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Thread: Royal Cupcakes are looking for members! (READ THE THEAD)

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    Default Royal Cupcakes are looking for members! (READ THE THEAD)

    Just looking for members for The Royal Cupcakes.


    Yea there is really no requirements for this guild apart from you having to be active and dedicated at least. We're friendly and if you're a newbie. Well it's alright friend, because that doesn't matter in this guild.

    If you want to join then contact me on Lucent Heart: HinataSenpai

    And if I'm not responding then contact these guys: Cebby, Alysia, and Iris.

    Remember, to contact us, you have to do it through Lucent Heart.

    PS: You can contact me, Guild Master, through my FB page or Tumblr. But there are no promises that I'll be able to respond threw any of those options. Best method, just do it on Lucent Heart.

    Tumblr: Boring World Right?

    Ta-Ta! Have fun!

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    Wrong section?

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