Hey everyone,

It's with great pleasure (and some relief!) that I announce today that Episode 4.4 of ACE Online is now online. I will get right to the list of new features, followed by bug fixes and tweaks in this new version:

Features Added

  • New map, Hazle Research Center, accessible via NGC Secret Base
  • New quest chain centered around a massive levitating asteroid, and a new NGC secret weapon
  • Overhauled SPs, can gain levels and attack enemies (grow stronger the more consecutive times defeated)
  • New SP user interface
  • New NGC SP added
  • Updated NCP system and nation buffs (rebalanced bonuses and point gain rates)
  • Bosses now reward special "boss capsules" that are given to players based on damage dealt to them

Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Added Lost Oasis to Warp Shop in cities, along with warp gates
  • Christmas Marks can be stored in warehouse now
  • Bug fix for issue allowing A-GEAR to open inventory while flying
  • Fixed Cash Shop clickable area misaligned when locking desktop
  • Updated currency in Cash Shop to say Suba Points
  • Fixed Cash Shop scroll bar issue when first opening the UI
  • Disabled arrow key input while deleting characters
  • Fixes to prevent exception errors
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with SPs on certain graphics settings
  • Fixed flying in town bug
  • Fixed a bug allowing A-GEARs to avoid certain enemy attacks
  • Fixed a bug allowing targeting a GEAR when already killed
  • Fixed bug with removing Watermelon contours, now gives the correct contour back
  • Fixed a small mouse cursor bug when using windowed mode
  • Word wrap improvements to some UI elements
  • Fixed a bug allowing GEARs to pass through certain terrain
  • Camera modifications to prevent camera from going too close to GEAR
  • Various security updates

Known Issues

  • Speaker in Cash Shop cannot be purchased
  • Text for SP War UI does not fit
  • SPs all spawned at once on starting server (this will be fixed once the initial batch is done and is related to the new SP system)
  • Happy Hour seems to not be working (should be fixed now)

Last Month's Brigade Fame


  1. HAX - 30896
  2. CredzHoSociety - 24507
  3. Admiration - 8823
  4. SofyArmy - 6552
  5. NoParking - 5641


  1. FreaksUnited - 24413
  2. ThunderCats - 23693
  3. LatinHope - 15446
  4. DragonChina - 7165
  5. MurderInc - 5795