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Thread: Maintenance Update 2014-03-13: Snowpocalypse

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    Default Maintenance Update 2014-03-13: Snowpocalypse

    Hi all!

    Despite being the middle of March, it seems that our good weather this week around Suba was disrupted by Old Man Winter yet again, with freezing temperatures and extra helpings of snow and ice. But, that didn't stop us from delivering another update this week!

    This week's patch is a small one but corrects an issue we've had for a while now:

    - Election candidates will receive a warning message when they try to disband their brigade or delegate leadership while still in the election.
    - If an election candidate leaves the election, now they will be able to resume normal brigade activities (including disbanding and delegating leadership), without having to wait for the election to end.

    One small note: on request, the sub-leaders for ANI have been removed.

    Two more community updates:

    1. Some players have been concerned about the NCP buff balance changes that came in Episode 4.4. We have been listening to your feedback, and the good news is that the developers have also received similar feedback from other ACE Online regions. As a result they have said they will be adjusting this based on the feedback they've received. I'll let you guys know when I have more details.
    2. NGC Strategic Points now do not seem to respawn again immediately after a server restart. I am looking into this now, but I think the answer is simply that in Episode 4.4 the timer is not reset upon a server restart.

    Thanks guys, here's our brigade fame for this month.

    Monthly Brigade Fame


    1. HAX - 12832
    2. CredzHoSociety - 6391
    3. Admiration - 4851
    4. xKawaleriaPolskax - 2589
    5. SofyArmy - 2454


    1. ThunderCats - 8047
    2. FreaksUnited - 7691
    3. LatinHope - 3806
    4. GermanVeterans - 2725
    5. RussiaynANK - 1884

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