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    it looks like devs are ignoring suba games like they did with the US publishers ....
    We'll find out soon enough. At the end of the day, the publishers and developers never usually have the best relationships because they usually both want different things. I don't see why Suba cannot introduce another developer (providing access to source code is feasible), many publishers hire external programmers who take on work that the actual developers won't do. Of course there are legal legislations and restrictions the publishers have to follow in regards to their contracts with the developers.

    Indy21 have a single game and a lot of the patches could be sent to Suba to fix a lot of the issues. Why they won't do that, laziness and callousness against a community that has supported Indy21, Joon(whatever it is) and the many waves of publishers since 2006. It's also safe to say that Joongwon favours their Korean version considering their website goes directly to the KR version of 9D. They probably always will favour that version over any other version and we'll just get given the scraps. Every single patch has literally been regurgitated and spat out at the other publishers whilst the Korean version gets the constant updates.

    I hope Suba has an Arbitrator who specializes in Intellectual Property because the framework of the arbitration should conclude with the following: "Make Joonwon Games do something".
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