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    Exclamation [Brotherhood Of Steel]

    Greetings all,

    I'm Astaroth from the very old Acclaim 9D

    No need to introduce ourselves, I just wanted to know if any old member or friends are roaming around here

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    And your comment is off topic !

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    This clan sounds familiar.

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    Astaroth! Brotherhood of Steel! I remember those names. Not sure if you remember me, but it's Zhaosan from Celestial.

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    Hey Zhao I remember your band !

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    hi Asta, i was in BoS for a time i used to play Sedbona whith here

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    Astaroth are you playing again? Im nokhin!

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    Hey Astaroth! Do you remember LightDarkOni. Wu-Tang Warrior.

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    i remember you all very well.

    Kratoz from DKJ here, good seeing all these familiar names

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    wahaha i found you Astaroth. suddenly i remember asta, asta, eh astaroth.

    search at google found this forum lol

    im Synsillusarian, if i remember correctly, the nick i used at 9dragons

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