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Thread: I want to know more about the pets. Such as Feeding/Hatch/Time limit/Survival/etc.

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    Default I want to know more about the pets. Such as Feeding/Hatch/Time limit/Survival/etc.

    I am kind of new to this game so how do I feed a pets? ( I know There is pet food in the shop) but what I really meant is How do you when to feed the pets? How Do I know when they will starve or hungry. How do I hatch a pet?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I meant for this part is How do you know when to feed your pets?

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    You're lucky first of all. Previously, you need to feed your pet frequently when you're not online. The pet loses 1 hp every 30 minutes of offline. So if you have a pet food of 100 points, and your pet hp is 398/500, use it and it will raise to 498/500.

    You don't have to worry about feeding the pet anymore, they'll lose 1 hp every 1 year now.

    About hatching a pet, just simply get a pet egg (buying/rewards), and right click on it to hatch. You need to have enough character honor to raise your pet honor. For example, you need 1 million honor to completely hatch a yin/yang rabbit and you can only raise the honor to certain points every 6 hours. The important part about hatching is, raise your pet honor as long as it is available, usually wait 6 hours after the limit reach (e.g you can raise up 100k every 6 hours for yin/yang rabbit, 600k every 6 hours for alaskan dog). So every pet differs as I know.
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    Oh okay. thank you telling me

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    You're welcome, and if you're going to hatch a pet, do not level up in the nearest time. In case you don't have enough honor.
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    I cannot find a shop on the map that sells pet food. Where do I go to get that?

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    You don't have to buy the food anymore, because the pets won't need it

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