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    Exclamation Open Beta General Information

    Welcome to the start of Suba Games Closed Beta of 9Dragons! Below I will include some general information about the Closed Beta and the ONLINE/OFFLINE status for maintenance/server updates.

    Closed Beta Server Status: OFFLINE

    Closed Beta time period: Closed Beta will be ending once Suba Staff and developers have agreed that all the major bugs have been addressed. Open Beta usually starts shortly after Closed Beta.

    Server Maintenance: Server maintenance for Closed Beta will happen when needed by Suba Staff. This may include bug fixes, server stability tests, etc. A regular weekly maintenance will happen come Open Beta and full release.

    I need help! Where do I go?: Here at Suba Games we use a Support Ticket system answered by our Support Team. Support tickets can be sent through this link: Support Ticket Link (click here)

    I've found a bug, where should I report it?: Bug Report Section (click here)

    Comment on server rates: At the moment server rates may or may not stay the same come Open Beta. At the moment the rates are at 3x, but 4x rates are being tested behind the scenes.

    Comment on Item Mall & Future Changes: Currently the Item Mall is not available during Closed Beta. The Item Mall will become available most likely for testing during Open Beta and item suggestions will be taken into full consideration to be ready for the full release of 9Dragons.

    Game Rules: General in game rules are can be seen here : In Game General Rules 9Dragons rules will be altered as time goes on as the staff sees fit.

    Suba Staff?: At the moment you will only be seeing updates coming from the Suba Staff listed: SubaGames Public Staff List (click here). Anyone impersonating a staff member should be reported via the Support System. If you need to contact a staff member ASAP, please contact [CM]Kkid by clicking here. Answers will be given at the discretion of the [CM], but please keep in mind that I am only one person and can only answer so many PM's so fast..

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