This is the final version of the BHO Intro Trailer, with italian subtotitles.

Improvements (in ITA): migliorate le traduzioni, adattato il font allo stesso degli altri trailer di BHO ("Ethnocentric"), migliorata la qualitÃ* del video a 2048 x 1080p, visione cinematica, maggior scorrevolezza nei sottotitoli, crediti dei subbers migliorati ed aggiunti in modo da non dar fastidio al watcher.

Sottotitoli: AlisGelida & AlisElectrica, w/BHOCinematicItalia
NOVITA' / NEWS: We're opening a BHO clan, with TS3, forum and more! Me and my friend AlisElectrica (Luca), right this Saturday will record a video to adv. of this clan opening. Stay tuned, Bounty Hounds players!

Tips to watch the video in the full definition (2048 x 1080p): after you've selected the quality option "1440p", skip the video and let it load. After the load go again in video options menù: now the resolution 1440p is gone; it isn't a problem. Select 1080p and skip again the video to its begin; open the "stats for nerd" and verify the resolution is 2048 x 1080p - 30 FpS; now enjoy the video with a Dolby 5.1 audio and a great quality video resolution!