player had played in 2010 and took a few years off, only to come back in 2014 they would suddenly appear on the Ept rankings. Of course this makes it look like they were level hacking when they were not. If you do suspect someone of level hacking we do urge you to submit a ticket. We will cross examine the Ept rankings with our logs to determine if any hacks were used. Just keep in mind that the Ept rankings alone will not get anyone banned.